Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pizzas Are Ready to Ship

As promised, those of you who opted for pizzas, for your participation in the Group Naming exercise, they are ready for shipping.  Hailey has confirmed and sent an address.  William and D7ana, what say you?  You were the other two who mentioned the pizza, but have yet to confirm and send addresses to my email,  I will await your response before I throw a pizza party.

I made all the same kind, so you guys wouldn't fight over therm. There are 8 individual slices.  Not only are you getting a pizza, but you are getting a puzzle.

Darn! I knew I should have locked the door to that room.

(Sorry the text is hard to read. Click the image to enlarge it)

Don't believe the hype.  Vanessa will not be making you another pizza.


  1. I've sent an e-mail message about my want - the scrumptious pepperoni pizza. Sent my mailing address, too.

    Thanks, big time, Vanessa!

  2. I sent my address to you! :) these look yummie and i cant waite for it to arrive! Thank you so very much vanessa for doing this for us!

  3. The pizzas look great and very appetizing. Now I need food..LOL

  4. D7ana and William - Your pizzas will be shipped out Tuesday. They will come attached to a piece of cardboard. They are not cut in 8 equal slices. Some are a little bigger than others. When trying to put the pizzas back together, follow the pepperonis. It can be quite the challenge, so I highly recommend keeping them attached to the cardboard when not in use.

    Dollz4Moi Thanks. I hope you were able to find something really good to eat.

  5. Yay, Vanessa! My crew is looking forward to having pizza!


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