Sunday, January 8, 2012

Breakfast at IHOP

Danielle, Rod, and the kids are having breakfast at IHOP.  As usual, IHOP is packed.  The waitress leads them to the smaller room in the back, where there is one booth left.

"Will this booth be okay?"
"Yes this is perfect." (Danielle)

They get seated and wait for the waitress to return.  Danielle and Rod both recognize the DJ from the Daddy/Daughter dance.  They say hello to him and his companion.

"Will you guys be ordering from the breakfast menu or the regular menu?"
"We're going to order from the breakfast menu."  (Rod)
"What can I get you to drink?"

"Do you have Coke?" (Julian)
"Julian, your choices are milk or juice." (Danielle)
"But mom, Uncle Ian let's me have Coke." (Julian)
"I will discuss that with your Uncle Ian."

"So the New Year's gig was a pretty lucrative one.  We have to try to book more of those in 2012."
"Those are the best kind of gigs.  Lots of money and not a lot of trouble getting paid on time."  (DJ)

"Everywhere we go now, he wants to order Coke." (Danielle)
"It's just a new taste for him.  He will grow out of it." (Rod)

:"Guess what I just got." (Nicole)
"What?" (Julian)
"A horse! (Nicole)
"A real horse?  Where is it?" (Julian)
"He stays in a barn, but they call it a stable." (Nicole)

"Did she not like the mac 'n cheese?" (waitress)
"She's been complaining of a tummy ache.  So we'll take it home with us for later.  Thanks." (mom)
"Will there be anything else? (waitress)
"Just the bill."  (Kurt)

"So you still haven't told me what emergency came up and kept you from going to the party.  Did this emergency have anythng to do with a guy? (DJ)
"Do I detect a hint of jealousy?  We are not a couple, remember? So that question is out of bounds."

Meanwhile, the waitress has delivered the food.  They realize, after the waitress has left, they do not have silverware.  They have gotten her attention and are waiting.

"Hmmm, those pancakes look good.  Are you guys sharing?" (Danielle)
"Mommy, you can have a piece of my smile?" (Julian)
"How very kind of you, son." (Danielle)

Each of the kids got the signature smiley face pancakes.  Danielle and Rod both got two sunny side up eggs with hashbrowns and tturkey bacon.  They both decide to forego the stack that comes with the meal.  There will be plenty of left over pancakes with the kids.  The smiley face pancakes can be found in my Etsy store.  The adult meal will be added after I redo it.  The plate needs a lot more hashbrowns, and I am not all pleased with this batch of turkey bacon.

I also want to inform you of a minor family change.  Kurt and his wife now have two daughters.  This baby girl used to be part of a different family that never really developed.  She is a much better fit with this family.  Can you see the resemblance?
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  1. Vanessa I love your restaurants. This IHOP is a perfect addition! :)

  2. Great Idea to add the IHOP. IHOP is one of my favorites. I usually get the german pancakes with the lemon butter. One of my weaknesses. LOL

  3. Cat and Frannie - Thanks. IHOP is a favorite of mine. I don't eat there very much anymore, but when I do I have to be good and order the spinach omelette with the fruit. My other favorite is the multigrain pancakes. Those German ones sound deliciously sinful. Being an insomniac, I have an affinity (no pun intended Cat) to places that are open 24 hrs.

  4. Oh, man! I used to work in a building that was directly across from IHop. Didn't even have to cross a major highway. Like 20 steps and boom: Pancakes! I haven't been there in almost 16 years. *LOL* this post brought up some good memories.

  5. Love your Ihop. The restaurant dio's are always so nice. Love the new family. Oh by the way, the smiley pancakes are too cute!

  6. OH LORD, Julian is like me drink Coca with everything! It's a real bad habit!

  7. Hey It's Muff - 16 yrs is a lonnnggg time. Glad my Ihop could brink back memories.

    Georgia Girl - I love coming up with different little restaurants. It makes it so easy to get a few different families talking and get more updates done on what is happening in Morristown.

    EbonyNicole - That used to be your bad habit. It's no longer your bad habit. Trust me, Danielle will be nipping Julian's little Coke desire in the bud. With the recent wedding planning, Julian has spent more time with Uncle Ian, and apparently Julian has been sipping on the Coca Cola.

