Friday, March 25, 2011

A New Video!!! The Kids Go Swimming!

I had the best time shooting this video. I needed many more hands than I had, but I made it work. I felt like I was at the beach at times.  I had sand all over me.  I had to remember that my camera wasn't waterproof as water was going everywhere at times. This is my favorite beach video thus far.  I hope you like it.


  1. The kids are all very cute and there is a subtle change in the music when Danielle and Roderick find themselves alone in the kitchen which really enhances the mood.

    Eager to see the dinner date!

  2. I LOVED it! I was about to yell at my monitor if Danielle didn't say yes to having dinner with Rodrick! LOL...

    I agree with Paulette, the kids are too cute. It really looks peaceful there at the beach house. It's so awesome to tune in for a new episode.

    Eventually, I'll get on the ball with my stories but I'm having too much fun watching yours. :)

    Can't wait to see "the dinner!"

  3. Paulette - I went back and paid more attention to the music changes. It's amazing that it changed right when Danielle entered and then when she said yes, it went back to normal. I hadn't really noticed how perfectly that worked out. The kids had me cracking up! My mind has been planning this dinner date ever since she said yes!

  4. Tracy - I will need my own vacation, once I finish shooting their week at the beach house. I was going to take a day off and actually leave the house, but it was killing me to know that I had those pictures in my camera.

    Taylor and her goggles were priceless. She looks like a little fish. LOL! And I didn't realize how many freckles Julian has. It really showed in the sunlight. He is such a cutie pie.

    While Danielle was trying to decide what she would do, I was sitting there thinking "man, if they hit it off, they may get married one day, and then I could do a wedding!" First things first, this dinner. Roderick better bring his A-game to dinner. Danielle may be a tough nut to crack.

  5. Just beautiful. Sometimes even a young sistah knows it not good to get your hair wet. LOL. I'm glad Rod knows that faint heart never won fairly lady. He stepped right out there! I can't wait for the date!

  6. Ms Leo - Little Zahara ain't no fool. She knew having to get all that hair done would mean hours of not being able to play.

    You are the inspiration for Rod's date menu. If you recall, you mentioned a seafood bake. Well there won't be a seafood bake, per se, but Rod is planning on mostly seafood for dinner.

  7. a hint about how good your stuff is? my husband actually stopped in his tracks to watch - and usually if he sees anyting doll related on my screen he just rolls his eyes and keeps goin. I'm impressed with your ability to catch HIS attention.

  8. kristl - That is too funny! It must have been all those hot babes in that video. LOL! Have you seen the one where Danielle and Rod have their date? That's the one he needs to see.


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