Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Boutique Redesign and Barbie Basic Accessory Sale

Thank goodness I have a lot of patience.  I finished the video on Sunday.  Proceeded to upload it Sunday night.  Eight hours later, the upload finished.  It was running way too slow for my taste.  I searched and found 1 image out of 135 images that wasn't resized.  I made a decision to delete the video and fix the problem.  I started the reload Tuesday morning about 4am.  When I came back to the computer 10 hrs later, it said it had loaded, but it's not showing up anywhere.  So I will try again late tonight.  So while we wait....

Sunday when I got up to shoot the video, Racquel had redesigned the shop.  She said she had tossed and turned all night and realized the footprint of her shop was all wrong. I told her she was on the right track and thanked her because it was going to make shooting the video a lot easier.

Thanks to a blog post from Frannie of Thrift Store Dolls, I was made aware that Marshall's and TJMaxx had some Barbie Basic accessory packs on sale for $7.  I bought all of mine from TJMaxx.

I really want to find the fourth set with the cute gray handbag and red belt. 
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  1. How do you upload your videos? Here is a trick I learned; when you upload your videos straight from the computer it's takes longer to upload; if you upload from a USB port the videos can upload in a matter of minutes; it all depends on how long the video is! I said upload too many time and the store coming together really nice!

  2. wow, I was able to see the video last night at work with no problems! It was great!


  3. Hey Vanessa, sorry to hear you were having trouble with loading the new video. I'm sure that was frustrating after putting in all of that work. I saw the alert in my email and got so excited but then I remembered that youtube did this to you before. I hope it doesn't continue giving you trouble.

    I agree with EbonyNicole, the shop looks really nice! There's so much merchandise, my goodness. Wish I was shopping there. My girls could use a lot of new clothing. :)

    Good luck, we'll be watching.

  4. It's still here! $10!


    Also shipping, that's why I bought a ton when I bought things. It starts to work out somewhat better when buying a lot. And the $1 shipping for over $50 et cetera and whatnot really adds up to be less than tax, at least. I know it's more than $7 already ...

    BUT JIC!!!!

  5. I love, love the shop Vanessa! Do you have anything in my size? Lol! I really like how Racquel rearranged everything. It seems to have allowed for more space.

  6. EbonyNicole - Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how I can make that happen. I will mull it over. After another failed attempt, totally 4, I realized I needed to delete my cache. Once I did that it loaded a lot quicker without any problems. Racquel loves her new layout!

    MsLydia - Thanks. Yes you were one of the few that got to see it. While if was watching it, I even got 3 comments. My pet peeve is that hour glass showing up on the videos. Going back and resizing that image was the best thing because it now plays for me without any interuption.

    Tracy - It just gives me an opportunity to troubleshoot. I've always loved troubleshooting. Surprisingly, I didn't even get upset about it. Your girls are welcome to come over and shop any time.

    Georgia Girl - Thanks. Come on over and check out the merchandise. The new layout worked so much better for the video.


  7. cosmopolitan elle - Thanks for the link. Yes, I have seen it there, but I haven't bought from BB collector in quite some months now. I try to resist buying extra stuff to justify shipping. I do need to get the BB 3.0 accessory packs, so it may get thrown in the cart. Of course the $10 is not as appealing as the $7, so I will probably look again locally, first.

  8. Sorry with the problems you have with uploading. Thanks for the mention! Aren't those accessory sets great for $7.00. Wish they had the Target accessory packs on sale like that!

  9. I guess I know where I will be bright and early today -- TJ Maxx. Those are great prices on the accessory packs. Thanks Frannie for posting and thanks Vanessa for sharing.


  10. Wow! what patience with the uploads. I am so blessed to be able to upload on campus where it only takes about 15 minutes for a 5 minute video. If you have a laptop you might try uploading at a wireless cafe. They may have a more robust network. I also find that the uploads work better with Google Chrome.

  11. Frannie - I picked up the Steffie Basic 2.0 doll for $6.99 at TJ yesterday. I didn't want the doll, but she has the darks jeans that I like. The outfit and shoes. It gets addictive going to the differnt stores to see which ones have what.

    DBG - And here I thought you were going to be back on my blog checking out the new video. LOL!

    limbe dolls - Thanks for the advice. I may try that in the future. I would have figured out that I had a computer issue quicker at the cafe, but even at the cafe the upload would have failed. That 8 hrs is not normal. That too was due to the cache problem. Typically it's 2 - 4 hours, which is still longer than 15 mins, but since I do it in the middle of the night, it's not normally an issue. Like I said it didn't bother me too much. I was meant to post those accessory sets for Debbie and others. It wasn't on my list of things to post but got thrown in because of the video glitch.

  12. I washed the video with no problem and I liked it. You did real good on the basic packs. Would you believe I live by both of them!! I'm going to check them out and see if the have any.

  13. Brini - Glad you were able to see it without problems. I live 3 miles from my TJ and Marshalls. Here in GA they are both usually in the same shopping center with Ross in-between. Can you say heavenly?

  14. Funny! I forgot to say the Steffie you don't want is my #2 fave doll of all time. It's the curls.

  15. Cosmopolitan Elle - Yes, the Steffie mold is a favorite of many doll collectors. I have never warmed up to that mold like I have with many of the others. I do like her hair! Something in the mouth area doesn't appeal to me. Who knows, when I debox her for the outfit maybe there will be some kind of spark.


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