Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dinner is Served! At Least for Darius and Nikki

It is getting more complicated to prepare for these video shoots.  Life was much simpler before I was making food.  Now if there is food anywhere in the scene, I am not satisfied unless I make it.  I'm going to have to do more bedroom and bathroom scenes, where there is no food involved.

I am preparing for a dinner date between Darius and Nikki.  Remember them? They are still here, doing their thing.  They haven't had a date in some time and Darius has planned a romantic dinner.  Being that they are part of the Elite group, we know they are not eating hamburgers and hot dogs.  So, I made them something special.  How about scallops and filet mignon?  I will not be showing a picture of the filet mignon here.  You will have to wait to see it in the video.  The meat turned out great, but I am not happy with the sauce.  I don't have what I need to make the kind of sauce that I want.  I will, however, show the scallops.

I have to work on my asparagus. Not bad for the first time. I had vowed not to make asparagus, but I couldn't think of any other high falutin' vegetable to compliment the scallops.

I am now off to think about shooting this Darius and Nikki video.  Wish me luck!


  1. I like looking at the picture first and guessing what it is. I was dead on and so are you! Looks deeelish - can't wait to see the video.

  2. Gurl you go. All this food is looking so real. Too bad I can't indulge in the real thing anyway(allergy) but it looks tempting

  3. Sporadically Yours - Thanks for visiting. I had to make something a little more upscale. Darius and Nikki are those kind of dolls. Don't get me wrong. They can throw down on some Southern food, too, but the restaurants they frequent, don't normally have it on the menu.

    Dollz4Moi - Oh no, not a seafood allergy. You poor thing. That would kill me. I love my seafood. Luckily, mine won't cause you any harm.

  4. Your dishes are always so realistic looking. I've shared links to your blogs to other collectors who thought the food was real until I informed them it was for dolls.


  5. DBG - Thanks! I've had to do a double take at times. I have been making myself hungry over here. I almost took myself out to dinner yesterday. Then I thought about the doll stuff I could buy with that money. I can't wait to open up my new Restaurant/Store.

  6. Wow! The food looks great. I'm right there with you Dollz4Moi with the allergy thing! I can eat scallops! Can't even smell them! I feelin' sick while typing but Vanessa, you and this food are fantastic! I have felt this hungery since seeing Julie&Julia. That move is a must see for anyone who likes food.

  7. Ms. Leo - Not you too, with the allergies. Poor thing. That probably means you guys are allergic to shrimp too. That's coming soon, so you and Dollz4Moi need to go get some Benadryl so you can read my seafood posts. I saw that movie. Great movie.

  8. Oh, I can eat shimp! Just not scallops!

  9. Dollies Series - Thanks, and thanks for commenting! Food making is a little addictive.

  10. I am like Sporadically,

    I like to look and guess...but I never really have to guess. They are do dead on I just say ohhh scallops or whatever LOL
    No label needed.

    Ok so now I am looking forward to Italian, Chinese buffet,Thai, Indian...

  11. Anonymous - That is so nice to hear. As a matter of fact, I have 2 Chinese dishes sitting right here, with eggrolls. I have to add shrimp. If it turns out well, I will be showing it soon.


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