Saturday, August 20, 2011

AA Barbie Basics 2.5 is Here and She's Fabulous!

She is my new favorite doll.  I wanted to put her in with the Elite group, but I think I need to work her into the Families, because she needs a lot of video time.  I knew last week that I would pair her up with my new favorite baby.  I thought they would make a good pair, and I was right!  I have to find this woman a husband.  I have one in mind, but he might be a little old for her.  We shall see. 

I was so excited about her that I made a denim couch to greet her upon her arrival.  I finished putting the legs on it this morning.  Perfect timing.  Of course she doesn't get to keep the sofa.  It will be put in my Etsy shop just as soon as I figure out what the second set of pillows will be.

She is skinny like the Model Muse dolls, but completely articulated.  The jeans are pretty stretchy because I was able to remove them without taking off her shoes.  I did not try them on any other doll, yet.  She can not sit without the snap in the back coming undone.

The copper top and copper shoes are stunning! The color is so unexpected.

Here she is with her baby.  The baby's hair color perfectly matches this doll's hair color.

Just a close up of the sofa fabric.  I love this sofa,  I think I will have to make one for my dolls.

So let's see what she can do without those jeans on.

Sorry for the blur. My camera was focused on the sofa.  Oops.

I have been trying to get this pose for quite some time.

I figured while I had her down here, I would let her do my exercises.  I just wasn't feeling it today.

Here she is working my abs.  I mean her abs.

So I love the new doll and the body is nice for $20.  However, I will be swapping her body for the Pop Life body Halle is on.  I am only doing this because she has to be able to hold her baby.  See how nicely Halle is holding the baby.  The new girl's arms do not have that range.  I am still kicking myself for not buying more of the Pop Life dolls from BC.  It was $12!  Kick, kick, kick!

Did I mention how much I love this little girl.  I was able to almost get her thumb in her mouth. She is not holding this pose without some help, but it shows how flexible her arms and legs are. 

I bought 2 of this doll and one of the accessory sets. The accessory set is nice.  We will save that for another day.  This is my second post of the day.  You can see the other one here.


  1. Congratulations on getting her. She's lovely. Thanks for sharing the images illustrating her moves.

    I look forward to seeing how you work her into your stories.


  2. DBG - Initially she was going to be Nikki's best friend, but that Elite group just doesn't get a lot of play time. Maybe she can be the psychiatrist I have been waiting to hire. Hmmmm.

  3. Oh Vanessa! She is lovely. She is quite flexible too!! I see those Pilates lessons have really paid off. I'm sure whomever you choose for her husband will be quite happy, but you better make sure they have a good ticker!


  4. Thanks for sharing. So her body is not the "pivotal" one? Mattel made a new body again...

  5. robyne - LOL! I agree her husband needs to be in tip top shape. That is why I am reconsidering putting her with that older man I had in mind. He will cost me too much money for her to be killing him off so quickly with all 'her moves'.

  6. Killer shoes and she's in phenomenal shape for a woman who just had a baby. Is she a fitness instructor? Maybe she teaches classes at David's gym.

  7. limbe dolls - No she's definitely not the fitness instructor. I have that one covered. I just haven't gotten to that story line yet. I don't want to (Ding Ding Ding) mess up her hair. Sorry, I had another thought mid-sentence. I bought two of these dolls, so I can use the head from the second and keep the hair in tact. For this one, I can take the hair down and do lots of fun stuff with it.

    I am thinking Psychiatrist. That way she would get to talk to people in the other groups, but she would be in with the families.

  8. Vanessa,

    Thanks for doing this review. I just got mine yesterday! I purchased 3 and two of them were immediately head-swapped. Now both of my Rocawear Trichelles (Wave 1 and 2) are extremely happy.

    You are absolutely right. This articulated body is not a pivotal. It is modified so that it has 11 joints instead of 12 and the elbows have a more limited range of motion. One flickr member has identified about 5 versions of the Mattel articulated body to date with the Pop Life Pivotal and the Elvis/Sinatra Pivotal having the greatest range of motion.

    I only have one complaint about the BB 2.1 #8. Her hair-rooting seems to be much thinner when compared to the Collection 1 and Collection Red #8 dolls. At least this was the case for my 3.

    Can't wait to see the husband you choose for your new girl and I'd like to put my vote in now for a career in psychiatry (many interesting story lines). Thanks again.

  9. studioseven - Hello and thanks for commenting. I just checked my doll's hair and mine is fine. Not thin at all. I wonder what happened to yours. I just finished working with her so make sure you look at the new post to see what happened with her. She does have her new pivotal body. Halle doesn't seem to mind her new body. She doesn't plan on having any kids, so her range of motion isn't critical.

  10. Hi Vanessa,
    I can't wait to get her! I just want her for body though! I do wished they would make pivotal bodies in the darker shades like Kara and Chandra shades. They made the Alvin Ailey doll but she has pointed feet. What can you do with BTW how do I get e-mail updates when you post something new to your blog? :)

  11. mrscarissa - Hello! I really wish Basics 2.5 was on a pivotal body, but that is probably asking for too much.

    On the left side at the top there is an option to "Follow by email". You may want to make sure it is not going to your spam folder once you sign up. It may take adding me as a trusted site. On average I post once every other day, so if you don't see something from me for a while, that means somethings has gone wrong. Thanks for commenting.

  12. Sorry Im Sooo Late Just Catching Up On Blogs I Missed And Wow I Miss Alot And If She Need A Name I Have Just A Perfect Name For Her And The Baby Girl....How About Ronda & Destiny-Grace? But Your Fan Is Back And Will Email You With More Ideas When Its Time To Get A Chance...

  13. Anonymous - Destiny-Grace is a pretty name. For this family I think I want something out of the ordinary. I will have the mom and baby named before the Labor Day cookout. So stay tuned.


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