Friday, May 20, 2011

Halle Berry is back with a Vengence!

It's 8:15pm and I am still going strong.  Did you read the post from earlier this afternoon?  If not, go take a look.  Since that post earlier, I finished the sofa and then went for a little run.  I can't believe that coffe is still with me.

You know I am taking a big risk by taking Halle out of hiding.  I made sure Darius was no where around.  Halle got a new body today.  And what a body it is!  I gave her the Christie Pop Life body.  Not a perfect match, but close enough.  Why didn't you guys tell me how awesome these bodies are?  It's a good thing I didn't know, I would have bought out  This is the perfect body for Halle.  It is model size and unbelievably poseable.

Occassionally I will swoon over one of my Action Figure guys as I'm taking pictures. I never swoon over the woman because that's just not me.  But Halle had me swooning.  Good Lawd!  What is it about Halle in person and in doll form.  Ought to be a law.   I have to find her a man real quick.  You know I was tempted to throw Darius in the picture with her, but when I reached for him, I saw Nikki cutting those eyes at me like daggers and I put him back.  I need to just leave those two alone and let them work on their relationship.  Halle will be just fine.
I still need to work on her hair. Soon, I promise.


  1. Ok, I definitely need some of that coffee! You did all of that and STILL went on a run? As I'm reading your blog, my bodies like..."I wish you would try to make me go on a run after a long day..." LOL.

    I'm sure Nikki was cuttin' eyes at you, Darius is a diamond in the ruff. :0

    The Pop life bodies have such great articulation, don't they? I wish they came in more AA shades...oh well. She's lookin' fierce Vanessa! One thing about Halle the actress, she never has a problem finding a man...I can't imagine Halle the doll will either. :)

  2. Tracy - I didn't mention it in the post because it was TMI, but it was also the first day of that dreaded time of the month. So that truly was some Hellagood coffee. Tell your body that my body wasn't so thrilled about the run either. LOL!

    I'm not worried about Halle finding a man. I am, however, worried aboutt me paying for him. I know she is going to want someone expensive.

  3. Halle is looking good. DH (doll Halle) looks like she is out to cause some trouble. She can be a man stealer..LOL. Nikki will cut her though..she may be sophisticated but she's got a look in her eye :O)

    I need some of that coffee I have to get my house in order. I have so much to go through can you run up to NYC for a day or 2 :O) I do know the feeling I like things together but I love to eat during the 1st few days of that time of the month ;O)

  4. Dollz4Moi - That's why I have to find Hallle a man that she can fall in love with, otherwise, he doesn't stand a chance at keeping her. I'm thinking that Nikki may need to have a little conversation with Halle one day. Oh the drama of is all.

    I'm putting on my running shoes now. If I leave in the next half hour, I can be in NY by next week. LOL. Yesterday was totally out of character and off the charts. I am a slow organizing kind of person. I have learned to work very well in my chaotic mess. Of course, now that I have been getting more organized, things seem to go much faster. I will try to stick to one blog post today, instead of two.

  5. I agree, Doll Halle looks great! Smoking! I love that body match. Congratulations on the match.

  6. D7ana - I need at least 2 more of those bodies. Darn! If I only knew then, what I know now, I would have been smart enough to get at least one more. I think I am going to be okay. I got 3 of the Styling Grace dolls. Did you know that she has bendy wrists? The top part of her body is just like the Fashionista bodies. I can live with that.

  7. Ok, that's some d@mn GOOD coffee! LMBO!

  8. Van, that's why I had so many of the Stylin dolls. Those articulated arms made some body swaps happen :O) I love the Chandra/Zahara SIS set. I think I own 6 of those sets. Chandra's color made her a great swap for a few of my darker ladies.

    I feel a manhunt coming :O) There should be a show like a Bachelorette kind of thing

  9. Tracy - You won't believe what I am watching on TV as I type.... Halle Berry's James Bond movie. I have never seen it before. Hmmm. I'm thinking I need a Pierce doll.

  10. Dollz4Moi - Do you have any of the Hair Styling SIS dolls? The sets that came with the Salon chair. These are the ones that I am referring to. They are much better than the other articulated SIS dolls. I plan to do a post about it soon.

    The Bachelorette show is a very interesting idea. Sounds like a lot of work. But let me think on that one. Maybe some form of online dating would be another option. Hey, what about Speed Dating? We'll think of something.

  11. I have a few of each set of the SIS Salon ladies. I used the extra sets for body swaps. I also have some extras left for future swapping :O)

  12. The Peirce doll is SO handsome! Love his blue eyes and dark hair. I think he'd be a great match for Halle and I think you can still find him reasonably priced, nude on eBay. :)

    Can't wait to see who the lucky guy will be.

  13. OK! One of your doll organizations needs to have a fundraiser...a Bachelor auction! Oooh! Unmarried men are asked to enter because it is a good cause! I'm sure you can figure out the rest!

    By the way, I have that outfit too. I use it for my teen dolls but Halle makes it look posh! You have a killer purse with it! I use to love purchasing those outfit set from KayBee Toys. The doll sources are drying up. Boo hoo! ToysRUs needs some competition!

  14. Ms. Leo - Does Halle look like the type that would be caught dead at a Bachelor Auction? She doesn't choose men. They choose her. LOL!

    That purse and necklace are from the new Barbie Basic accessory pack. I recommend buying it. The sweater that comes with it is very nice and hte shoes are "to die for". KayBee used to be the place. I so miss them.


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