Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Rough Cut of The Anderson's Remodeled Home

This is yesterday's post. Blogger was down when I went tried to post it.  I roughed out what the Anderson's permanent home will look like.

The furniture will all probably stay, but the living room table and all accessories are subject to change. I am just getting a feel for it all. There may be wallpaper and/or new curtains. I put in the window to the left, so that one will stay. It overlooks my backyard.  There is a small piece of wall behind it that will be cut away.  The window on the right will probably be covered with foamcore to make a wall.

There will be a sofa table.  Not sure that the little desk will stay.  There is a wicker basket underneath with Ciana's toys.

Leslie is about to tackle some hair before work.  She just needs to get that red ribbon changed out.  I have to do a little work to this leather chair.  It is one of my rejected pieces from a couple of years ago.  I managed to sew the seat cushion together backwards. Once I fix a few things, it will be fine for this family.

The door on the left goes nowhere. The bathroom is hidden behind there.  It will remain an illusion.  If you recall, I originally had their bedroom in this area.  I started making them another bedroom, but it may be donated to someone else, like Roderick, or the Redmonds.

The great room overlooks the kitchen and dining room.

The view into the kitchen/dining room.  The kitchen island will be completely redone. It is currently made out of 2 dressers that I need for someone's bedroom. I will probably make one from wood. The counter tops will probably be marbled contact paper made of black/white.  You know the one.

 I will add a window scene and a curtain.  I roughed out the counter area to the left.  This will probably also be made of wood.  I will try to find/make a piece that has storage underneath.  She needs a place for dishes. Of course the walls will be fixed.

There will be an area rug under the dining table.  I will also try to add a nice floral centerpiece.  I can't wait to create some food that will be served here. Since they will use it for everyday use as well, I won't dress it up with dishes and a table cloth until they entertain.  And they will be entertaining.  I think Leslie is thinking about inviting Rod and Danielle to dinner.  There will be a small patio area.  I don't have a lot of space out back, although I could borrow a little space from the table just beyond.  I may add a small grill and patio chairs.

I still have a ton of work to do, but this home is ready to use for videos.  It will probably be the next scene for a quick photostory . Danielle's house is just to the left.  The Taylor's home is just to the right.  I can see Antoinette popping up at the patio door for some morning coffee and a chat on the weekends.  I started working on the Taylor home yesterday, too.  I probably would have finished putting their kitchen and family room back together, but I can't put my hands on their sofa.  It's not with the other neatly stored furniture. Hmmm. 

I am off to post the blog for today.  Make sure you take a look.  It will feature limbe doll sandals.


  1. That leather chair looks great! If that's what you call a reject I would love to see what you consider perfect.


  2. limbe dolls - I am at my best when I am overly busy. I know that in order for me to get all the stories in my head, out, I have to get all the setups done quickly. I also set up the next Darius and Nikki scene yesterday. The slumber party story hopped back in my brain yesterday and it is already sleighted for 2 - 3 episodes. It will most likely take place at the Taylor home.

  3. MsLydia - I haven't made perfect yet, but I have made items that I have been overjoyed with. That sofa is a reject, too. I was trying a new style/technique a couple years ago, trying to reduce my labor time. It used to take me way too long to make a piece of furniture. I knew it was just me being really ineffecient. Happy to say, that has all been rectified and I have majorly decreased my time to make furniture. Too bad I've decided to add food to the mix, because now I still don't get as much furniture made as I would like. There are pieces in my studio in various stages, just waiting for me to finish them.

    By the way, you have made some good progress in Darius' bathroom. I can't wait to get it to a point where I can show it. As for the rest of the house.....well... that's another story. But as you can see, I haven't been resting on my laurels. I think I have to find a new location for Darius' home. That's the major hold up.

  4. Wow Your Like A Business Woman......But I Can't Wait To See All The Remodel House's.....And More Videos.....Just Dropping A Comment Instead Of Mail LLS....But You Are Making Great Progess Because Before You Know It All Your Stories Will Be On Video Or The Blog Website....And Also If You Like Making Short Mini Stories Like Roderick and Nicole Talk About Danielle And The Slumber Party...Maybe Add Another HeadLine That Say's "Story Blogs" Or "Reading Stories" (Something Like That).....But I Can't Wait To The Morrisons, The Andersons, Danielle Family, The Redmonds, The Taylors, And More New And Other Families.......!!!!!!

    Y.K.W.T.Is, Fan

  5. Christina - Hello friend. I can't wait for them to all be finished either. That will be some accomplishment. I like the idea of a tab for Short Stories. I may put it in the place of the Biker tab, until I start doing videos for them. Thanks.

  6. DBG - Thanks! There are some good stories on the horizon. I have decided to create a new blog that will be R-rated. It will be for the stories/scenes that can not be shown here without making this blog R-rated. I don't anticipate there will be too many stories there, but there will definitely be one for Danielle and Roderick.

  7. Love the house! Do you keep these up or are they foldable for storage! I really need to get my butt in gear and finish what ive been working on!

  8. william - Hello. Where have you been? You have been missing in action. A few weeks ago I decided to put up some permanent rooms so that I can do my stories quicker. So this will stay up. Danielle's house is up in rough form, too. Shantavia's home art studio was posted, along with Nicole's bedroom, and Joseph's nursery. All in rough form. This all happened over the past couple of weeks. Take a look if you get a chance.

  9. love it! looks good already cant wait to see the finished product :)

  10. Chynadoll - Thanks. As with any home remodel, especially when you are doing 5-8 homes at one time, it may take awhile to get it all done. But I am excited about all the projects. It will keep me busy for a little bit.

  11. Love the rooms! You are the queen of repurposing too! I see pieces from different stories that you have done reused in diffent ways making the look fresh. Like you went out and purchased new things. Clever Girl! I especially like what you've done with the folding house.

    I can see how having things up permanent helps with shotting! I am still workout the details to the museum. I take pictures with it up to remember where were things as I working it out but I can't hog the kitchen table all day. I hope to have it really soon.

  12. Fabulous home! I really love the curtains and of course, the furniture! Is that the sliding glass door from the beach house? Can't wait to see the next video. I'm going to watch a couple of your vids that I've missed right now while my 3yr old boss is allowing me to.


  13. Ms. Leo - Wow, I thought it was bad having to take down the set After shooting the video. Taking it down during and them putting it back up to finish, is worse.

    Tracy - Glad you like the house. I can't wait to get it a little more cozy. I also can't wait to get that kitchen stocked and set up.


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