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Tina Deals with PTSD (Photostory)

Disclaimer:  I am not a psychiatrist.  I do not have a military background.  However, PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is something that I have read about and seen documentaries about.  That is the extent of my knowledge on the subject.  It is something that concerns me when it comes to our military men and women.

Due to the increased cases of PTSD, the VA has hired some local therapists to help.  Tina was one who gladly accepted the job.  She has a great affinity for our military men and women and welcomes the chance to help them.

"I have your files all ready for today. There are the three PTSD cases and one family counseling session we spoke about yesterday. Your first case, Sargent Ryan is already here." (Natasha)
"Thanks. You can send him in, in about 5 minutes." (Tina)
"Will do." (Natasha)

"Hello Sargent Ryan.  So glad you could make it.  Have a seat." (Tina)

"First of all, I want to personally thank you for your service to our country. You don't know how much we appreciate all that you and your fellow armed forces men and woman do.  So thanks from the bottom of my heart." (Tina)
"You're welcome.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  I love my country." (Sgt Ryan)
"So now down to business.  This session is an evaluation session.  As you know this is a mandatory session for all men and woman who have served in Iraq or Afghanistan for a consecutive year or more, or who had two or more tours of duty.  In this session we will determine if you need additional sessions.  So it is imperative that you are as honest as you can possibly be here.  What you say to me will not leave this room." (Tina)

"So with that said, tell me what has been going on with you since your return."

"Well, I've been so happy to be back, that I can't seem to stop smiling." (Sgt Ryan)
"I know.  That smile lit up the room when you walked in.  So what's going on behind the smile?" (Tina)
"Well, I have been having some nightmares, but it's not all the time.  I have a really supportive family, so I try to do a lot with them.  Keeping busy keeps my mind in the right place." (Sgt Ryan)
Tina spends about an hour with Sargent Ryan discussing different aspects of the war.  Most of the time is spent discussing the war in detail.  She is paying close attention to his ability to discuss the events and tragedies he experienced.

"Thank you so much for coming today.  I enjoyed our time together." (Tina)
"Surprisingly enough, I did, too." (Sgt Ryan)
"I will have your evaluation complete within two days. At that time I will contact you with the results.  In the meantime, keep smiling."
"Thank you.  If I have to do additional sessions, at least I will have a beautiful lady sitting across from me." (Sgt Ryan)
"What a charmer you are.  On your way out, please get a card from my assistant.  Feel free to call me anytime you need to talk." (Tina)

"What a cutie he was." (Natasha)
"He was quite the charmer, too." (Tina)
"A gentleman by the name of Harrison called while you were in your session." (Natasha)
"That's right.  I told him I might be available for lunch today.  I forgot to call him.  Could you please call him and tell him if he can do a late lunch, say 1:30ish, then I can make it."
"Okay.  The Harts called.  They are running about 15 mins late." (Natasha)
"When they get here, just send them in." (Tina)

About 25 minutes later the Harts arrive.
"Thanks for joining us Mrs. Hart.  As you know, Ethan and I have been working together for about a month now.  He is doing so well, that we thought it was a good time to bring you into the sessions.  Hopefully you have seen some of the changes that I have seen.  So tell me, how are things going at home." (Tina)

"Actually it's going pretty well.  We are communicating a lot more and his relationship with the kids has gotten a lot stronger." (Stephanie)
"So Ethan, how are you feeling about everything?" (Tina)
"Well I do feel better.  I still have nightmares, but not as many as before.  I am handling crowds a lot better, too" (Ethan)

Tina spends an hour with the Harts.  She recommends at least three more sessions with the two of them.  Tina has also suggested at least one session with just her and their 10 year old daughter. And another session with the three of them together.

Tina does get a chance to meet Harrison for a late lunch.  If we are lucky, we will get to peek in on them to see how things are going. 
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  1. As being a former member of the United States Air Force, I salute you and I thank you!


  2. Oh my, this Elvis doll is so cute.
    I am making another blog about diorama's. You know i love dollshouse miniatures and blogging about that, i start also another blog about Diorama's i am going to make. I have a lot of Sindy furniture from when i was small and planning to start making rooms for them in a big bookcase. If your curious cheque my new blog in about two weeks.

  3. I know this is supposed to be a serious post which deals with the serious issue of post traumatic stress disorder, but I laughed out loud when Sgt. Ryan said he just cannot stop smiling. His big smile is obviously used to mask his disorder.


  4. MsLydia - Wow. You learn something new every day. Thank you so much for your service to our country.

    Maria - Isn't Elvis a cutie pie. I will definitely check out your blog. You may need to stop back when it's ready to remind me.

    DBG - Yes, Tina had to get beyond that big ol' smile. It did light up the room though.

  5. This is a great post. There are so many people suffering for PTSD.

  6. Wow! Thank you Vanessa for sharing this story! Alot of our vets need theropy since they have seen soo much stuff over seas! I like the Elvis doll too "which i have" Alot of the guys in my town are either ex military or reservist.

  7. Wonderful post! You captured everything well.

  8. April W. - Thanks. It's a real serious problem and it's sad to hear our service men in particular, talk about how they are taught to just 'suck it up' and be a man.

    william - Thanks. A lot of my guys are ex military (Power Team Elite) or reservist, too. Now that I am forming a military community, I will finally debox some of my lady military dolls. There is a story behind the Elvis doll that I will share tomorrow.

    Georgia Girl - Thanks. Tina was on her J.O.B. She is really good with people.

  9. Hello from Spain, post traumatic stress disorder is an issue thet deal much in the series that put Americans in Spain type 'Law &orden' and the like. I really like your Ken Elvis Presley. The consultation os D. Tina is very elegant. I think I have her desk but in purple, is the paint? what is your Barbie Stephanie? I like her hair color. The box office with flowers is lovely too. Keep in touch

  10. Marta - Thanks. Yes the desk is painted. My Elvis doll arrived last week with quite a few other dolls. I don't know what the Stephanie doll is. I got her at a doll show Nov 2010 for $2. I bought about 15 dolls at that show for $2 ea. I bought most of them for their clothes, but there were some nice ones that I added to my collection.

  11. Having two sons who have served in the military, I too thank you for doing this story. Also, while I'm here, can I make an appointment to see Tina next week? : )

  12. Debbie - You are so welcome. Oh and about the appointment, just give Natasha, her assistant a call. I am sure they can fit you in.

  13. I didn't comment but I read this the other day. You did a very realistic job. So I was looking at it that day saying that's a good looking guy, he kinda looks like Elvis. Dang I should have said something so you would believe me!

  14. What a wonderful story. I know it was appreciated by everyone that read it. My father was a career Marine and I can't imagine what he tucked away forever and never let out from doing two tours in Vietnam. Thank you.

  15. Brini - Thanks. I can't imagine what it takes to get in the mindset to fight a war and then be expected to return to normal life. Military people are awesome.


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