Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Taylors Shop for Appliances

Antoinette finally convinced Tony to let her remodel the kitchen.  It took a lot of doing on her part, but she finally did it.  Today is the day to pick out the appliances.

Antoinette has given her standard, "Do not touch anything in here and no running around." speech to the girls.

Tony:            I like this set.
Antoinette:  Yes, this one is nice, but we don't need a new
Nikaya:        Don't touch it, Zahara.
Zahara:        I'm just looking at it.

Clerk:           Hello ma'am. Can I help you fnd something?
Antoinette:  We need a little more time to look around.
Clerk:           No problem.  Take your time.  I will check back in a
                      little bit.

Zahara:  Why are you following me?
Nikaya:  Mommy told me to watch you.
Zahara:  No, she didn't!

Antoinette:  Now this is what I'm talking about. Look at the size of
                       this oven.
Tony:            How much is it?
Antoinette:  I could bake a lot of cakes in here.
Tony:           The one over here seems to be a better value. You
                      get more for your money.

Nikaya:  Oooh.  You gonna get in trouble.

Antoinette:   Honey, this fits into the budget just fine. Since we
                       are not replacing the cabinets, the dishwasher or
                       the sink, there is plenty of money in the budget
                       for these two pieces.
Tony:            I trust you.  I just wanted to make sure we were
                       making the right decision.
Antoinette:  Have I ever steered us wrong?  Oooh Kenaz. 
                       You need a haircut, little boy.

Antoinette: This is definitely it! There is room for everything. 
Zahara:  Mommy, mommy! Let's get this one.  It has a TV. 

Antoinette:    Shhhh. Lower your voice, please.
Nikaya:          But mom, it does have a tv.
Antoinette:   That's wonderful, but I can't do anything with a
                        pink refrigerator.
Clerk:            This is our newest model. Not only does it
                        have a built in TV, but if you push it gently,
                        there is a surprise on the other side.

Nikaya:  Ooooh.  An ice cream machine.
Clerk:     Actually, it is a frozen yogurt machine.

Zahara:         Mommy, can we get this one, pleeeaaaase?
Antoinette:  So I can have another reason to tell you guys
                       to get out of the refrigerator.  No thank you. 
                       I can just imagine the mess now.

Tony:   Sir, we are going to go with the commercial grade,
              stainless steel set.  How soon can we have that
Clerk:   Follow me to the counter and I can ring you up
              and check our delivery schedule.

Epilogue - I am in the process of creating the Taylor's home.  The refrigerator and stove they chose is a repainted Kitchen Littles set.  The other part of the set still needs revamping.  So the next time you see their kitchen, you can expect a little chaos.  That is typically what happens in the midst of a remodel. 


  1. Oooh I love the appliances! I want the one with the t.v and yogurt maker! Your accessories and detailed rooms in your stories are wonderful! It makes them that much more interesting to watch.

  2. I think that the girls did really well at the store. It's nothing like having large appliances in your home. I can not wait to see the remodeled kitchen.

  3. Chyna doll - I want that one too! It must have that new digital cable I have been hearing about. TV and frozen yogurt. I would never leave the kitchen.

    Kat - Those girls know their momma don't play. I love a nice big kitchen. Antoinette has a catering business, so she deserves a really nice kitchen. You may see the kitchen in turmoil before you see it finished. I can't decide what color to paint the other piece.

  4. Vanessa this story is so amazing. I love your attention to detail and how you give life to your stories! Wonderful job and post!

  5. Loretta - Hello friend. So nice to have you back. Thanks for the wonderful comments.

  6. Charming story. I liked the way you worked in that preposterous pink refrigerator with the TV and the frozen yogurt machine! I'm also glad Antoinette had sense enough not to get it.

  7. limbe dolls - Too funny! I don't know what I'm going to do with that refrigerator. I'm hoping I will have a light bulb moment after seeing it in action some place else. I'm thinking it might come in handy with my college girls. I'm currently building a student activity center of sorts. Maybe I can work it in.

  8. There were so many great choices. I am constantly amazed by your stash of doll paraphernalia.

    I look forward to seeing the Taylor's completed home.


  9. DBG - It's a wonderful life. Everywhere I turn, there's more doll stuff.

  10. I love this! I can just imagine Zahara and Nikaya's voices. Zahara, I like the sound of that. It is such a pretty name.

    1. purplecandy - Thanks! So glad you stopped by the blog. I can't take credit for the name Zahara. That is the name Mattel gave her, and I loved it. Kenaz and Nikaya are real kids in my life.


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