  8. I love the IHOP you have - have rarely been to the ones here in Philly - I prefer lunch places ;-D

    I like the way you have multiple groups of people in their separate worlds. Families, co-workers, etc. Adds more fun.

    The smiley pancakes look good. You might get some orders for those from East Philly later this year. Old Joe likes the look of them.

    Uh-oh for Uncle Ian. Sounds like he's in for a nutrition lecture. But I agree with Danielle that kids especially shouldn't have Coke as a regular beverage. (Sigh even though I have a Pepsi hankering at times, lol.)

  9. Loved it! Morristown has some really cool places to eat, shop, get your hair done, etc.

    Danielle and Rod have a really nice family now. Uh oh, I think Ian forgot to tell Julian "Don't tell your mom that I let you drink Coke." LOL.

    Kurt's wife is gorgeous and the kids are a perfect fit. And I'm interested to see if anything sparks between the DJ and Ms. Pop Life Christie. :)

  10. Love love love the Ihop! Those smiley faced pancakes are too cute! I will be visiting your shop really soon for a few of those plates! The other plates look really good as well! I felt like I was actuall watching a scene play out in a real IhopLol. The different restaurant idea is a smart one! It keeps tabs on all the family but still is fun. Besides, I just love seeing all the different food. Love the match up of Kurt and his wife. I totally agree that the kids are a good match. Great job.

  11. Oh, how clever! I especially love the pancakes and the "adult meal" items. I think they look perfect the way they are!

  12. Hello from Spain, i love the faces that made the children in your meal. It is very real. The Chelsea Kurt´s family is precious and i love Barbie. There is indeed the restaurant Ihop or you made it up? The maitress uniform is very real too. I love the photos that you did. Keep in touch

  13. Love the IHOP and the pancakes look delicious. I can't really hate on a icy cold Coke, that the best way to start the day!

  14. This is too cool. Would you believe that my grandson and I just had a similar breakfast at IHOP? LOL I love it!

  15. Awww you did a wonderful job with the smiley pancakes. I stopped by to see scroll and check on my "boys" ;-)

  16. The food looks yummy. Love the clever addition of the IHOP logo.


  17. Thanks for all your comments. Now I want some pancakes! I will be fixing my own this morning with fresh made strawberry sauce. Hmmm. Hmmm. Right after I do my morning exercises!

    limbe dolls - Thanks! You know I love my little restaurants.

    D7ana - Happy New Year! With the number of dolls here in Morristown I am trying to have more ways of telling multiple stories. I have to get all of these stories out of my head before it explodes. I am one of those people who believe soda for kids his age should be a rare treat and the choice should not be Coke. Have you seen what Coke can do to a corroded car battery. Give Joe my love. Tell him I will try to make some more maucho faced pancakes for him.

    Tracy - You should see all that happens over here in MTown when we aren't looking. Actually, Mr. DJ seems to already have developed feelings for his friend. See she wasn't going to stay in MTown, but changed her mind (after her eye repaint and LIV body swap), so there is a good chance something may develop there.

    Chynadoll - Thanks! I want to get more kid meals in the store in 2012, so this was the start. I will be redoing the other plates this week. They just need some tweaking. It's so fun to incorporate the other families and start building their stories at the same time.

    In A Dolly's World - Thanks! I was pleased with my first attempt of these food items. Now I feel I can do it a little better and be happier.

    Marta - IHOP (International House of Pancakes) is a very popular restaurant here. It serves breakfast all day, but also serves lunch and dinner, too. Most of them are open 24 hrs, so it is a great place to go after partying all night. LOL! The smiley face pancakes is actually on the kids menu there. They are known for their pancakes and omelettes.

    brini - Thanks! Icy cold Coke does hit the spot. I personally only indulge in soda a couple times a year. When I found out that it's extremely hard to have flat abs drinking carbonated drinks, I had no problem NOT drinking them. I work too hard to keep these things.

    Gwen - Thanks! Had I known that, I would have put a grandmother and grandson in the shot. Where will you guys be eating next? Maybe I can build that restaurant, too. LOL! I love that you are following on your own without my emails. Speaking of which, I need to send that out soon.

    Kenya - Thanks! You aren't fooling me. You didn't come to check on the boys. You saw breakfast in the title and came running. LOLOL!

  18. DBG - Thanks! I had some other clever things planned, but it just didn't work out.


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