Thursday, January 19, 2012

I Got Dolls for $10.29. You Can, Too!

If you saw my post from yesterday, you saw a shiny new Elvis Army doll.  He arrived here last week with about 7 other doll friends.  Now do you see why I had to leave some stuff in the trunk of my car.  The dolls were taking over this month.  So here is the story....

One of my blog followers, Gwen, who I consider a friend now, although we have never met, found herself in the emergency room a few weeks ago, per her doctor's instructions.  In walks a male nurse, and she says to him (paraphrased), "You remind me of GI Joe.  Please forgive me, I am a doll person."   He says,  "Funny you should say that, I have about 50 Barbie's that I am trying to get rid of."  Apparently this gentleman and his wife had been collecting Barbies for their future daughter.  Unfortunately they ended up with three sons and a boatload of dolls.  Gwen told him about my videos and he went and watched one right there in the emergency room!  Gwen said he came back all excited and said "Wow, that site is serious.  She has words popping out of their heads!"  She also said that he was trying to pose like some of the dolls.  Needless to say, Gwen suggested he contact me to figure out the best way to sell his dolls.  The next day I got an email.  Of course, like most people who aren't familiar with the current doll market, he had priced the dolls at $35 each.  I went on Ebay and put together a spreadsheet for quite a few of the dolls he had listed.  I told him how many of each doll had sold in December alone and all the prices they sold at.  It was clear to him that $35 was way too high for the majority of the dolls he had. I told him my network of doll people were pretty Ebay savvy and would never pay that price for the dolls.  I suggested he try to sell them on Ebay himself.  He came back with "What about $10 per doll/set?"  My thought was, "Oh good grief!"  I hadn't planned on buying any of his dolls.  I was just trying to help him sell them to other people.  But at $10 a doll, I couldn't pass it up.  I also figured this was a good way to test him out as a seller, before I told other people about him.  I was willing to take the chance, for my doll peeps.

So I bought 7 dolls and a playset.  Here are most of them.  The 7th doll set was the Holiday Barbie, Stacy, and Kelly set.  The playset was a supermarket.  Isn't that amazing, since I am in the process of building my supermarket.  I bought all the articulated men I could get.  Ironically enough, I had Rhett Butler on my list to buy, for his tux.  Rod may be wearing that to the wedding.   This gentleman still has dolls to sell.  I have included a list of what he has left, at the end of this post.  He is selling them at $10.29 per doll/set + actual shipping.  My dolls arrived in pristine condition, and were well packed.  Per my suggestion, he is accepting Paypal payments.  He does have pictures of the dolls.  There is a tea set on his list that is NOT 1/6 scale and not worth buying in my opinion.  You are buying these dolls at your own risk.  I had a very successful transaction with this gentleman.  Thanks Gwen!!!  

1988 Exciting Safari Fashion and Fun
1995 Enchanted Evening
1995 Solo in the Spotlight (2nd SR)
1995 Grecian Goddess
1995 Happy Holidays (3rd SR)
1995 Winter Fantasy
1995 Victorian Lady
1996 Happy Holidays
1996 White Fantasy
1996 Barbie Loves Elvis
1996 Wedding Day
1996 Fifties Fun
1996 Georgia University
1997 Happy Holidays
1997 Beauty and the Beast, Bella (Enchanted Christmas)
1997 The Tail of Peter Rabbit, Barbie
1997 Barbie as Marilyn (Pink Dress)
1997 Graduation
1997 Clemson University
1998 Happy Holiday
1998 Winter Evening
1999 Harley Davidson, Ken
2000 Barbie
2000 Celebration, Teresa
2000 Millennium Princess, Teresa
2001 Barbie
2001 Elvis "GOLD LAME SUIT"
2001 Barbie and Snoopy
2001 Holiday Barbie
2003 Holiday Joy
2005 Holiday Barbie (Bob Mackie)
2006 Star Trek (Barbie and Ken)
2006 Holiday Barbie (Bob Mackie)
2007 Holiday Barbie
2008 Holiday Barbie

Email Matthew at  The name Heather Dejongs (his wife) is on the email. Posted by Picasa


  1. Isn't it funny how the world works! Oh and thanks to your pictures I have identified the pair of jodpurs, white body suit and wired scarf I got on a doll a while back! It's the Snoopy and the Red Baron one! =D

  2. Disarmywife - It is beyond amazing! I never could have imaged that chain of events. Glad my pictures helped.

    Mark. - Marilyn was a last minute addition for me. I couldn't pass up that beautiful dress.

  3. Great story!! Divine appointment! I finally went to Target and got the BB AA doll. Yeay! They had some SIS dolls but not the Marissa I wanted, but the prices were normal. $12.99 for the Pastry line. Anywho I am glad I finally got my Basics Beauty!

  4. Great dolls at a good price. Love the Marilyn doll.

  5. mrscarissa - Divine appointment for sure. By the way, you haven't responded to my Etsy message did you get it? Your plates have been sitting here waiting for you.

    Frannie - It was a win-win for both of us. I am sure some others will be able to get a few dolls from his list, too. The Marilyn doll was a last minute addition.I bought it for the dress, but I may actually use her as a character at some point.

  6. Hi from spain, give me envy your purchases. Congratulations on your new dolls. Now I understand why you let them in the trunk. You´ll be not room at home. Enjoy them. Keep in touch

  7. Marta - Yes, there were too many dolls this month. I had to put some in the basement. Which is strange, because I have been on a quest to get the dolls out of the basement.

  8. Hey sorry Vanessa. I am not on Etsy nearly as much as Ebay! Lol
    Can't wait to get the plates and I saw the pancakes yum, those will probably be next on my list.

  9. Quote Vanessa to Marta: es, there were too many dolls this month. I had to put some in the basement. Which is strange, because I have been on a quest to get the dolls out of the basement.

    LOL. Sounds like old days for me. I see a revolving door with dolls coming in and staying and only a few dolls going out.

    Thanks for sharing your finds in such a fun fashion.

    Oh and for sharing the sale :-D.

  10. D7ana - LOL! The good thing is only these 7 dolls got moved to the basement. Those boxes were just in the way. BUT, a number of them are getting deboxed soon. Rhett is next. You know I have this nice little group of older people forming in Morristown. He will find his way in grandpa land suitless. I really am getting ready to post some of my dollies for sale. I will be starting a new project soon that I will be funding solely through doll and doll furniture sales.

    1. So glad that you have started your super cool project. The wedding, yes? And that you have this post to share with us, what a newbie can do to sell dolls.

  11. Wow!!, that wonderful news. I hope they all find homes soon. I'm glad you found them, thanks for the email. I will be sure to check with my other dolly friends as well, they might find what they are looking for.

  12. Brini - I hope the dolls find homes, too. It's a great opportunity for collectors to get a few goodies at a good price.


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