Friday, August 12, 2011

Mattel Gets Two Thumbs Up on the New Baby Playset

Today I received my 2 Barbie sets I ordered from Amazon.  I anxiously ripped open the Barbie I Can Be Baby Sitter playset.   This is one of the better sets that Mattel has done.  I give it two thumbs up.  There are a few downsides, but all in all, I love it.  If you read my initial post about this set, you know that I originally purchased the Caucausian version from my local Target.  I was supposed to be taking it back and exchanging it for a different set, but I've decided to keep it.  It is definitely worth having both sets.

Here are all the pieces of the set.

All the pieces are very well made.

The doll has articulated legs, but her arms are positioned so she can lift the baby, by pulling on the huge lever in her back. 

Aww, isn't that adorable. The head contraption is a little strange, though.

I love this little seat!

It opens from one side, just like the real thing.  It also has a button on top that makes the seat move side to side.

The playpen also has some nice features.  The bottom of the playpen is adjustable. It can be put at the bottom of the pen or about halfway up. 

I guess this is just a container to hold the baby powder or other accessories.

This is NOT the bottle that came with the baby. The bottle that came with this set looks like a 2 liter soda bottle. I misplaced it during the picture taking, so I can't show it to you.  I will have to find it, in order to test out the "drinking and wetting" scenario. Yes, this baby can wet the diaper, once she drinks water.  The diaper actually turns color to make it appear like it is wet.  Once dry, it turns back to normal.  I think this is why the baby's head does not move, which originally was a downfall for me, but I can live with this.

So I know the baby looks really scary at this point with the open mouth, etc.  But, I warmed up to her after realizing how well made she was.  I will definitely have to find her a pacifier to put in her mouth to make her look a little more normal.

This baby has very soft arms and legs, which are flexible.  Not sure how they did this, but it's really nice to see.  As you can see, she can look like she is crawling.  I like that this baby is older than an infant, but not quite a toddler.

Here she is hanging on to Julian.  She is able to hold some nice poses.

Julian would make a wonderful brother to a little sister.

Joseph wanted to meet her.

Julian felt it was time she got in her seat. He was ready to go play with his toys.

"Good job, Julian".

This is the Mattel Krissy doll.  I just wanted you guys to see that she too could fit in the new seat.

She can hold her ba ba with a little help. I dressed her in a Krissy outfit.  I have lots of little clothes that can fit her.

Looks like she may be chewing on the nipple. She is probably teething. 

I need to find her some parents real soon.  She needs to be in the mix.

There are so many possibilities with this new little gem. To have a crawling baby that can get into all kinds of trouble, will be so much fun to work with.

Yeah, Mattel.  You got this one right!


  1. Thank you for posting pics of this play set! The baby is soooooo cute! I love her eyes and eyelashes. I'm totally going to get one now, she's gotta be someone's baby in my mix too.

    Thanks again Vanessa.

  2. Tracy - You're welcome. Anyone who is remotely interested in fashion doll babies, needs to have this set. If you like her in the pictures, you will love her in person.

  3. Thanks for sharing Vanessa. I am going to consider this set as a later date. I have to recover from all the dolls and doll stuff that I have purchased in last couple of weeks.

  4. I love it! It does appear to be very well made and I can tell you're having and will be having lots of fun with it. Julian, with his long-armed self, looks adorable holding the baby.

    Thanks for illustrated review.


  5. Georgia Girl - I think you have a little time, because I don't think people know about this set. Of course, you can't wait too long, because the AA one will be gone in no time. Right now it is the regular $20.99 on Amazon, but I wouldn't be surprised to see that price shoot up soon. I wouldn't count on seeing the AA version in the local stores. I am not trying to throw up any alarms, but we all know how these things work.

  6. DBG - Julian would make the perfect mommy helper. I really have to put some bend in those arms of his, and Zahara's. I just haven't done it yet. It will look so much better.

  7. Vanessa, thanks for sharing. The baby is cute, I also like the baby chair and the playpen. It's a pity the Barbie doll from the set has that huge lever in her back, I hate Barbie dolls with levers, buttons and so on. I'd like to have the baby, but not the Barbie. Besides, we in Russia can't buy toys on Amazon. I found the set on eBay also, but without shipping to Russia again.
    Bending the SiS kids arms is a great idea.

  8. Dukasha - I agree about the doll, but occassionally I try to remember who these things are really made for, the kids. As a collector, it sucks. As a little girl playing with my baby sitter playset, it's pretty cool. Any time they make a doll that can drink and wet, and the diaper changes colors, they are clearly thinking about kids playing. I kept thinking, "how do you dress this doll, with the huge lever in her back."

  9. Hi Vanessa, could you tell me what size are the 2 babies? I would love to know if this set would fit my custom baby. Thanks!


  10. MsLydiaT - Your baby is too small for the chair. He will fit in the playpen, but since he is such a small infant he needs something like a bassinet. I highly recommend getting the set just in case you get a bigger baby at some point.

  11. I love this baby! I don't even like my doll children and I never use them but this one makes me want to buy her!

  12. Dani - I say "get her". She is really nicely made. I can't wait to get her in action. I think I have a mommy for her, but she hasn't arrived yet. I'm just so happy to have an older baby, who can crawl and have some move natural baby poses.

  13. ok thanks Vanessa!


  14. I really want this set now after reading your post :)

  15. cyano - It is a definite must have for anyone who does anything with babies. The last time Mattel did anything this nice was back in the Happy Family days.

  16. Thanks for the excellent photos and the review. Must add to my Want List ;-)

  17. D7ana - Add it to you get list. You know that Mattle doesn't make many baby items any more and this set is the best I have seen in forever. I haven't used mine yet. I need to get to that.

  18. i have the same doll but the white one

    1. jasica - I have the white one, too. It's still in the box.


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