Thursday, March 31, 2011

Insight into my Brain and other Goodies

As I was taking pictures of some of my latest projects for the beach house, I started laughing at myself.  These pictures clearly depict the haphazardness of how my brain works. In the first two pictures you see oysters and lobster.  I was supposed to be making fish for Roderick to serve for dinner.  Do you see any fish?  Nooooo.  I haven't made it yet. And at this rate it may not get made before Roderick and Danielle have dinner.

My first time making oysters. They are kind of big, but I figure they would have big oysters in Florida.

My first lobster. Actually I made two. Roderick is getting some major points from me and I'm not even going on the date.

Another haphazard brain moment.  I was supposed to be making cotton candy, but somehow ended up with giant lollipops and pretzels.  I still plan on making cotton candy, because that is one of my favorites.  The one good thing about how I work, is that I always end up with LOTS of stuff, and I always put it to good use.

 I needed a few items for the boardwalk at the beach.


  1. A boardwalk at the beach scene?! You are spoiling us! LOL...I can't wait to see that one.

    The dinner looks great! I'm glad you're helping Rodrick out, he's a cutie and I'm pulling for him and Danielle to hit it off. Maybe, he just wanted to go all out and decided to pick up some lobster at the local Farmer's Market? Hmmm...

    I'm excited to see the dinner date. :)

  2. Tracy - Don't get too excited about that boardwalk. It will be very simple. I think if I had ink in my printer, I would do something elaborate. I just need to get a few of them away from the beach house.

    Personally, I think Roderick was thinking fish on a first date was probably not a smooth move. Maybe he will make fish for her when they get back to Virginia.

  3. Your food is always amazing. what do you use? Fimo? Sculpey III?


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