Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Video: Vanessa and Leslie Prepare to Meet

It's that time again.  Lately, I have had a few comments from video watchers stating that the Morrison's are their favorite family.  It made me realize that they haven't had much video time.  Think about, my poor family doesn't even have a permanent house yet.  You would think since it's my family that I would show them a little more love.  This video does a little bit of that.


  1. I like all the realistic little details in the dentist's office. What kind of action figure is Dr. Anderson?

  2. limbe dolls - Dr. Anderson is a Dennis Miller President's Talking AF.
    I transplanted him to an older style articulated Ken body (Happy Family) that is much better than the fashionista Ken bodies. His legs actually pull out to the side so he can sit like a man. The fashionista dolls can't sit right

  3. Cute video! I look so forward to your videos...and the music is good. I love jazz!

  4. Georgia Girl - Thanks. I just love seeing them in regular situations. Sometimes when I walk through the studio at night, I imagine what they would be doing at that time. I imagine them cooking and watching TV, etc. These dolls have taken over my life. LOL.

  5. Dennis Miller makes a great dentist. :) Love the office and the x-ray monitor is really cool.

    Lil' Miss Ciana is something else, LOL. It's always..."after I do this" too funny when they're at the age of pushing limits.

    Lil' Joseph looked so sweet sleeping in his crib. Great job on editing his eyes. :)

    Can't wait for the next video!

  6. Tracy - I am glad I found a body that works for DM. He is going to be someones grandfather. I have a whole pile of older dolls. They were going to have their own little group, but I nixed that idea. I am trying to get them into the stories. I think grandparents and kids are a great combo.

    You would think I had a boatload of kids. I know them so well. I have always observed other people's kids. When I was 14 I was a babysitter for 10 different kids. I learned a lot about how they operate. It's so true about those terrible twos. I don't know how they know they are supposed to be acting up at that age. It's hysterical. Next video will be real soon. I had planned to do it as part of this one, but this was longer than I expected.

  7. Great video as always! i cant waite to see the cook out you have planned!

  8. william - I am already stressing out about it. Will there be enough food? Enough seating? Enough to keep the kids busy? Leslie should be stressing out about this, not me. It's her cookout.


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