Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Look What I Found in the Closet

It looks like I won an ebay auction.  I didn't.  I actually decided to clean out the closet in one of the spare bedrooms.  I hadn't opened that closet in about 6 years.  My how time flies.  There was a ton of stuff in there.  I am sharing mostly the Barbie stuff and a couple other goodies.  Some of the items need a little repair as they were crushed in the storage container.  Of course all of the pink items will get a nice paint job. I also found a box of miniatures.  DId I tell you guys I have miniature houses, too? 

I needed more kitchen items.

Uh, oh.  The windshield needs repair. I don't even remember buying this car.

There's more pool stuff that didn't make the photo.

Yeah! I needed a bench. I will use the cart as a tea cart, I think.

I don't do too many bathroom scenes, but I think I will do a nice half bath one day. I have a lot of bathroom stuff that has just never been seen.

Get out! My moving hamsters. There is a wind up button in the back that allows them to play. This is perfect timing as I am planning to do a vet/pet store soon. 

I also found this table.  I have one already, but tables are nice to have.

I was glad to see the bike (seat is still in the box). It will get a nice paint job to make it more modern.

Clothes, glorius clothes!  I was wondering where that cable knit sweater was. I haven't actually looked to see what is in the pile, but I know there are kid clothes in there too.

How did she get in there? She was the only fashion doll in the closet.  She's a 16" Daisy doll from Somers & Field.  Not sure if she will be staying.

Last but not least, my favorite poem, Footprints, that I cross stitched many years ago. Seems I never got it framed. I was always bad at seeing a project completely through back then. But at least I finished the poem.

There is a bigger closet in the 4rh bedroom that hasn't been opened in about 6 years, too.  There is a lot of doll related and craft stuff in there.  I can't wait to see what treasures I find in there.  Maybe I will tackle that one next week.


  1. Neat stuff!

    And you cross stitch, too? You are just too talented.

    It is interesting that you found your Daisy doll. I redressed a doll in a Daisy fashion today. That blog is forthcoming.

    I think you need to go on another treasure hunt in the closet in the 4th bedroom.


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  3. You know they say when you start to find money in clothing,...you had too much money! When you are finding great items like that in the closet, and didn't really miss it, you got a lot of stuff! I agree with dbg. Hold off on any purchases until you have gotten to all the closets. I had thought about doing an excel sheet of my items so that I would have a record of what I have but it sounds like too much work!:(

  4. Isn't it fun finding stuff that you totally have forgotten about. I bet I could find a few treasures in my stuff.

    @Ms. Leo, my daughter keeps telling me to do that but I agree that it sounds like too much work.

  5. You have a lot of treasures! You really do need tackle that other closet, just imagine what you could find. I'm getting excited!

  6. DBG - Cross stitch was one of my first loves. That is funny that you redressed your Daisy doll. I have another deboxed one in the store, I mean basement. It is not the same one, but this one is going up for sale.

    Ms. Leo - And this was just the Barbie stuff! Too late on holding off on purchases. I just bought something yesterday. But I am pretty sure I don't have something like it in the closet. As for the spreadsheet... way too much work, and I think the list would be too overwhelming.

    Frannie - I would pay big money to look through your dolls!

  7. Hi Vanessa,

    I didn't redress a Daisy. I used a Daisy & Willow fashion for another doll. She's working it, too. I have 3 Daisy dolls and none have ever been removed from the box. I'll probably eventually sell them.

    About that spreadsheet, it's never too late to begin one now starting with current purchases (dolls only -- it may be too difficult to record each accessory).

    I didn't begin maintaining a doll inventory until 2007. With each doll purchase, I photograph the doll and enter it on the current page of the workbook. I use one page for each year and separate the purchases on the page by a column representing the month of purchase. The workbook documents purchases from 2007 through those made last month. I haven't purchased anything in July, yet... or at least it hasn't arrived yet.

    In 2007, I would never have attempted to go back to record dolls purchased from 1991 through 2007 (talk about a headache). But then most of those dolls are recorded in my 1st and 2nd books.


  8. DBG - Thanks for the info! I am sure it will come in handy for some of my readers. I personally don't want to know how much I am buying and spending. As they say, "ignorance is bliss!" I have a pretty decent organization system for keeping up with my stuff, now. So once I get everything out the closets, they will never be lost again.

  9. Tried to post and it lost my comment.
    You have some nice things from that closet Vanessa. Can't wait to see what you do with it all! Love the pink. Hugs!

  10. I love looking through stuff. I am finding so much stuff that I either forgot I had or where I put it..LOL. I stay away from accessory purchases right now because I have so much.

    I rebodied my Daisy dolls. I may have to sell the outfits I have for them. I used the Moxie Teenz body and posted her on my blog. I have to find the other and put her on the other MT bod. She's on a Integrity bod but I like the MT's better.

    I want to know what's in the other closet..LOL

  11. Enjoyed seeing your closet treasures. I have a number of these items but mine came from eBay. Also appreciate Black Doll Enthusiast's tips about cataloging your collection in a spreadsheet. I started photographing my dolls this winter but the prospect of entering all the play sets and related paraphernalia into a database seems really daunting. I've been trying to document some of it by using it in photo stories.

    Can't wait to see what comes out of the other closet!

  12. Hi Loretta - Emjoy that pink, it's not going to be here long. I'll be over to see "What's for Dinner?:

    Dollz4Moi - Great idea about the Moxie Teen bodies. I always look at them when I go to the store, but I don't want any more 16" dolls.

    D7ana - It was a little like Christmas morning.

  13. limbe dolls - I think we should all send our pictures to Debbie and let her catalog them. She seems to have the system running like a well oiled machine.

  14. Wow Vanessa, you are having Christmas in July. Lol!

  15. Come to think of it, my blog is kind of my database of the dolls I have.

  16. Vanessa...no you didn't go there! Sending our pics to Debbie:) Making you blog your data base only works if you are tagging everthing and have your tags/labels listed! I have gone to some blogs, where I know I remember seeing a post about a doll or an item and had to look for hours to find it. They didn't have tags/labels. I am thinking more and more about what Debbie said. Starting somewhere and chipping at it little by little. Maybe when I post the pic log the pic. That might not be too bad!

  17. Ms. Leo - Until my assistant arrives, I am willing to dole out any, and all tasks that I can't get to. LOL! I agree about the tags and the labels. I am pretty good at that.

  18. And you are one of the few who is. When you redesigned your blog, you took it to a new level too! Very impressive! I'm glad I updated my computer just to see your stuff!

  19. You don't remember buying the car? So you're having barbie buying blackouts now? That pretty much defines addiction, dontcha think? Jk. I hope to find a closet full of stuff I forgot I had someday in the future.

  20. Kristl - You would think that I would remember buying something so big and so pink.....but still nothing! Good luck finding you own forgotten Barbie treasures.


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