Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sharing a Pair of my Limbe Doll Sandals

David Anderson got a new sweatsuit a couple of weeks ago.  For those of you who don't know, he owns his own gym. You can check out his gym in this video. So everytime I see a cute sweatsuit, I usually buy it with him in mind.  I put it on him yesterday for the first time, getting him prepared for the new story.  I was going to put some tennis shoes on him,  but  remembered, I don't really have any white ones.  I decided to look in my birthday package of limbe doll sandals that arrived last week.  There are custom made sandals for the Power Team guys and the LIV dolls.  I really think my Stacey dolls and Only Heart girls will be sporting those LIV doll sandals.  I already tried them on Nicole, and they fit perfectly.  All of the sandals are so adorable!

Here is the cute sweatsuit.  It is blue, red, and white.

Can you believe there was a pair of matching sandals in my bag?!  I know I couldn't!  I must still be living right, because the blessings just continue to flow.

He will wear these to work and switch to his tennis shoes that he keeps in his locker there.

limbe dolls has created a really nice tutorial for these wonderful sandals.  I accidentally saw it seconds after it posted to YouTube, which was seconds before she could mark it private.  Tell me it wasn't meant for me to see that tutorial and know that it was sitting out there in limbo in limbe doll land!  She had to have known that I would tell you guys about it.  The tutorial is very well written, and she makes these super easy to make.  This is where I would ordinarily post the link to the tutorial, but she is keeping it under wraps until September.  I am sure if enough people ask, she may post it earlier.  Power to the people!  Don't tell her I said anything about this.  I will post the rest of my cute sandals, closer to the time the tutorial will be released.  No reason to continue torturing you guys.

I am starting to believe this guy enjoys his clothes.  He is always posing with some outfit on.  None of my other guys ever do that.  Poor Leslie, she too is sporting a new dress from Yuko Stevens (etsy), a popular designer in the fashion doll world. You don't see her seeking out camera time.  She is always just doing her motherly duties.

Special thank you to limbe dolls for the beautiful gift.  You are truly a blessing.  I am paying it forward, with the intent to pay it backwards soon, as well.  By the way, Shantavia snatched the card for artwork in her studio.  The colors are perfect. 


  1. The sandals are a perfect match for David's sweat suit.

    I love my Limbe Dolls sandals and wigs. She is extremely talented.

    I wish I had a dose of her creativity and yours, too.


  2. Serendipity strikes again! I can't believe the prototype sandals I randomly put in your package match David's sweatsuit so well!

  3. DBG - Not only is she talented, but she is so giving and sweet. You just can't beat that combination.

  4. limbe dolls - We are so in sync with a little help from the woman/man up above. Don't you think it is too strange that I saw the tutorial. Me of all people. I don't feel bad about nudging you a bit here and there. I really feel that I've been asked to do that.

  5. You're killing me here! So does this mean we can expect the Limbe shop to open in September? I'm excited!

  6. Dani - I strongly urge you to pop over to limbe dolls and ask her these questions. I know she has a plan. I just don't know what it is.

  7. Love the sandals! Such talent!

  8. Frannie - Yes, she is very talented. You are going to love the tutorial.


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