Thursday, July 28, 2011

What's a Football Jersey without a Helmet

This morning I remembered that I bought a Falcon Helmet about a year ago. I quickly ran downstairs (not the basement) to the studio. Since I am so well organized, I was able to put my hands on it within seconds. I really must be living right!

It could stand to be a little bigger, but I am not complaining.

I finally looked through the pile of clothes and discovered the pants I spoke about yesterday are baseball pants.  Here is the top.  This outfit will come in handy, too.  I wonder if I have any bats in the basement.  Hmmm.

The following pictures were added after I received a comment from Thrift Store Dolls stating that David needed a football.  No problem.  I have a football. I went to the studio, opened up the drawer with all the sports stuff, and voila 2 footballs.  One large and one small.  I put David's helmet back on so that I could take another photo.  Wait a minute!  Where are the helmet straps?  Did they fall off?  Noooo.  This is a different helmet.  The one with the straps was also there.  I remember buying one helmet.  I do not remember buying two.  Thrift Store Dolls also wondered if we would see David on the field.  Of course my first reaction was, "Is she crazy?".  But now after my new discovery, it may be a the distant future. 

As you can see, my son Tyler hasn't really picked one team.  He is on the fence about the Minnesota Vikings and the Atlanta Falcons.

The little jersey was a prize in a Happy Meal several years ago.  I have at least 3 more teams.


  1. David needs a football. LOL.
    Are we going to see David on the football field?

  2. Frannie - I just revised the blog post. Take a look. Thanks for the suggestion. At least the first one.

  3. David and Tyler look wonderful in their uniforms. No, I am not crazy (LOL) just have high expectations of your talents. This is just a thought, just have David and Tyler go to the field for some practice. I could imagine the field with it's white lines and the goal post. Nothing really extravagant, but knowing you, you would outdo yourself. Can't wait for another video.

  4. Frannie - You should know me by now. Everything turns into a production. As soon as I put my hands on those other jerseys, I will probably come up with a small group of boys that will be on the field. Knowing me, I would make the football field, the bleachers, the concession stand.... because what is practice without there being a game that everyone could attend. NOW do you see why I said "Is she crazy?" I'm tired again just thinking about it. I do like the idea, just no time in the near future. I have another huge production that I have started planning for. Sometimes it takes months for me just to get some of the needed props. I will start looking for some more helmets. Just in case.

  5. I love it! You know I'm a football head all the way, lol. I'm not ready to look yet but I'm hoping I will find a uniform for my Jody, Kevin and Travis because they're supposed to be NFL players in my story. I did see a few jersey shirts from a seller in Hong Kong but I'll have to check around for helmets too.

    Tyler is lookin' so cute! It's awesome that you save things from years ago because I now regret somethings I've thrown away that would have been really useful in my diorama making.

    I'm gettin' excited to see their home. :)

  6. Tracy - I think the best place to find helmets are at little gift stores in the malls, sports stores, or places like Hallmark stores. If I run across a source for football uniforms, I will let you know.

  7. @Tracy, I have seen them every so often at the Thrift Store I go to. Will keep an eye out for them.


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