Thursday, March 24, 2011

My latest sofa inspired by Mrs. Obama

This is my new blue suede sofa.  I fell in love with this fabric when I saw it.  It is so supple to the touch.  I really wish you guys could feel it.  While I was working on it, these images of blue, black and white came to mind.  I remembered seeing this color combo, probably in one of my many home design magazines. So I searched the web and found some pictures.  I have posted a few below. That's when I decided to add the black and white pillows. That gives it an Art Deco-ish feel.  When you just have the blue suede pillows, the feel is more modern.  I included a lot of pictures to give you lots of ideas.  Available at Etsy for $47USD.  

Here's China, looking absolutely fabulous.

This is one of the images that came up when I searched Google. What a beauty!

There are wooden feet on this sofa.  They are just buried in all that fur.

Wow! That dress sure is short.

I added a pop of color to give a different feel.

Darius still has Halle on the brain.

 Below are more pictures I found when I did my web search.


  1. Love seeing your furniture in settings. That blue sofa looks sumptious. Like a DAF could sink into it ;-)

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Dana - Thanks so much. The material on this sofa is incredible. It's like butta!

  3. Oh boy, suede.. one of my favorite materials! The sofa looks super comfy!

  4. Ann - I must admit, I am partial to suede as well. Too hard to keep clean in real life. I used to have this awesome green suede suit!


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