Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Articulation Surprise

I told myself no blogging today.  We see how well that worked.  But I just had to share this one. 

I have some wonderful "light bulb" moments when I am replying to comments or emails.  It happened again this morning.  I was conversing with mrscarissa (a blog reader), who was sharing pictures of her Kara on a DG Reese body.  She also shared Kara's two kids and mentioned that her husband was a curly haired MyScene guy.

I know that curly haired MyScene guy.  I had just brought him up from (all together now) THE BASEMENT, so that I could steal his outfit for Darius.  Hadn't quite gotten to that project yet.  As I sat there replying to mrscarissa, I was about to offer her my nude MyScene guy, but then it dawned on me "I think he is articulated"!  I never paid attention to that because none of the MyScene girls that I have are articulated.  I never imagined the guy would be articulated.  I ran downstairs to check.  Yes, he is fully articulated in the arms and legs.  I quickly snapped a picture of him in his box, then proceeded to remove him from the box to check the neck connection.  I then looked for one of my males that could use some articulation.  There he was!  The Kurt Fashion Fever doll I bought from Ms. Leo

He has slightly longer arms than Ken and bigger hands.  He can fit some of the clothes, but the long sleeved shirts will have to be pushed up. Now that I think about it, some of Ken's shirts are too small for Ken.  LOL.

Did you know he has real feet?  I had no idea.  From the looks of those oversized rubber shoes, I thought they were built in, like the Bratz shoes.

The neck connection is a really good fit. The body is a tad darker but not noticeably so.  His wife is awfully happy.  He can now hug her back.

I immediately ran to the basement to recheck my other two MyScene female dolls.  No, they are not articulated.  Madison does have real feet, though.  Another Mattel mystery.  Why make him articulated and not the girls?


  1. This was cute - as always. But I had to look up articulated as it applied to dolls ;-) I learn something new everyday!

  2. Van, there are a few of the ladies from the line that are articulated. The ladies that came on scooters are fully articulated. The rollerskating girls were given articulated legs but not arms. There are more but I won't fill your blog..LOL

    That's my thing with the MS guys the HUGE hands :O). They're a cute couple

  3. The post you had on Kara's new body, I had a "light bulb" moment while typing too! Oh, and the big hands... maybe he is like the wolf! The better to feel you with my dear! LOL! BTW, where did you get such a cute fellow you have with Barbie? ;)

  4. Looks great! This basement is a real treasure trove!

  5. All the My Scene guys are articulated. At least the ones I have. That's why I love them soo!

  6. Now I am motivated to try to find a head for the one articulated male My Scene body I have. He came with the tandem bicycle. I immediately removed the oversized head and threw it away but I held onto the body because it was articulated. Maybe now I can put him to use.

  7. Lovin' that basement, LOL. I have this myscene guy...been wanting to give my Blaine this body forever but I'm too scared to swap heads. How did you get the head back on the neck mechanism? I didn't have success while trying to swap one of my high school musical dolls on a new body. Poor guy, just sits around with no body and his head. :(

    Great job! Any tips...due tell.

  8. Sporadically Yours - I applaud you for reading and commenting seeing how you are not a doll person. Articulation is queen these days in the doll world.

    Dollz4Moi - I only have 3 (1 male and 2 females) because I don't care for big headed dolls. I am sure I bought them on sale.

    Ms. Leo - Isn't that fellow a cutie pie. Now he has all kinds of moves. I don't know what crazy person sold him. LOL.

    Dani - And you wondered why my business was called VansDollTreasures. At the time I named it that, I didn't really have my basement in mind.

    mrscarissa - You were so close to getting another one. He is the only one that I have. Big hands, great. Big heads, problem.

    limbe dolls - Wow, you couldn't wait to get rid of the head, huh? I couldn't see past that big head to see that he was articulated.

    Tracy - Blaine would be another good one. I don't have any great tips. I didn't have any problem with the swap. Taking the MS head off, required me being a little more careful than usual. His body is more rigid, so if you are not careful you could break the neck. The side of his neck may open up a little. That is okay. Getting the new head in was easy. Since the head was so pliable, I just pushed and turned until I got it in. Good luck!!!

  9. Vanessa, Thanks for not saying "DUH"!! Even though I feel like I earned it ;-)

  10. Well I will take the leftover big heads! I love those heads. My small head dolls have big head husbands but they are not complaining one bit.

  11. Yes, head swapping is fun and he looks very well with is wife.
    Now if you would like to solve the problem with the big hands, just swap they out to. I have swapped several of the MyScene guys arms with a regular bending arm Ken doll. All you have to do is pull the pin out of both men and then swap them. Let me know if it works out for you.

  12. Kat - I love a man with big hands and so do my dolls. That is good information to know. Have you tried that on any of the woman. I would love to change out my newest Harley Davidson dolls unarticulated arms.

  13. Vanessa, you know it is like seeing that old boyfriend. You say to, he looks good but then you remember why it didn't work as you see him flirt with the waitress as his date goes to the bathroom. Yeah, I did the right thing. You'll make him the man he never was with me!

    Kat in New Orleans, I would love to know how you that! Any pictures?

  14. Vanessa- My man has to have BIG feet to go along with the big hands and you know he has a big head because he thinks he has it going on. I can not take credit for swapping arms, I read it somewhere and tried it and liked it. I have never tried it on the females but both dolls has to have bending/articulate elbows. You are not take the arm off from the shoulder area.

    Ms. Leo - I am sorry I do not have and pictures as of yet. I am one "In The Closet" doll addict. I play with them quietly and secretly.

  15. Ms. Leo - correction, I was typing too fast. I am sorry I do not have ANY pictures as of yet.

  16. Hey Kat,
    Thanks! I think I know what you're talking about...change from the elbows down. Interesting! BTW, this is how it starts! Lurking and posting! By spring you start your own blog! I'm still on the down-low about my dolls.;)


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