Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Aneky Does It Again

This photo is property of Aneky

Some of you may be familiar with Aneky from Flickr.  A year ago, February 11, 2011, she was spotlighted as a photography artist and I blogged about her then.  You can see that post by clicking here.  So this morning as I was catching up on Flickr, I was met with this Aneky photo and wanted to share it with you.  She always manages to come up with some amazing shots.  I was ready to get up and dance or do some stepping after seeing this.  I imagined that my Tanisha character was there dancing as well.  Don't you see her?  She is the one second from the left, right next to Trichelle. 

I reread my post from February 2011 in which I admitted to be photography challenged.  A year later and I haven't made much progress in this area.  In my defense, I had camera problems all year and I just got a new camera, that I really don't know how to work yet.  I am making my one and only new year's resolution right now.  I will get better at my photography this year.

I encourage those who aren't familiar with Aneky to visit her Flickr collections.  You will not be disappointed. 


  1. Wow you can almost hear the music looking at the photo huh?

  2. That is so cool. I will have to check her out later. Didn't make it to Target last weekend.

  3. Kenya - I immediately went into my "Heyyy, hooo" mode when I saw it. Too bad it's not Friday. I probably would have ventured out to dance myself.

    mrscarissa - Her pictures are amazing! She makes me want to get an SLR camera.

  4. Hello from Spain: the job os Aneky is fantastic. I have a question that might please you can solve. I have an old Ken has a body no articulated and other new Ken fashionista an articulated. I wan change the heads, can do just that with Barbies or I can break the bodies? Did you changed the head once a Ken? Thanks you very much for attending. I saw the blog of Heyitsmuff but i can not do that because is very difficult for me.

  5. Bego - She is truly amazing with her photography.

    Marta - Changing the Ken bodies is possible, but not always as easy as changing the Barbie bodies. You have to look at the neck to see if it is the same as the articulated body. Most of the older Kens have different neck joints than the new articulated fashionista male dolls. Some of the older articulated dolls, like Elvis, James Bond, etc, have the older style neck joints and are easily swapped with the older Ken bodies. Good luck.

  6. Love Aneky's photography! Her photos really speak to you! They make the dolls look like they posed themselves!

  7. Aneky is truly a gifted photographer! Her photos bring the dolls to life!


  8. Sure her photos are amazing! I hope to see your new pics soon!

  9. I think your photography is great, Vanessa! I'm always a fan of your prop photos! :)

  10. Lady Lo Lo - Thanks so much for visiting. I have new pics up just about every day. The new and improved pictures may show up occassionally. Then disappear and reappear as I experiment this year.

    In A Dolly's World - Aww. You're so sweet. Well I know you will like the new and improved photos.

  11. Replies
    1. Bonjours, mon amie. Comment ca va? Aneky est incroyable avec les photos.

      Just had to get a little practice in. I just made up that last sentence. LOL! I need to start practicing in real life, else I will never get it back. When will you be posting more clothes tutorials. I need to get in the mood to sew and seeing you whip up an outfit always gets me in the mood.


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