Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gotta keep Busy - Donuts or Bagels, Anyone?

Antoinette (my doll in charge of planning the beach house trip) wanted to have fresh donuts and bagels most mornings at the beach house. She figured this would be an easy breakfast for those families that didn't want to fix a full breakfast.

I fixed her an assortment. There's a jelly filled glazed, two cream filled chocolate covered, a chocolate cake donut and a couple different kinds of pink glazed donuts.

The kids will be happy. This will make up for the broccoli. I don't know what I did to that one poor chocolate donut. Oh well. They will still eat it, I'm sure.
I'm not sure why, but Antoinette only ordered plain bagels.

When I deliver them I will take her a sample of some of my other wonderful flavors.


  1. They look good! I would eat them. The bagel look great in the basket too.

  2. Mmmmm ... yes. Just add some slightly melted butter to the bagels. Sigh.

    Whoa, that's polymer? Great job.

  3. Great job! Your chocolate frosting reminds me of the frosting at my husbands favorite donut shop. Gooey, rich and yummy!

  4. Those came out perfect! They look so real scaled and tempting. Ugh, must...stay...away...from...carbs. LOL

  5. Thanks everyone!
    Ms. Leo My little polymer clay baskets are really coming in handy.

    Dana I will make some butter along with some cream cheese. Ummm Ummm.

    richila You just made ME hungry!

    Tracy These are carb and calorie free. You can eat them with no worries!

  6. I will have to stop by dunkin donuts later!

  7. Vanessa, how do you manage to make them so natural and tasty? :) There are Russian doll collectors, who also make absolutely wonderful doll food (this for example: http://www.dollfood.com/work.html), but I could never understand how it is possible. It's somethimg magic for me. :)

  8. @ Dukasha WoW! There was some incredible food there. I am just now getting into food. It takes so long to make it. Once you learn a few techniques, like caning, and start experimenting with different tools, the sky is the limit. I have a long way to go, but I am so fascinated by it.


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