Friday, January 13, 2012

Racquel and Halle Discuss Darius

In keeping with my resolution to get better at picture taking, I read my camera manual in it's entirety last night after downloading it on-lne.  Boy, what a difference that made.  I only used one light and I didn't do any photo retouch to speak of.  I adjusted the highlights on one picture.  I made the mistake of leaving the date showing.  My camera is now in (P)rogram mode, instead of (A)uto mode.  Sorry for all the pictures, but I was excited about my results.  I thought about doing it as a mini movie, but changed my mind. I have grouped the pictures and added verbage to the group of pictures, rather than each picture.

Racquel and Halle are meeting in the Tea Solarium to discuss the New Year's Eve party.

Racquel:  "So what happened to you that night?  One minute, I saw you standing there with James, and the next minute you guys were nowhere to be found."
Halle:  "Remember that guy I was telling you about?  Well he was there with his girlfriend?"


Racquel:  "Who?"
Halle: "His name is Darius."
Racquel: "Darius is the guy you were talking about all that time!  He and Terrance work together."
Halle: "Wow.  It's a small world.  Anyway.... that is the guy who still drives me crazy."

Racquel:  "But I thought it was over for you, two."
Halle:  "Technically it is, but I just haven't found anyone who can make me feel the way he made me feel.  Not to mention he is incredibly handsome, with his own business, and lots of money.  The brother has it going on!"
Racquel:  "Yeah, but from what I can tell about his girlfriend, she is not one to mess with.


Halle: "Do I look scared?"
Racquel: "No, but you are sounding a little crazy.  You are too beautiful and smart to get hung up on this one guy.  You have guys breaking down doors to get a date with you."
Halle:  "I know you're right, girl.  That's why I'm talking to you about it."


Halle:  "I just feel so out of control when I think about him.:
Racquel:  "I think you are so used to men doing any and everything they can to be with you, that you don't know what to do when one doesn't do it.
Halle:  "I think you are right.  I keep asking myself, what does his girlfriend have that I don't have?"
Racquel:  "Girl, you will drive yourself crazy with questions like that.  My advice is just move on.  So what did James have to say about what happened at the party?"
Halle:  "Well you know I didn't tell him the truth.  I just told him I wasn't feeling well.  At first he was a little ticked, but you know they can't stay mad at me long."


Racquel:  "You do have that effect on them."
Halle: "Well thanks so much for listening.  I feel a lot better now."
Racquel:  "Well anytime you need to talk, you know I am here for you.  I guess I better get going.  I have to do a little grocery shopping before I go home.
Halle:  "Well, I'm headed to run a few errands myself.  I'll call you later.
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  1. I need to learn from your example and read that manual. But your pictures have always looked great to me!

  2. Man, Halle has it bad! I think that she needs to find someone and fast! Nice Camera pics! I am still learning how to take better pics but with my work schedual its crazy!!

  3. These pictures are wonderful, Vanessa! I wonder what motivated you to read that manual.

    Great after-the-party followup.

    I agree with William, Halle just needs to move on.


  4. Hey Venessa, Loretta told me about your blog. I'm keeping up for her, so I'll visit again. Nice pictures too. James

  5. In case anyone is interested, I loaded a few more pictures. Now I am done. I didn't want to risk losing all the images like I did on my last post.

    Vita Plastica - Thanks, but these picts were easy compared to what I have gone through since getting this new camera. A lot of things are pretty intuitive. I have not found that to be the case with cameras. The manual has always proved to be invaluable.

    william - I think she is finally moving on. Sometimes we women have one guy that just does it for us, and no matter how hard we try to just let go, 20, 30 yrs later, you find that he is still there.

    DBG - Thanks. Actually it was completely motivated by my attempt to take pictures of my Jordan doll last night. I was so frustrated that I said, "That's it. I'm reading the manual, TONIGHT!" I had just spent more money on lights 2 days ago, and it wasn't doing diddly.

    James - What a pleasant surprise? Were you surprised that Halle's New Year's date was named James? Thanks for visiting. Tell Lorette I said hello.

  6. I hope Halle is really taking Racquel's advice and not just yessing her. She may turn into that stalker chick. She definitely doesn't want to end up like Glenn Close's character did in Fatal Attraction..LOL

  7. I would hate to leave Halle and Persephone in a room together. I think they would make a scary team. I hope her good friend's advice sinks in so she can get a man that actually is interested in her.

    And the pictures look great! What camera are you using?

