Saturday, July 2, 2011

Darius and Nikki Test Drive His Dream Car

Darius is test driving a Classic 1987 Red Ferrari. He has been looking for the perfect classic car for his collection. He found this beauty on AutoTrader Classics.

Darius:  "So honey, what do you think?" 
Nikki:   "I think it's fabulous.

Darius: "It is sweet.  It needs some work, but it seems mechanically sound.  If the mechanic says it is okay, I will definitely get it."

Note: I just bought this from ebay. The seller was incredibly kind enougb to relist it, as a BIN for me for approximately $6.  Thank you, Judy..  Much love to you!


  1. Great find! Wish I could afford a human size Ferrari for that price. LOL.

  2. Darius has a nice new classic car. Glad Nikki approved too :O) I have about 4 cars including a VW bus. I haven't used them yet

  3. Oh an outdoors story. Nice.

    Just noticed how dreamy Darius looks ... I used to think he looked too much like Tariq, Janay's last male companion. Your Darius resembles the Barbie Basics No 17 ....

    Ohhhh, Mattel!

  4. Frannie - I wish I could afford one at any price! I have another white one on the way that was just under $10. Had to get some new rides for Generations.

    Dollz4Moi - I have the VW bus too. I think that's the VW bus. I started painting it, but it is not looking good. I have to redo it.

    D7ana - You need a drink. You are seeing Model 17 everywhere!

  5. Very nice ride. It suits Darius well. Black men in red sports cars should watch out for DWB citations, however.

  6. limbe dolls - You are right about DWB citations. LOL! Luckily he won't have those issues in my dolly world.

  7. Great buy Vanessa! Darius looks good in everything! He could drive a Pinto and still look good Lol! Remember that car? Lol!

    Happy Sunday to you!

  8. Geirgia Girl - What about the Gremlin! Talk about an ugly car. Even Darius would have a hard time making that one look good.

  9. This car was made for Darius. I hope he buys it.

    It was very nice of the eBay seller to relist the car for you at such a great price.


  10. @Vanessa ... too late ;-D. Might get a Pepsi this Tuesday though, lol. Saving the "hard stuff" aka Coffee Coolatta for Wednesday.

    Maybe myDerek put da hooch on me? He still looks to be in a snit. Sigh.

  11. I found this car in a creme color at a thrift shop. Is yours the original color or is it painted?

  12. Kristl - Mine is the original color. I also just bought one that is white.

  13. Frannie: Heh heh, who wouldn't? A human sized car at that price would be amazing. Having someone like Nikki by your side would also be fantastic. Think of the road trips and night-time driving you could do!


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