Monday, July 18, 2011

Meet Auntie Paulette

I am finally catching up on some overdue posts.  Back in May I met Paulette, the creative force behind limbe dolls.  We met at her very first doll show.  She came bearing gifts!  I knew right away that there would be an Auntie Paulette in my stories.  I am finally getting around to introducing her. 

The beautiful doll in this photo was a gift from Paulette.  There is a whole story that goes with this doll.  Unfortunately, in the 2 months of waiting to introduce her, I have misplaced my information on her.  I will reintroduce her within the next couple of days, once I gather the information again.  Sorry the image is so small.  I loved the background and I wanted to show that beautiful tree.  Close ups will be available of her in her introduction post.  In the meantime, visit Limbe Dolls Yatimi Store to see her other doll creations.  I had considered making this doll the Auntie Paulette doll, but since she has limited movement, I decided to choose another doll to represent Auntie Paulette.

And here she is!  She is sporting a limbe dolls handmade wig.  She is Danielle's sister-in-law.  She hasn't seen Danielle and the boys since her brother's (Danielle's husband) funeral.  She realizes that it has been too long and she is anxious to see her nephews again.

She too, will come bearing gifts. 

She has Lincoln Logs and Tinker Toys for the boys. (These were also gifts from Paulette. Isn't she the sweetest?)

Please note, that this doll is my representation of Auntie Paulette.  She in no way represents the real Paulette.  Any similarities are strictly by accident.  Look for Auntie Paulette to make her first appearance shortly after the Daddy/Daughter dance.


  1. Love the doll that Paulette gave you. Reminds me of a storyteller. Bet she has a few stories to tell.
    Would like to see some close up pictures of her.

  2. Frannie - The close ups are coming. You are probably right about the storytelling. Just like her creator, I am sure she is a fabulous storyteller.

  3. The doll looks lovely under the baobab tree. I'm honored to have a namesake in your stories!

  4. Oh, love the new character, Auntie Paulette and look forward to her storytelling. Love her hair, too. Amazing texture ... from what I see ;-D

    Gonna get myself over to Ms. Paulette's store and soon ;-D. Thanks Vanessa!

  5. limbe dolls - Julian and Jacob are going to love getting reaquainted with Auntie Paulette. I knew you would know that name of that tree. I'm sure I should have known. By the way, can you please resend me the information about the African beauty you created? I put her info in a safe place and we know what happens we we do that. It is safe from even me. Thanks.

  6. D7ana - Let's clarify that. The doll in the first picture is the storyteller. Auntie Paulette is not. I can't even compete with limbe dolls storytelling and won't even try. Auntie Paulette is definitely not as knowlegable or well versed as her namesake. Isn't her hair the best. I am happy to have a doll in the mix with a real ethnic hairstyle.

  7. Both dolls are beautiful. I love the background used for the first image and the outfit the first doll wears.

    How sweet of Auntie Paulette to arrive bearing gifts (love her hair!). She is as sweet as her namesake.

    I look forward to reading more about Auntie Paulette.



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