Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's Morning at the Anderson Home

Today I started building the Anderson home. It is no where near done. I am just experimenting with different layouts.  I haven't found one that I like yet.  Here in the parent's bedroom, I don't believe any of this furniture is staying.  They are just place holders. The bed is too small for them, especially having 2 kids that sometimes end up in their bed.  The walls will not be white.  Let's hope for a luxurious bedroom.

Poor Ciana is sitting there waiting for the TV to be turned on.  Right now she is watching a blank screen.

Ciana: Mommy, can you turn on the TV?
Leslie:  Honey, wait for your dad to come out and ask him.

David: Did I hear my name?
(David is headed out to play touch football with a group of young boys. He tries to stay very active with the youth in the community.)

Leslie: Honey can you turn the TV on for Ciana? Sesame Street should be on by now.
David:  Sure.
David turns on the TV and Ciana is a happy camper.  Leslie proceeds to give Joseph his morning bottle. 

 Let's talk about David's Falcon football jersey.  I've had this jersey for over 8 years now.  When I bought it, I had intended to put it on one of my fashion dolls, but when I got home and compared the doll sizes, I knew for sure it would never fit my fashion dolls.  I was not happy. So the doll stayed in his packaging in the basement. A couple of weeks ago, I decided to rescue it  and use it for my Todd doll. He would be a little football player.

The doll (if you can call him that) on the left, is the one the outfit came on. Now do you see why I felt for sure it would never fit my fashion dolls?   Well when I went to put it on Todd (Tyler), it was way too big.  What the heck, I decided to put it on one of the big guys.  Lo and behold, it fit perfectly.  

Look at those shoulder pads!

 Remember the Barbie stuff I found in my closet a couple of weeks ago?  Remember the pile of clothes?  Well I have yet to go through the pile, but I saw a shirt in the pile that would fit Julian, Right next to the shirt I found a pair of sports pants that matches perfectly with the jersey.  I still don't know where those clothes came from.  I have never seen them before.

So here are the pants.  I don't really know which sport they are for.

Are they soccer pants?

Doesn't really matter.  David will be using them as extra football pants.

So this concludes our brief Falcon football jersey commercial.

 Back to our regularly scheduled show, already in progress.
David:  So what's on your schedule today?
Leslie:  I have to go grocery shopping, because I have nothing to cook for dinner.  Unless of course, you are taking us out for dinner.

David:  Hmmm.  You better go shopping.
Leslie:  Really?
David kisses Leslie and Joseph goodbye.

One last kiss for Ciana, and he is off to play football.

One last question....where is Jacob going in this get up?
Stay tuned.  You should know by Friday.  The dio is 90% complete.

This is the shirt I pulled from the pile for Julian. He was tired of his little shirts. He wanted to look like a big boy.


  1. You have the best props and clothing!

  2. Love Leslie's Smile pj's. Is Ciana wearing a Smile nightshirt?

  3. Your basement is the place to be, LOL. You've got enough props, clothes and characters to last a great while! I mean, I'm checkin' your page more often than I do my email because I can't wait to see the next story or doll item you got a deal on. :)

    I've been trying to win or find that Barbie house for months now. I think it's the perfect house to use again and again for several character's homes and get away with it.

    Love David in his Mike Vic jersey. He's a hottie! That Leslie sure is a lucky girl. I'm so excited to see the end result of their home. :)

  4. Ms. Leo - Thanks. I have even more props than I know about. Organizing all of my stuff will lead to lots of new discoveries.

    Frannie - Yes Ciana has on a 'smile' oversized shirt. These two came in the Joe Boxer set. Julian has been sporting the 'smile' boxers and black and white tshirt as seen in this video.

  5. Tracy - Today is your lucky day! There is another house like this in my basement. It doesn't have any furniture or anything, but otherwise it is okay. I have been so blessed by others, that it is time I "pay it forward". The house is yours if you want it. All you would need to do is pay for shipping. Send me an email if you are interested.

  6. Tracy - I forgot to say, not only is David a hottie, but he dances, too! Now that's a great combination.

  7. Very nice props, wardrobe, and sets. Is David from Atlanta or did become a Falcons fan while attending school here? I thought they lived in Fairfax, Virginia?

  8. limbe dolls - The Andersons do live in Fairfax, VA. He has never lived in Atlanta. He is just a Falcon fan. My favorite team is Dallas Cowboys and I have never lived in Dallas. Made it difficult living in VA, being around all those Redskins fans.


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