Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Wait is Over. We're Going to the Beach!!

I don't know what I was thinking inviting 5 families to the beach. It took me forever to gather clothes for all the kids and a few of the adults . It was worst than packing for myself.  I decided to do a pre beach video, showing them getting ready to leave. Initially it was going to show all 5 families with 3 different vehicles, one being a mini van. Had to reduce it to the 2 families shown to keep the video length reasonable.

The Scene:  This setting popped into my mind almost instantly and I pulled it together in about 20 mins. Since a lot of the families live in the same subdivision, I was able to use the 3 identical Barbie houses (2 came from thrift stores) to create a neighborhood. There are 2 foamcore boards that are covered with grass paper. Grass paper comes on a huge roll that can be found at Hobby Lobby or any place that sells train diorama items. The driveway is just a single piece of black foamcore that they sell at the Dollar Store.  I think putting a few of them together with yellow stripes down the middle will make a great road one day.  I added a little greenery that I found around the house. I still needed a little something else. I have a few green trees hanging around my studio, but they were way too big. So I started walking through the rest of the house looking for something else green. That's when I found the perfect fall colored trees! They are actually dried flowers that I have had on display for way too long, but everytime I considered getting rid of them, I didn't because I still enjoyed looking at them. Don't Ask! Let's just be glad that they were still there, because they make really cute trees. I just stuck them into a ball of air dry clay and voila, the perfect tree.  Sorry they are not properly planted, but I had to keep it movin'.

By the way, Antoinette will be showing more skin than she normally does, on this beach trip. Only her close friends know that growing up, she had a really bad case of eczema that discolored her skin.  She is no longer self conscience about it, but I didn't want you guys wondering what was going on with her discoloration. (Actually, that doll had a different head connection, and her head would not fit right on any of my bodies that were the right color. I will try again one day.)

So here is the first installment....

Click the video to see it in full mode.


  1. I happened to be up posting myself, and was able to catch your video. It looks amazing! You did a fabulous job making it look like a real scaled neighborhood! I don't want to sound like a broken record but you literally keep getting better and better. I can't wait to see the next video with some of your newer families included. Wow, this was really exciting to watch.

    By the way, Antoinette doesn't look bad at all with that body. I see a lot of body swaps that aren't perfect matches but they work. And that David...he's got such a handsome face. I really like his face mold.

    Thanks for posting it!

  2. @Tracy There is no such thing as a "broken record" when it comes to compliments. I really appreciate them! More than you know. You guys inspire me to get better. If you recall when I started I said I wasn't going to spend a lot of time on the dio because I wanted to get to more stories. Well, I have strayed a little from that mindset, because I want to show you guys new stuff and challenge myself.

    It's funny you should mention David. When I was shooting the video, and he walked out that door, I was like, "Dang, that is one fine doll." I was thinking that my mini-me, Vanessa, should have married him. I really like him and Leslie together, though. But I feel you on that one. I really need to get a real life man of my own, so I can stop drooling over some of these dolls. LOL!

  3. Vanessa, I like your videos, but I like your stories about making them even more. :-) It's always so interesting to know, how people find and make different stuff for their dolls, especially when it is something unusual, not really toys. We in Russia also use different things which are not supposed to be doll stuff. We even have the special thread at our forum for showing such finds.

  4. @Dukasha I figured I would start sharing as much as i can whenever possible. I don't have time to do tutorials for different things because of time constraints, so this is my way of contributing. Is your forum open to everyone? If so, I would love to see it. Thanks.

  5. Vanessa love the 1st installment. Can't wait for the next.

  6. Vanessa, yes, I think, you can see it, but the problem is that it's a Russian forum. You can see the pics, but it will be difficult for you to understand comments.
    The thread is here:

  7. @Dukasha Thanks! My computer automatically translates the different languages to English through my Google. So I am able to read it!

  8. Yes, I also use the automatical translation sometimes, but it is far from perfect. :-) I'm very happy, that I can read English texts myself, but it's a pity that english-speaking doll collectors usually can't read in Russian. Though many Russian people know English so we can communicate. I remember that an english-speaking person came to DollPlanet once and Russian doll collectors spoke to her in English, but usually we all speak Russian there of course.

  9. I just got the chance to see your post....just perfect! I love the way they talk. Sounds like men I know. Now is it two doors or is it one moved from side to side for photos? It looks like fall. I really like what you used as the trees. It works well with the door color. Did you make any of the outfits?. I puchased a roll of sky background paper from Micheals for dios about$ 4.99.(used in this one Snow Day
    ( I have only used about 20 inches of it but it makes a great sky on a sunny day. With all the stuff you do, you would really get great use out of it.

  10. Hello Ms. Leo. I am definitely going to have to look into getting some of that sky paper. As for the doors, I think you are talking about the red door houses. There are 3 separate houses in the video. Two on the right and 1 on the left. I got 2 of these from the thrift store for less than $4 each. The 3rd one I bought at retail price. I did realize that it looks like fall with those trees, instead of winter, but I had to keep it moving. Thank goodness that in dolly world we can move seasons around. LOL! It really should be winter coming to an end. Oh well.


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