Monday, August 29, 2011

Kara Gets a New Body and Access to a New Wardrobe

The anticipation was kiilling both Kara and I.  So first thing this morning we blessed her with a new body.  Turns out the feet are flat, but that is okay. I sort of decided that she could use 2 bodies; one for working in the salon, and one for going out on the town.  I have seen a few of the old articulated  SIS dolls in a few of the Big Lots, so I might go look for one.

Here is Kara sporting one of the Model Muse outfits.  I am ecstatic that she can wear them.

Kara in the middle is sporting her new body.  To the left is her old body.  To the right is the head I will use to change her up when I need to. As a hair stylist, she loves the occassional weave. 

I immediately noticed that the new body was much skinnier.  I also noticed that it wasn't as loose as my basketball bodies.  I can't really tell if it is the same body as the basketball dolls.  When I viewed them side by side, this body appeared to be smaller in the hip area.  Maybe it was the body used for the cheerleading dolls.  I have yet to open any of my cheerlieading dolls, so I don't know.  I just wish I had $1 for every style of articulated body that Mattel has ever made.  I would be rich. The body making department has to be the largest department in that company.

 This outfit is not a perfect fit.  The pants don't come up all the way to the waist.  It buttons fine with room left in the waist area.  She will be able to rock these outfits with no problem.

I wonder where she is going?


  1. I'm glad she looks good. You are like my expert when it comes to finding articulate bodies! You know you can find them when you need them. What else is in the basement of yours?, or should it be Van's Toyland? Work it out Girlfriend, work it out!!

  2. Brini - Thanks. I'm pretty happy with this swap. It's actually better than the SIS articulated bodies. Those bodies have limited elbow movement, which makes it difficult to use at times. Vans Doll Treasures is the perfect name, because it is like a treasure hunt every time I venture to the basement. I am never sure what I might find.

  3. Kara looks great. You now have me looking for articulated bodies at the Thrift Store. LOL

  4. I see I'm not the only one in line to go down to your basement! I'll make sure I'm the first! push, push, shove, shove!

    Now for the body,She looks good! I have a doll with this body I got at the Black Doll Show here. The best thing about this body is the hips! A lot more of the dressier pants don't fit the belly button hips! Many of the dressier stuff is silkstone,Kari Michelle and other brands,or older Barbie fashions. They were made for dolls with smaller hips. You will have a good selection of outfits for her to wear.

    Huh! Crazy me just answered a question I have been asking myself about a doll. Thanks for posting!

  5. Frannie - Thanks. I picked up quite a few articulated bodies from the thrift store a couple of years ago. There are at least 8 more in my basement.

    Ms. Leo - Now you have me curious about the question you answered for yourself.

  6. Kara looks good. I will be second in line behind Ms. Leo.
    Which of the S.I.S ones has the articulated body?

    Each one of my S.I.S has a different body type.

    Grace - old articulated with wider waist like belly button but no underwear outline.
    Chandra - The Ballet Dance - bends at elbow and wrist and has underwear outline.
    Kara - bends elbows only and has underwear outline.
    Trichelle - old articulated w/smaller waist and no underwear outline.
    Would love for Chandra to have the new Fashionistas body and Kara the TNT articulated body w/pointed toes.
    I enjoy having all the different body types. It makes dressing them so much fun.

  7. Kara is one of my favorite SIS girls. I do love this line and hope Mattel continues with it but i seriously think their gonna drop this line. Thats the one thing i dislike about Mattel!

  8. william - I think they will drop it too once the Stacy designs are done. I wouldn't mind them just coming out with a line of the clothes. I want all the new outfits and shoes, but I don't need another doll, so $20 just to get an outfit and shoes and not props is too much.


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