Friday, July 29, 2011

Roderick Discusses Danielle with Daughter Nicole

Last night Roderick had a talk with Nicole.  He has been thinking about taking his relationship with Danielle to the next level but he wants to check in with Nicole to make sure she is adjusting okay to all these new changes.

Rod: So I wanted to talk to you about Danielle and her boys. What do you think of them?
Nicole: I like Danielle. She's really nice and I think she's pretty. Julian is really fun. I guess Jacob is okay. He's always sleeping, so I never get a chance to play with him.

Rod: Well, I am glad that you like them. I like them, too. So if we started spending more time with them, you would be okay with that?

Nicole: Are you going to marry her?

Roderick is startled by her blunt question.  He wasn't expecting that, so he doesn't quite know how to respond.
Rod:  Well sweetheart, Danielle and I have not discussed marriage. 
Nicole: Well, if you guys did get married, would Julian and Jacob be my brothers?
Rod:  Technically they would be your stepbrothers, but if you wanted to call them your brothers you could.
Nicole:  Oh, okay.

Nicole: Daddy, can me, Nikaya, and Jessica have a sleepover?

And just like that Nicole has moved on to the next topic. Of course it involves her getting something that she wants.

Rod: When and where is this sleepover supposed to take place?
Nicole:  Jessica's house, maybe next weekend.
Rod: Well if Jessica's parents are okay with it, then I guess it's okay. You need to make sure it's okay with your mother.  You never know what she has planned for you.

Nicole: Thank you Daddy!!!

Roderick realizes that Nicole inately has her mother's negotiating skills. She is a pro at knowing just when to ask for something she wants. How could he say no when she is so cool about his relationship with Danielle. Ordinarily, he would say something about this because he doesn't want that behavior to become a habit, but he decides to let it go this time.

Nicole:  Can we go call them to see if it's okay.
Rod:  Do you see what time it is? It's too late to call tonight. Not to mention, it is your bedtime. You can call her tomorrow.  

Nicole:  Goodnight, Daddy.
Rod:  Goodnight, sweetheart. I'll see you in the morning.


  1. Very nice story, like mother like daughter!

  2. What a sweet kid. I think she'll make a very nice step sister/daughter.

  3. EbonyNicole - I wouldn't be surprised if one day she decided she wanted to try her hand as a lawyer, too.

    Dani - She is a sweetheart, albeit a little manipulative at times. I do thinks she means well. I think she is excited about the prospect of having siblings.

  4. This story really hit home for me Vanessa. So many men don't even think about talking to their children before introducing them to their kids or even discussing how the child feels about them starting a new relationship. Rod is a real man, too bad he's only 1/6 scale, LOL.

    I'm so glad Nicole is ok with it. The parents did well with her and with handling their divorce.

    Great story!

  5. Tracy - I have learned quite a bit about the right way to do things, by first doing it the wrong way. When I got engaged 16 yrs ago, my 12yr old stepdaughter-to-be was upset because "you didn't even ask me if it was okay." Lesson learned. The other 4 were happy about it. But even having one unhappy about the way it came about was not good. I have always been conscious about it, and made sure the men I was involved with were conscious of it.

  6. Great story as usual. Love the talk :O)

  7. I love the lighting in the last shot and the little window over the bed. Did you make that?

  8. Dollz4Moi - Thanks. Rod ain't no fool. He knows he needs to make all the ladies in his life happy.

    limbe dolls - Thanks. I went to the $1 store and they finally had the led lights you spoke about a while ago. That window is 1:12 scale and in much need of some curtains.

  9. I "thought" I posted a comment yesterday, but I guess it didn't go through. What I said:

    Enjoyed daddy-daughter dialogue.

    Rod is such a great father to discuss the possible progression of his relationship with Danielle with Nicole.

    Nicole knows she has her daddy wrapped around her finger and knows just when to ask him for something. But she's a good kid and deserves to spend time with her friends.

    I like the lighting effect in the last image too.


  10. Great story. Nicole maybe a little manipulative but most children are. That whole Id/ego thing. It cools out as they get older. As person who grew up with sibling, the romance of them maybe better than the reality! LOL! Sharing part-time is fun. Sharing regularly when you never had to before can take adjusting to! Also, it is easier to get your way as a child in a one on one situation than it is in a group. When reforming into a new group, who is the oldest child thing comes into play too. Nicole may have some adjusting to do but I’m sure Rod and Danielle will handle it with grace!

  11. DBG - I had 3 stepdaughters and another one that I considered my stepdaughter. Talk about daddies being wrapped around fingers. I used to look at the fathers and think, "now where did you leave your brain to fall for that one." They were good dads, but clueless at times. I am happy that Rod at least recognizes that Nicole has that tendacy. You are right she does deserve to be with her cousins. Nikaya is a first cousin. I am thinking that Jessica is a distant cousin through marriage.

  12. Ms Leo - I too think that Nicole will have some major adjusting to do. Luckily it will still only be part-time since she will still spend a good deal of time at her mom's house. It will get a little tricky if Rod and Danielle do get married and they decide to have a child together. Nicole may start to feel left out if she is not living with the family more regularly. Oh my! The dynamics of a blended family are never easy. I can't wait to see how it all plays out.

  13. Since I have everyone here, I will let you know that I finished the new video. I plan to have it posted today.

  14. I guess I recognize Rod and Nicole's relationship because I was a daddy's girl. My brother asked me the other day, "Did 'your' daddy ever deny you of anything?" My answer, was, "No."

    My daughter and my husband have the same relationship. She's a daddy's girl and he is "her" daddy. When she needs him for something she calls and says, "Is 'my' daddy home?" or "Where's 'my' daddy," as though she is his only child.


  15. DBG - I love seeing the special bond between a dad and his daughter. I wasn't blessed to have that. It only got a little dicey with my middle stepdaughter got interested in boys. She easily convinced her dad to take her to school an hour early a couple of days a week because she had signed up for early gym. Odd thing was she was always dressed really nice, sometimes in a skirt, and she never wore skirts. I figured out something was wrong immediately. My husband...clueless. I hated being the one always blowing their stories. Made me look like the bad guy.


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