Monday, March 28, 2011

Yesterday I Sewed: Dresses, Sweaters, and Beach bags

Needed a break from the new sofa that I'm working on.  So, I did a little sewing.  I started off with something simple....more  sock sweaters!  This time I used thinner socks and I love how they turned out. 

China requested something she could wear at night time when it gets cooler at the beach.

She is wearing a pair of my favorite Basic jeans.

Halle wanted in on the action.

I changed the neckline, just by changing how far down I started sewing the sleeves.

I then moved to something that was a little more involved.  This dress is made of cotton.  The bodice is lined and it closes with snaps.  I am planning to add some type of coodinating waistband or sash as soon as I figure out which doll will get this dress.  It didn't really fit the personality of my regular dolls.  Antoinette may potentially get this dress. I thought it would be a perfect hostess type dress when she is entertaining or catering a small affair.  I would then have to make her a cute little white apron.

Speaking of Antoinette, she and her family will be spending the day together at the beach soon, so she requested a comfortable beach dress.  She also needed a cute little beach bag.  I could use your help on this one.  I made it a long dress, but I am wondering if I should cut it into a short dress?  Let me know what you think.
Long dress means less sunblock is needed.

Short dress looks cuter.

She's looking a little pregnant here! She's not. Three kids is definitely enough.

Not sure who will get the pink/black bag.

All of these outfits could use some accessorizing.  I will eventually organize what I have, and buy what I need to completely pull an outfit together.  But by now you guys know my motto, "gotta keep it moving".


  1. You have been busy! Love that sweater dress that Halle is wearing.


  2. DBG - I have to keep switching it up to keep you guys interested. Even in doll form Halle can make a dress look good. Thanks!

  3. I like Antoinette in the longer dress. It looks a little more relaxed and she can always wear a bathing suit underneath. The short dress is cute too. I always love a good bag.

  4. Forgot to say love the new sweater socks & the new r/w number ;O)

  5. Dollz4Moi - Thanks, and thsnks for weighing in on the dress. I like the casualness of it when it's long.

  6. Your sock outfits are really cute--especially Halle's. And OMG--those purses are so adorable. I think I have pink striped one in my size! :)

  7. Alison in CA - Thanks for commenting! Halle was a great model. She has a special way with clothes. Your bag is on the way. LOL!

  8. Antoinette rock in both dress but I have to go with the long dress! Like Dollz4moi said, she looks more relaxed!

    Thank you Vanessa for telling me about FireFox, I still need to check and see what's wrong with IE 9!

  9. EbonyNicole Thanks for weighing in on the dress. I was leaning towards the long one too. So now I'll go pack her little beach bag for a day of relaxation.

  10. Wow, I love them all! Ms. Berry is wurkin' that sweater dress! Your girls are so sofas, beach houses, bagels, donuts, pizza...oh my! And now new dresses and beach bags. LOL

    You've got some serious talent lady.

  11. Tracy - I could put a paper sack on Halle and it would look good.

    The sewing was my way of taking a break. With me shooting so many videos, with all those people, I am going to eventually run out of clothes for them. So I need to be able to make some quick outfits occassionally. I also want the ladies to have their own wardrobe based on their personality.

    I'll start shooting the new video tomorrow.

  12. You are truly amazing. I am inspired with every entry.

  13. Kristl - Thanks. What did you call me again? A Crafter. I will attempt to make just about anything, at least once. LOL!


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