Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Today I Started Building New Rooms

I am constantly trying to figure out how to do things faster and better.  As most of you know, most of my dioramas go up, I shoot the scenes, and then they come down.  I have to rebuild them when I want to shoot another scene in that room.  I decided to build a few permanent rooms, so that I can do more photostories and videos quicker.  Some rooms will still have to be built and taken down, but not as many.

First off, Shantavia's studio:  The guys delivered her new workstation today.  This is where she will frame most of her work.  It also has storage for her canvases  She was able to get the new floor laid in the work area before they brought in the workstation.  Behind the loveseat, she had wallpaper installed to complement the room.  She still has to get the lighting installed, and get all of her pictures hung.  The little white rug is just a place holder for the rug that is going to be delivered.  She put in a small TV, so that Jada could have something to watch while mommy works.

I then moved on to Joseph's nursery. He is Leslie and David's little boy.
Believe it or not, I didn't intentionally buy the lion and elephant cutouts, or the giraffe to match the picture on the wall. It just happened that way. Sometimes even I am amazed. I handmade the crib. This is actually the first prototype that I did. The cribs that I sell in my Etsy store are a bit taller than this one. Don't go running to the store, they are currently out of stock. However, it is on my list of things to complete soon.

Leslie is recently back from the Daddy/Daughter dance.  She is in the process of putting Joseph to bed.

He seems a tad bit fussy this evening.

He is dry and he doesn't seem to want his bottle.

Leslie thinks that he is just fighting sleep.  She hopes it won't be long before he gives in.  She is exhausted from all the dancing she did. She hopes that David is tired, too. She is in need of a good night's sleep. 

I then moved on to Nicole's room.  At least the room she has at her dad's house.  She is lucky enough to have 2 bedrooms.  This is probably the only one you guys will see.  Her daddy, Roderick, has a lot of work to do in this room.  He and Nicole are still deciding on colors.  He still has to build her desk.  The one that is shown is too small for her.  It is just a placeholder for now.  Once they decide on colors, they can select the wallpaper and the curtains.  It will be a great project for them.  

Lydia Thompson, the interior designer, has made some progress on Darius' place, but not enough to take pictures yet.  Danielle has also had some remodeling done on her home.  There is still a lot of work to be done, but it is pretty much ready to be seen.   She had a new laundry room installed, had some walls knocked out, some doors moved and the furniture has been rearranged.  It will be a work in progress for the next few months, but she is ecstatic with the improvements.  Pictures will be available soon.

Next rooms that will be created:
Roderick's bedroom
Jacquelyn Langford's Office
The Langford's (parents) Living Room and Dining Room
The Anderson's Kitchen, Living Room, and Dining Room
and many more!


  1. You have been busy. The rooms are gorgeous!! Love Joseph's room. Can't wait to see the others.

  2. Frannie - Today I was supposed to finish up a few furnitures pieces, but I started dismantling the ballroom and then I just starting piecing all these rooms together. By the way, did you see the previous post with lil' Sydney? I will also be posting a picture with her tomorrow.

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  4. *Sigh* This is my DREAM! To have a room that I can dedicate to my dolls. I would love to get some Ikea shelving units and have at it!

    Joseph's room is just darling, really. SO many touches everywhere. It's one thing to keep the characters names straight but it's gotta be so much more challenging to place the rooms back in there original order. I'm getting tired just thinking about it, LOL.

    I can't WAIT to see all the other rooms on the list. Especially...(in my Barry White voice)Mr. Darius Reid's apartment . :)

    Thanks for giving us a peek.

  5. Tracy - I tried to keep a storage container with the majority of the stuff from each house. As you can imagine, this got a little complicated. Luckily I always had pictures, so the recreation wasn't too much of a problem. It was just tiring. Whenever I would think about it, I would usually just create a totally new scene. But now that I am trying to develop the characters more, I really need to be able to go to their homes on a regular basis. Just think of all the stories you guys are likely to get now.

  6. If I didn't love my dolls so much, I would totally give up making doll rooms! I'm working on Chandra's apartment and I'm always missing something or the crafting is just so much work! Thank God it's easy to put away!

  7. Fresh Garden - Thanks! So glad you liked them.

    EbonyNicole - I hear you! It is a lot of work. I was fairly organized, so i could usually put my hands on items rather quickly. Just imagine putting it up, taking it down, and putting it back up again. Only to take it down again. Talk about scandalous.

  8. I like the way each room expresses the character.

  9. Great decorating job. Very smart of you to make the rooms permanent.


  10. Niiiccee..I think I mentioned somewhere that you're so talented. I hope to get back to creating a space for my vinyl beings one of these days :O)

  11. limbe dolls - It's amazing how these little vinyl creatures develop their own little personalities.

    DBG - Thanks. Permanent rooms means lots more stories!

    Dollz4Moi - Thanks. I can't wait to get everyone's space decorated. Life will be wonderful. I can do more stories and still have time to make food and furniture.

  12. Wow, beautiful rooms! The studio is giving me ideas for my doll room. My 1:1 doll room that is!

  13. Dani - LOL. So glad that Shantavia can be an inspiration for regular sized rooms.


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