Saturday, March 19, 2011

They finally arrived at the Beach!

The gang finally arrived at the beach house. 

                             Beach Arrival

I wanted to do a few other things to the beach house, but my printer ink needs replacing. As soon as I get $80 (criminal), I will replace the cartridges.  I could buy a really awesome doll for $80.  Several, as a  matter of fact.


  1. The rooms with furniture and everything look great. I couldn't believe that it's just doll size diorama untill I saw dolls themselves there.

  2. @Dukasha I am so glad that the beach house is finally ready for shooting. The blue sofa and chair set used to be for sale in my Etsy shop. I decided to steal it for the beach house. I thought the colors were perfect. It was an old design of mine anyway and it had been in the shop for awhile. The working slide door I think adds to the realism, too. The next set of videos will go pretty quickly. We are going to have fun with this!

  3. Beautiful beach house! You did an incredible job with the decor, I can't wait to see the next installments. You can easily get a month or so of videos out of this beach house, it's just amazing.

    Well, I know who I'm calling to decorate my beach house...when I win the lottery. LOL. It definitely looks real scaled.

    Thanks for posting, it made Sunday afternoon more exciting. :)

  4. Bravo!

    Exquisite set design as always. I like how you worked in the storage box that you got from Staples a while back too.

    Keep 'em coming!

  5. @ Tracey You always make my day with your comments. I have so many cool things planned for these videos. I hope I can pull them all off.

  6. @ Paulette Thanks! By the way, the containers in this scene are from Office Depot. They are half the size of the ones I brought from Staples. They are so adorable. I have the raw steaks on ice in the top one. LOL!

  7. Ok! I'm just see it now while at school. I really have to get a new computer so I can keep up. I love the set!!! So beautiful. Antoinette is right, with that many people there has to be rules! I'm checking out the next one!

  8. Ms. Leo I'm going to have to find you a computer, because the videos are about to start coming fast and furious. They only have a week at the beach and I have to somehow get Danielle and Roderick closer. I have to get Ian and Olivia at least talking very friendly to each other. Then there is Sylvia and her husband who has some issues that need to be addressed. All of this in one week!


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