Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Beach - Day 2

I was supposed to be fiinishing a few sofas yesterday, but Danielle and Roderick pulled me back to the beach house.  I liked the connection I saw with them on day 1, when they said hello to each other.  I wanted to explore this a little more.  Hence this new video.

Note: Better viewed full screen.  Click on YouTube logo in the right bottom corner, or the link above to see it full screen.


  1. Danielle to herself "Hmmm" - LOL. I definitely see the sparks between Danielle and Rodrick! He's a handsome guy and seems so sweet.

    Wow, the decor, the food, the ideas...you are so artistic!

    One of the things I love about your videos/blogs...aside from you talent is, bringing attention to dolls that I didn't know existed. I had no idea just how pretty the AA Harley Barbie (China) was until you added her to your stories.

    I can't wait to see the next installment. Congrats!

  2. Tracy, I thought about this guy for Danielle after Model #17 didn't work out, but I couldn't figure out how to get them together. As a matter of fact, I didn't really see the chemistry until they said hello in the last beach video. Then I figured they could potentially be a couple. I hope it works out for them, but you know with him being newly divorced, and I hear he has a 12 yr old daughter, there could be obstacles.

    Isn't China beautiful. Funny because I don't realize how beautiful some of these dolls are until I take them out of the box. I have found myself going back and looking at some of my boxed dolls. I have a few more that are coming out soon!

  3. My hat's off to you for the turkey bacon and pancakes! I was shooting a breakfast scene a few weeks ago and ended up pinching off red and yellow playdoh to be bacon and eggs -- not very convincing. After that I gathered up all my food (it was stored with each individual play set) and organized it in one place. In the process I found that I had some bacon and eggs on hand although it probably doesn't look as appetizing as the foods you made.

  4. Paulette - Thanks. I made those a few months ago. I am sure I can make better syrup now. But it still works. I had some cut up pancakes for the kids, but couldn't put my hands on them quick enough. Organization is definitely the key! I am sure we both have so much "stuff" that we forget that half of it even exists. LOL!

  5. I just love this video too. I love the food. Great seeing the bagels and donuts worked in. Will there be sea shell collecting done by they children. What is a trip to the beach without collecting shells. It is a cheap keepsake to remind the children of the trip. Or maybe an adult....Hmm. Danielle and Rodrick seem to have the same look in their eyes so, they should be a good pair. I missed by trip to the shore this year (school)...so maybe this is as close as I will get until summer. Tell them have a good time for me!

  6. Ms. Leo - I'm with you. What is a trip to the beach without sea shells. I have been racking (???) my brain trying to find the miniature sea shells that are here somewhere. Looks like I will have to buy them again. I just finished shooting the new video. I felt like I was at the beach with all that sand and water. I had to remember that I do not have a waterproof camera. By the way, I already had the roll of SKY paper you mentioned. I didn't even remember buying it, but there it was right with all my wallpaper and contact paper. I'm pretty sure I bought it at least 3 or 4 years ago.

  7. I looked at the video again. I see things I didn't see the first time. The sink set used was the same one used in the doctor's office and the wicker chairs from a couple of scenes. You have a way of reusing pieces that keeps the look fresh. Yeah, I really hate have to repurchase things I already bought! I really need a well organized closet for all my dolly stuff maybe...with labels. You...you need and intern(no-paid) so you can do more videos! And no, I'm not volunteering. LOL!

  8. Ms. Leo - You and I think so much alike. LOL! I was just thinking, I sure could use some help. I needed 10 hands to shoot the video that is coming out later today or tomorrow. I am not even going to tell you that I have a whole new video concept that I am working on now. It will be awhile before that is ready, though.


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