Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Just Finished the Working Sliding Door for the Beach House

I had this bright idea to make a real sliding door for the beach house and my idea worked. I finished it today, which means tomorrow I can start shooting the next installment. Sometime in the near future, I will explain how I did it, just in case you want to make one.  I lack the patience to make good tutorials, but I will give you all the needed information.  For now I just want to share.

It opens from both sides.

There's that handsome devil, David.

This is China. The picture makes it look like she is taller than the door, but she is not.

It is kid proof, so the little kids can't just wander out the door.

So there's the pool/sauna and the private beach.


  1. Once again, I was posting a couple of new pics, walked away for a while and came back and saw your beach house. All I can say is...OH MY GOODNESS!!! That looks AMAZING!

    That does it! I'm sending some of my girls & guys to you so they can experience that beach house. WOW, just amazing. I can not WAIT to see this video.


  2. Hey Tracy! I felt a real sense of accomplishment when I finished this door. New ideas keep popping in my head. They may be at this beach house for a month. LOL! Send your dolls over. They will definitely have a good time. There will be quite a few videos shot here. With 5 families, I have a few storylines in mind. Goodness only knows what my brain will think of along the way that may prolong their stay.

  3. Love the door and the beach. Your setup is awesome. I have to get my space back so I can start scenes. Can't wait for the videos

  4. @Dollz4Moi Thanks. I wish I had enough space to leave all my scenes up. It is heartbreaking tearing down scenes when it takes so long to put them up. I can't wait to see your dioramas. No pressure though(smile). We love looking at everyone's dios!

  5. Vanessa - I am pretty good at tutorials and like writing them. Maybe we could collaborate for a post on my blog? you could tell me how...I could follow your instructions and take pics as I go.and I would write it in a style as "Vannessa teaches me (and you) to make a sliding glass door" No rush...but maybe at some point.

  6. @Kristi That sounds like a plan. We'll communicate about it soon.

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