Sunday, May 29, 2011

An Unplanned Character, but a Welcome Addition

Meet Lydia Thompson.  She is an Interior Designer  She is the Nate Burkus/Candice Olsen to the Elite.  She wasn't a planned character, but some great things happened yesterday and Lydia was born.  More on that later.  Guess who just hired her!  Darius!  I swear that guy is going to drive me to drink.  I'm not saying he shouldn't have hired a designer.  He definitely could use one.  But did she have to be so beautiful!  I can't imagine that he ran this by Nikki.  Not that he should have to, but this might avoid some future conflict when she later finds out. Why he insists on putting himself (and me) in potentially difficult situations is beyond me.  I have already limited Halle's access, then he goes and does this.  What  a bonehead!  He also just added another video/photostory to my list, because Nikki feels he needs a few boundaries considering what she just went through with him and that whole Halle fiasco.

Don't get me wrong, Darius is a pretty faithful guy, but being such a handsome specimen, he is always a target for women's affections.  So I would just like him to be a little more conscious of his decisions now that he is trying to settle down with Nikki.  I know it's a lot to ask, because he is totally oblivious to the issue.

I have to admit, she's a pretty good interior designer.

I don't know if she's married.  I sure hope so! That will definitely help with the Darius thing.

Darius sealing the deal.


  1. No offense to Lydia but I think Nikki has no worries..LOL. Most men are oblivious to when they're being tracked by women. I have that same oblivion at times..LOL.

    It may become an issue with the access she will have to his home and the calls..hmm I see an issue arising

  2. Dollz4Moi - See what I mean. Granted she is not as beautiful as Nikki, but just being in his presence on a regular basis could cause problems. Have you ever watched Dancing with the Stars? All of those couples get awfully close, kissing and whatnot. But when you spend that much time with someone, how can you not get close.

  3. "Darius sealing the deal."

    Darius better not play my girl Nikki!

  4. EbonyNicole - He has no intention on disrepecting Nikki, but even the most innocent of interactions can be deadly. Especially with me behind the camera. Don't let me see some type of connection. I usually run with it. But I will be good. If there is a connection that even I can't control. Darius will be getting a new Interior Designer. I will not mess with Nikki. We sleep in the same house and girlfriend is bold enough to cut me.

  5. I think it was Chris Rock who said..."A man is as faithful as his options." LOL! So, Nikki...start taking away those "options." :)

    She is gorgeous and I love her outfit! A lil' short drama video would be just what this 3day weekend needs. ;)

  6. Tracy - I love that Chris Rock quote. I am definitely going to file that for future use.

    I didn't get much sewn on my sewing day, but I did throw that little skirt together.

    Hello. You had your short drama video for the weekend! Remember Rod and Melanie. As Mary Blige would say "No More Drama". At least no more this weekend. I think.

    Not to mention, I have to make her some Interior Design props. Where is that darn Assistant!!!

  7. Your assistant? I thought she was my assistant! She over here helping me take pictures. Oooh, I send her right over. She'll be....a little late!;)

  8. Oh, in a battle, who really wins out? Cute or pretty?

  9. Ms Leo - A little late? I've been waiting for her to show up for weeks. See you do what most women do. You are looking at their faces. You have to think like a man. First question, is he a breast man or a leg man? Who has the nicer badoncadonk (sp?)? Now take it from there. Cute and pretty are the same in a man's mind. The body is the tie breaker.


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