Friday, August 26, 2011

Have You Seen the Cute Bratz Clothes

I went to two Walmarts today.  At the first one, I did really well.  I got my food items and the dog food and went straight to the register.  I didn't go anywhere near the toy department.  When I got to the counter, I realized I had left my wallet at home.  So I put everything back and left the store.  A few hours later, I was at a different Walmart with wallet in hand.  I got my food, and headed towards the toy department, just to take a look.  It was too much pressure to be good at two Walmarts in one day.

There were a few new things out.  Therer are new fashionistas out, including a new AA one.  They also have some fashionistas that are $19.97.  Not sure why, except they have longer dresses on.  No props really that justify that price to me.  The new Bratz really caught my attention.  I don't collect Bratz dolls, but they had the cutest outfits on.  I saw about 6 dolls that I wanted just for the outfits.  I said out loud, "why don't you just sell the outfits".  Low and behold, just to the left were quite a few new outfits for $4.97ea.  I buy Bratz clothes because they fit my Stacie and Only Heart Club dolls.

Poor Nikaya will be wearing a uniform to school.  It's hard to see the bottom, but it is a nice black skirt. 
There are boots, too.

This is another really cute satin dress.  The belt has silver sparkles on it.  This would have been a cute dress for the Daddy/Daughter dance.  I'm sure there will be more occassions to get dressed up.

How chic is this trench coat?  Every young lady needs a nice dressy coat.  There are hot pink boots included.

Here is a picture (property of MGA) that shows 3 of the outfits.  Since the Stacie doll's legs aren't as long, the outfits don't look as short.  I didn't get the outfit in the middle because I couldn't tell what it was in the package.  I will have to go back and get this one too. 

Image courtesy of BonToys
I didn't actually see this doll in person, but I love this little outfit.
Just a reminder, here is my Nikaya doll in a Bratz bathing suit.

Nicole is sporting Bratz pjs. She and her dad really need to get to decorating that room.


  1. Love the school uniform and several of the other fashions.

    They can keep the dolls.



  2. I always thought bratz clothes were soooooooo cute too but the dolls not so much. LOL Nice to know who can fit them really well. Drat about their shoes being their actual feet though.

  3. DBG - I was trying to find pics of the outfits I saw on the dolls at the store, but I couldn't. Talk about cute. There is one all white one that is so sweet. Then they have a whole series of little cowgirl outfits, and quite a few others. I am not going to add Bratz to my collection just to get clothes. Hopefully I can get then 50% off one day.

    April - I agree about the shoes, but they will still look cute in a display of some sort, or just sitting by the bed.

  4. I saw those western wear outfits on Bratz in Wal-mart last week and they were really tempting. I have to hand it to MGA for their design work. I never paid attention to the Bratz until I started playing with Moxie Teenz. The style and quality of the Moxie Teenz clothes and accessories made me take a second look at the Bratz. I still don't like their heads or the fact that they don't have feet but they do have a lot of cute outfits as do the Moxie Girlz. I also think that Bratz are the reason the My Scene play sets and accessories were so cool. I wish Mattel would return to those high standards of design.

  5. limbe dolls - Weren't those the cutest western outfits. I have been considering adding horses and a stable to my stash. I have a few OHC dolls that are completely dressed in riding gear. Did you see the cute doll with the red pjs with the black polka dots? I agree My Scene was completely about the Bratz. I think they got fined heavily in the lawsuit because of how they obtained the information used for My Scene. I hope Mattel gets back to good design, too.

  6. Love Those Outfits I Miss Mi Bratz :( And Mi Barbies :( Lls But I Will Collect Them In The Future......Your Fan Of Your Blog You Know Who I Am Lls......But I Really Love That Trench Coat And Uniform....Nikaya Can Go To School Stylist Now With A New Outfit And New Hair Style..... What Grade Is She Going To Now?

  7. i seen these at toysrus today and i also seen alot of new bratz stuff. I didnt buy anything which is unusual for me to do! x_O I did see new barbies on the shelf like the new Elvis and frank sanatra dolls which i might go back and get tomorrow as well as two really cool Justin Bieber playsets which would come in handy.

  8. Christina - Nikaya is in the 3rd grade.

  9. william - I have yet to see any of the new Justin Bieber doll or accessories. Probably because I have stayed out of the stores. I think I will go on line to take a look.

  10. My Monster High girls need some new clothes so I will look out for these!

  11. EbonyNicole - Those Monster High dolls have some really skinny bodies. It will be interesting to see how they fit. I am sure you will do a post on it. Nikaya just tried on her Bratz clothes. I will be doing a post shortly to show the results.

  12. Hello,

    This looks great! There are many types of Barbie doll, now the doll is one kind of baby's favorite product. Thanks a lot...

  13. Yes, the Bratz have the best clothes of the current playscale dolls. Shame more dolls cannot fit their outfits, but very nice for dolls that can fit them.

  14. D7ana - Constantly makes you wonder, who on earth is coming up with those awful clothes at Mattel.

  15. What do you do with the shoes if you dont use them?

    1. gigi - The individual clothes don't come with shoes. I've only purchased one Bratz doll, so I don't have a lot of shoes.


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