Sunday, August 28, 2011

Articulation in the Basement

This morning I started creating a  beauty shop.  You can't have a town with that many sistahs and no hair salon.  Kara, our aspiring singer/songwriter wiill be working at the salon.  She doesn't own it, which is fine with her.  That would only cut into her time to pursue her real dream of singing.  I have two Karas that will be headswapped when necessary, but neither one of them has an articulated body.  The Artsy body is too light.  I would like to put her on a body where she can wear heels, so the basketball bodies are out.  

I knew there was an articulated body in the basement that just might work.  I found a couple other articulated bodies that I wasn't even aware of.  They won't work for Kara, but I will definitely put them to use.

I used to love the 3 doll sets. I wanted this one for a long time.  Finally picked it up for $25 from  KayBToys.  I knew Janet was articulated, but just discovered a couple of weeks ago that the mom is articulated, too.  I haven't deboxed this set yet, because I am planning a ski vacation, and I was just going to open it when I do the scene.

Kara is eyeing that body. She thinks the color will work for her.  We are both hoping she doesn't have flat feet. She will have to wait. I am resting today, which means no deboxing.

I have a few boxed Kellys.  I think this one has articulated legs.  If she does, she will only be my second articulated Kelly.  One of my little boys will enjoy that sweatsuit.

Just discovered today that the NSync doll is articulated. I had no idea.

I don't think either one of these dolls is articulated, but I will be stealing both of these outfits soon.  I actually stole the Gap Jeans out of the Gap bag when this set first came out.  I don't know where they are.  I have the Gap set complete in the Caucausian version.

I don't think I have any black shorts in Kellly"s size.  I think these will be Jacob's shorts first.


  1. OK! That it! I'm coming over & searching your basement! That magical basement of endless dolls! LOL! I am looking for the AA Barbie three set in the canoe with the light complexion skipper! Oh, if you don't need the other twin dancing princess head, we can talk!

  2. Ms. Leo - Sorry I didn't see that set in the basement. There is a Christmas set that I can't wait to steal the dresses from. I have never seen that canoe set. I will have to Google it just so I can see the Skipper. I have to hold on to my twin. They are hard to come by.

  3. Ms. Leo stole the words right off my keyboard, LOL. That basement of yours is off the hook!

    Your dolls have more accessories, props and clothing, oh my. :)

    You'll be hearing from me in just a few days too for shipping. Oh, and Kara looks to be a perfect match for that body swap. :)

    Great stuff Vanessa!

  4. Tracy - I love my basement. Whenever I am feeling like I want to go shopping, I just go down there. There is so much more down there to share with you guys. And now with the whole "one body, many heads" concept, I can enjoy so many more dolls without needing so many bodies.

  5. Hey Vanessa, I saw the black version in person and am kicking my self for not buying them several years ago when it came out. I have only seen the white version on line. I try to send you the link. But I really do think you should let me look! ;)

    Yeah, I know about the twins but a girl can dream. I have to give you credit for keeping things in the box. I'm a total debox girl. I don't have much storage space. Also, I say if you can't see it, it is like you don't have it but you find new old stuff.

  6. Ms. Leo - That is why I now operate under "Buy now, ask questions later." I have never regretted buying a doll, only not buying a doll. It is so heartbreaking because then you spend so much time, energy, and extra money looking for it.

    You never know what is lurking in the basement. There is a closet down there, that I haven't looked in for years. There has to be some Barbie stuff in there too.

    All of the boxed dolls are completely on display. I put up shelving to be able to display all the boxed dolls. If I am not playing with them, I prefer them in boxes, because I can still enjoy them by seeing their smiling faces.

  7. I love the Skiing set. I don't remember if her feet are flat or not. I don't think I've taken her boots off..LOL. The snowboarder is articulated. All the Olympic Kelly's were except the ice skaters. Which I never understood :O)

    Now I'm intrigued about this canoe set. I've bought quite a few of the 3 doll sets. Off to google :O)

  8. Dollz4Moi - Thanks! What do you mean you haven't taken her boots off? That is so funny. I couldn't find the canoe set on Google. I am waiting for Ms. Leo to send me a link. If you find it, let me know.

  9. Your basement looks like a walk down to heaven. I am alway looking for articulated dolls of any kind. You are so lucky to have such wonderful dolls. I REALLY miss KayBToys being here because that's where all the best past season and previous years things were at.

  10. Ok! Im in line for that trip to the basement as well! I just might have to go check my storage unit, cause umm I don't have a basement lol. Your dolls look wonderful. Cant wait to see the swaps and new hair salon also.

    @ Cat, I know the feeling , our KayBToys closed down. I really miss that store!

    I have that snowboarder Deiree, already scooped that outfit for a boy doll lol. Never saw the skiing vacation set before. Looks cute.

  11. Kat - My basement is the gift that keeps on giving. There are not only Barbie dolls there, but houses, vehicles, Gene dolls, Tonner dolls, miniature houses. Oh my! KayBToys is sorely missed. You could always count on finding some bargains there.

  12. Chynadoll - I should organize a bus trip to the basement. LOL. Now when I look at the boxed dolls, I look at the outfits and the props.

  13. AA Skiing Vacation is a rare and beautiful set. I also wanted it for a long time and now I'm happy to have it. The Barbie doll has flat feet. I really don't know many dolls with such a body, who can wear heels.
    What's the canoe set you are talking about here? Hmm. I never heard of it. I know only the Let's camp set with a tent. The AA version is also very rare.

  14. Dukasha - Yes, I just swapped the bodies and I will be posting pictures this morning. I have also decided to go to Big Lots and look for the articulated Kara doll. I think she needs 2 bodies. If I don't find it, I can be happy with just having the They still had them a couple of months ago. I can't wait to see that canoe set either.

  15. Maybe it is the Let's Camp set. I have those sets. I have 2 of the AA sets. I loved the dolls. I sold off one of the Barbie but kept the Kelly's & Stacie's. There was no canoe or boat with this set. Not that I remember. My sets are open.

    I have to really sort my dolls. I'll try to post a pic when I get home.


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