Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Turns Out I Do Have Purchases to Share

I haven't purchased a lot lately.  I am determined to get some of the goodies that are already on my list, which means I have to save up for some of my most coveted item.  I did purchase a couple items last month.  This month, I started off purchasing one of the items that has been on my list for a looonnng time.  I ended the month (my month usually ends by the 17th because I am usually out of money by that time), purchasing a couple of small items that have been on the list for a couple of months.  At this rate, I will have my list completely purchased by the end of the year.  LOL!

This was the second Ferrari I purchased from Ebay last month.  Another great find at under $10.  I was stoked.  Haven't yet decided if The Burkes or the Langfords will get this vehicle.

This is not a new vehicle, but I forgot I had it and found it two weeks ago on one of my trips to the basement.  My house is just full of treasures!  This is the My Scene BMW. I love this car.  This family vehicle belongs to me and my husband Keith. Guess what else I found in the basement, that I totally forgot I had?  The Barbie Train and Cruise Ship.  They were both Goodwill finds a couple of years ago.  How does one forgot those huge monstrosities? 

But look what I did find last week in the Dollar Store?  The miniature version of it!  Isn't it the cutest?  This will be one of the little boys play cars.

Here they are shown together.

This was my first purchase of July.  It has been on my list for a long time.  I bought it from the incomparable, GI Joe-loving D7ana.  It was a stroke of luck that I ended up with this set.  I stumbled upon it, and she had it on hold for someone. What? How come I didn't know she even had this set? Well luckily the hold fell through and I got my luggage set. 

Remember the matching piece I bought from the Doll Pages a couple of months ago.  Don't you just love when a plan comes together.

PS.  This is a two blog post day.  Make sure you have seen my second post too.  Or else....


  1. Your doll families drive nicer cars than I do. I am not as lucky as they are to have a convertible. LOL.
    What else is on your want list. Any smalls I can send you or a couple of Kellys or Tommies, etc. I need to get rid of some of my stuff to make way for new. Send me a list to my e-mail. I may have what you need.

  2. Don't feel bad. They drive better cars than I do. Although my previous car was a Jaguar. Now I drive an Altima and I love it. My lifestyle changed when I left corporate for my own business. There aren't any little people on my list. As a matter of fact the only big people on the list are male action figures. The other items are Rement sets and OOAK items. Of course I wouldn't mind finding that other Jason Wu luggage set. But that is really far down on the list now that I have the red and black one. Thanks for offering though.

  3. Haven't seen any male action figures in my travels. Will keep an eye out for the other luggage set.

  4. Frannie - I have already selected the male figures that I want. I just have to get the money together. They are all sitting on their prospective sites on my wishlists. I can't wait to show the first one that just got on the list a couple of weeks ago. A couple of them won't be available for a couple more weeks.

  5. I hadn't seen the My Scene BMW. Very cool. The luggage set is also very nice. Now I wonder if Roderick can persuade Danielle to go off on a cruise with him?

  6. limbe dolls - That is Jason Wu luggage which is equivalent to Gucci or Louis Vuitton. That is not in Danielle's modest budget. This luggage will be split between Nikki Moore and possibly Camille or Mrs. Burke.

  7. I'm loving the white Ferrari, it's fire! I also have the My Scene ride but it's the only car I own...I love it. Wow, the luggage is fierce! I can't wait to see how you use all of your great finds. :)

  8. Tracy - Hello dear friend. As for cars, I really want an SUV and then I would be finished buying cars (I think). My elite families needed some high end cars. Did you see Darius' new ride. http://vansdolltreasures.blogspot.com/2011/07/darius-and-nikki-test-drive-his-dream.html I already have a story planned for the luggage, but I need to get one more prop.


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