  8. Hello from Spain: I love as were the photos. The porch is spectacular. I like everything: the table, plants ... bravo! The dialogue between Racquel and Halle is very real. It happens that the only guy who ignores you is that you like. That's a problem. The baby seat is great and I love it. In the end I followed your advice and bought the Barbie with the same baby blue crib. I will make an entry. You were right that the kit is ideal. I will continue the story of Darius and Halle .... is mounted a problem. Keep in touch

  9. Dollz4Moi - Trust me, Halle is moving on. When Darius kissed Nikki and the music played, "Auld Lang Syne", her goose was cooked. I can still see Glenn Close sitting there clicking the light on and off.

    Cat - Thanks. I think Halle will be okay. Aren't we always okay in the end. Most of us have a Darius in our life, even if we won't admit it. I have a Canon2200.

    Marta - Thanks! You are so right about the guy who ignores us is the guy we want. I think it's worse for her because they actually did date and the only thing that really broke them up were the feelings he still had for Nikki. I am so happy that you bought the Babysitter set. The pieces are really nice.

  10. Love the plants, love the girlfriend chat!

  11. "Do I look scared?" I dunno... I think Halle might not be quite ready to move along. She seems the type that enjoys a good battle.

    Great the photos and setting.

  12. All I know is if Halle messing with Darius and Nikki I'm coming after her! Love the pictures!

  13. Good for you! I hate reading manuals. The photography is excellent. I enjoyed the conversation! The baby moving around was so realistic!

  14. Pictures came out great! I am not patient enough to read a manual. Love your Tea Solarium! Halle needs to meet another man!

  15. limbe dolls - Thanks. Girlfriend chat can come in handy when you feeling a little on edge.

    Hey It's Muff - She really doesn't have a choice, but to move on. I don't think she's really looking to get seriously involved with anyone. We'll see.

    EbonyNicole - LOL! You know there ia a Team Halle on Flickr, that is trying to get her and Darius back together? So funny.

    Kenya - Thanks. I don't normally read manuals, but I knew it would be worth it this case. You seem so sad in your response. Are you feeling sad about you and Darius?

    Frannie - Thanks! I love little tea spots. I have another new man here. I am going to go broke trying to find her a new man.

  16. LOL! Maybe I was vibing off of Halle.

  17. I have always liked your pictures. Scratches head. Oh, well, sounds like the new camera is challenging fun. Best wishes on that count. Oh and I like the close-ups of the women as they talk back and forth. Halle looks surprisingly more tough than I had thought she would. Glad to hear that she will be moving on. No sense holding on to someone who has left you.

  18. D7ana - Hey stranger. Joe must be keeping you busy over there. My pictures the last few months have taken a lot more work to get them to look decent. The pictures in this post were taken with very little light and no manipulation with exposure adjustment. These pics are a lot sharper too. Halle's ego was bruised, but she will continue her quest to break other hearts.

  19. Great photos and love your setup :)

  20. Adrian - Thanks! By the way, I love Dean's mother; my future mother-in-law. I had trouble accessing some posts earlier. I will go back and try again.

  21. Mark - Thanks so much for visiting and for your comments. I like what I saw on your blog so far. I am a new follower and I will check it out in depth later.

  22. Congrats on the new camera although I always thought your picure taking was good. As for Halle. come on now how can you NOT want some Darius in your life??!! He is a perfect cup of coffee. Anyhoo, if she moving on, then good for her. I just know how she feels, lol.

  23. I'm so late on my comments but I'm determined to get caught up today.

    I love the decor Vanessa! This is an absolutely beautiful room! Your photos were always really good but I can see a difference here, they're VERY clear and you can really see the beauty in these two ladies.

    Those darned Darius' in our lives, LOL. I just found mine on facebook, so I know what Halle is feeling. D@mn Travis (my Darius) looks good!

    Well, I hope Halle consider's dating James a few more times because he's a looker.

    Great story!

  24. brini - Thanks! Girl, I know how Halle feels too. I've had my Darius since I was 18 and at 47 yrs old, he still sends "I Love You" texts. Aaarrggh!! Everytime I think the door is closed, I look down and his foot is holding it open. Anyone got an axe?

    Tracy - Thanks. You are right, you are behind. Did you see the New Year's Eve video? That Facebook can get you in trouble. LOL! I like James, but Halle doesn't have any chemistry with him. Out of all the men I have here, Darius is the only one that sent her heart a flutter. I have added pressure to find her someone really good because Kenya (her look-a-like and a blog reader) loves Darius as much as she does and she's having withdrawals. So I'm back on the hunt.


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