Friday, January 6, 2012

Dolly Overload! More Purchases

 I have a list.  My readers know there is a list.  Being on the list means that the purchases are properly budgeted in. I am very good at sticking to the list.   I am also very good at not buying dolls that don't have a purpose in Morristown.  That is not to say that occassionally I do not buy things that I didn't know to put on the list, but that is rare.  Sometimes buying too many things on the list at one time can get overwhelming.  Such is the case with my purchases yesterday. 

This month was "Buy 3.0 Barbie Basic dolls month".  It was already planned.  As soon as I read Frannie's post that they were in the local stores, I went out to see what I could find.  Of the six dolls, I had five on the list to buy and both accessory packs.  At the two stores I went to, there were a limited number of dolls and both accessory packs were there. Neither store had the African American doll, which worked out perfectly for me because I needed to move some purchases to next month.  I desperately needed the Asian doll and the auburn haired doll.  The doll in the purple swimsuit was on my list, but she was iffy, until I saw her in person.  They also had the one in the pink bathing suit, but after seeing her in person, she fell off the list.  So now I only have the African American one left to buy and the two accessory packs.

This doll was a pleasant surprise. This picture doesn't do her justice.

I fell in love with this doll from the beginning and knew she would be coming to Morristown.  We all know I was a red head in my former life.  She has that 007 Bond girl feel to me.  Those Bond girls (Halle is one of them) are all stunning to me.

This is also a doll I knew would be joining the crew.  I look for older looking dolls when I am putting families together.

My Asian Only Heart sisters have patiently been waiting a couple months now for me to find them suitable parents.  They now at least have a mom....

...and a granddad, who arrived in the mail yesterday.  I am glad he was here waiting.  Talk about perfect timing.  I was on the hunt for a perfect Asian type older gentleman who would own a number of Asian restaurants that keep popping up in Morristown.  He is perfect for the role.

I'm not sure if she is his daughter or his daughter-in-law, but those are definitely his grandkids. So that now makes seven grandparents that live here.

If you saw my post from earlier this morning, you also know that I bought two So In Style dolls yesterday, which rang up at $11.99.

After I paired Ian with Raven, I felt this guy would make a nice date for Raven's friend, who also works at the salon. (Raven and her girlfriend are both college students).  He and Ian will become pals.  He will be rebodied on the extra articulated Darren body I have.

I bought a Stardoll gift card for my on-line obsession....

...and it came with all of these goodies. LOL!

I found these two Justin Bieber outfits on clearance for $5.  Those pants will come in handy for the teenagers that are forming.

This was NOT on the list, but if I knew it existed, it would have been on the list.  Isn't it adorable?  Did you guys know that I was a British fanatic?  I even went out and bought a coffee press so I could drink tea and coffee like the British.  Another one of those inexplicable things I don't try to explain.  Sort of like this whole dolly thing. 

So say it with me, "dolly overload".  Can you imagine if I didn't have a list? 
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  1. Ahem..that's me clearing my throat..LOL. I'm glad you stuck to the list but I still want to know what else is in your basement that hasn't been freed yet. I have a toy store for sure in my bins of things..LOL. I can't wait to see how things play out.

    Now you gonna have me looking for that Chow Yub Fat figure..I knew better than to look too :O)

  2. Dollz4Moi - They were on the list. I promise. You really don't want to know what is still in the basement. I am making great progress though. You can find that Chow doll for an incredible price at Monkey Depot. I think that's where I got him from.

  3. Wow... you're on a roll, Vanessa.

    Do you plan to keep the Basics on those ModelMuse bodies?


  4. Saw they had the other dolls when I went to Target this morning, but resisted since I hadn't even stopped at the Thrift Store or the other Wal-Mart yet. Glad I did.

  5. Great purchases Vanessa! Great thing you have a list. I don't, but you are so enabling me. I am trying my best to have a no doll spending month and you are making it difficult for me lol! Come on February 1st.

  6. Hello from SpAin, i like very much the 3.0 barbie. I want the three dolls. At the moment three dolls does not sell in SpAin. A pity! You have good luck because you can buy new dolls. They are in my list. Keep in touch

  7. You know there no such thing as an dolly overload, Right?. You had your list and you just had to make an "adjustment". I love the Mini Cooper and I just have to make sure one Basic doll finds her way home.

  8. DBG - You know that look Darius gave Nikki when she asked if he invited Halle to the party? That is the same look I am giving you about keeping the dolls on the Model Muse bodies. He couldn't believe she asked such a question, and I can't believe you asked such a question. Woo hoo! $25 stardollars. What to buy, what to buy.

    Frannie - I am proud of you for not buying thes extra dolls. By the way, reading your blog prompted me to go shopping. I am sending my receipts to you for 50% reimbursement. That is my new 2012 rule. Enablers will be held accountable.

    Georgia Girl - The best way to make that "no buying dolly" goal until Feb, is to stop reading all the blogs and and stay out of doll chat rooms. Feb is a long ways away when it comes to not spending money on dolls.

    Marta - I really do feel for you. It must be tough to see dolls you want and not be able to get them as easily as we can.

    Brini - Apparently you have never had that 'too many dollies at one time' feeling. Lucky you. It sort of feels like having your first cup of caffeinated coffee ever. You're all shaky and you mind is a little foggy and all you want to do is sit down and rest.

  9. Wow! I'm speechless. And that's saying a lot for me. But Really! All I can do is drool.
    ~ Ken

  10. Barbies4Sale - Thanks for stopping by. I have about 2 of these episodes per year. Hope you will come visit again to actually see everyone in action.

  11. The mini cooper is on my list. I promised myself last year that no matter the cost I was gonna get that. Now that was before I knew I'd blown my budget... but still, one must respect the list.

  12. Hey It's Muff - That mini copper is nice. It's a new year. Don't you have a new budget? I agree. The list must be respected. It always makes me feel better when I can cross something off the list.

  13. I love that mini! It's a must. So are the new Basics and the S.I.S. dolls. I'm so pissed that they don't bring any S.I.S. dolls over to Europe. :(

  14. Ada - Welcome to my blog. Thanks so much for commenting. I was trying to decide this morning who would get the mini cooper. Where are you located? It's terrible that the SIS dolls aren't sold there. I still plan to ask Mattel about this.

  15. I'm from Romania but I haven't seen the SIS dolls anywhere in Europe. :( I also plan on asking Mattel about this. There are so many collectors here that would love to have AA dolls in their collection. Right now in my country there's a HUGE demand for AA dolls. I have friends that sell dolls and they are invaded with requests for AA dolls. You can't find any in the shops. :( I've only seen the AA fashionistas but that's it. SIS dolls...well that a dream unfortunately. :(

  16. That green (bathing suit) is my favorite color. Aside from that, I am delicately questioning Raven's future friend. He looks a little "happy". Maybe when he gets rid of the towel and works on his body image - he will man up. ;-)

  17. Kenya - Does that mean green M&Ms are your favorite? By the way, did you get a chance to see yourself at the New Year's Party? Make sure you watch that one day. Raven's girlfriend's, better be happy she is getting an AA fellow. They are haaaaarrrd to come by in this fashion doll world. If she doesn't like him, I have a Jusin Bieber doll waiting in the wings. LOL!

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. I'll watch the video this morning over coffee out of my green M&M cup. Just so happens the green M&M is the girl. But I love them all. I eat skittles one at a time but the M&Ms go in together so its all the same to me.


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