Monday, January 16, 2012

Danielle's Wedding To Do List and A New Video

Although it seems like Danielle is not her normally organized self with this wedding, she does have a To Do list.  She has slowly been crossing some items off the list.  With the latest video, below, she was able to cross off a few more items.  There are some things on this list she will not be doing, but she left them on the list for anyone else who is planning a wedding.  It's not necessary to read the list, unless you really want to.  The key to the list is seeing how much she still has to get done.

Danielle's Wedding To Do List
Announce your engagement to family and close friends.
Publish your engagement in the local newspaper.
Select engagement ring with fiancé.
Decide on the wedding date.
Decide on a morning, afternoon or evening wedding.
Book wedding reception or wedding venue as soon as you have set the wedding date.
Will you be married in a church or register office?
Decide on the religion of your wedding ceremony.
Reserve the location for the wedding ceremony.
Book your minister, or officiant.
Attend pre-marital preparation classes.
Make arrangements for your wedding license.
Buy a wedding organizer.
Buy wedding planning software.
Set a tentative wedding budget.
Discuss expenses, financial responsibilities, and budget with finance and parents.
Decide how expenses will be shared, who pays for what?
Discuss wedding budget with bridal consultant, wedding planner or co-ordinator.
Shop for wedding bands/rings.
Decide on the size of you bridal party.
Choose bridal party; best man, groomsmen, matron of honour, bridesmaids, flowergirl, pageboy etc.
Secure a date with your bridal party to ensure their availability for your wedding.
Determine your wedding style, formal or informal?
Decide on colour scheme and your wedding theme.
Tie in the colour scheme and theme with the bridal floral arrangements, bouquets, decorations, bridal   accessories and bridal party attire.
Shop for bridal gown with female bridal party.
Shop for bridesmaids and flowergirls bridal attire.
Shop for bridal accessories; bridal headpiece, tiara, bridal veil, shoes, jewelery etc.
Set dates for bridal gown and bridal party fittings.
Shop for grooms attire.
Shop for bestman and groomsmen attire or wedding formalwear hire.
Book the caterers, if the catering is not supplied by wedding venue.
Select professional wedding cake bakery, (size of cake depends on guestlist).
Book wedding cars to take you to and from the wedding.
Decide on the maximum number of guests, including the bridal party.
Draw up a guest list, consult with both bride and grooms families.
Collect names and addresses for guest list, to stay organised.
Send out Save-the-Date cards
Organise a bridal gift registry.
Choose a reputable bridal registry for easy accessability for your guests in each town, ie; David Jones, Myer, Target etc.
Select and book a professional wedding photographer.
Select and book a professional wedding videographer.
Select a florist, preferrably local.
Decide on style of wedding bouquets and button holes and how many.
Decide on wedding ceremony flowers, the size and how many.
Decide on wedding reception flower arrangements and how many.
Select and book reception entertainment.
Book musicians and/or disc jockey.
Select rental equipment for ceremony and reception ie; how many chairs and chair coverings depend on the guestlist count, etc.
Organise to have a wedding website. Keeping your guests informed with any changes and perfect for displaying your wedding photo's.
Sort out wedding insurance.
Discuss where you will live after the wedding.
Start planning your honeymoon, ask your travel agent about peak season destinations and affordability and get some brochures for ideas.

As you can see, she still has a lot to do!  She needs to kick it in high gear now.  Adele had to fly back to Chicago, but she is due back sometime this week.  Danielle has decided to make an appointment for her and Rod to do a couple of pre-marital sessions.

I am only including a couple of pictures to keep the element of surprise.  Special thanks to Debbie of Black Doll Collecting for the dress Nicole is wearing in the video. We are not sure if the dress will make the wedding, but it at least made the video.

Double-click on the YouTube logo to see the video in fullscreen.


  1. WOW, that's a long list!


  2. I got tired reading the list..LOL. I like her choice of dresses. She will be beautiful :O)

  3. MsLydia - Isn't it! I had to stop her from eloping after I printed the list out for her.

    Dollz4Moi - I started hyperventilating after I saw how much she (I) still had to do.

  4. Wow Vanessa, what a long list...are you sure she'll have time to finish it? Thanks for stopping by, I always love hearing from you! Have a super week! Hugs

  5. The list is long, but I know Danielle can finish it in time. Love the dresses. So am I right to assume the color theme is pink and white? Anxiously awaiting the Bridal Shower.

  6. I'm stressed out just reading that list! I'd like to see your to-do list to get ready for this wedding! Mine is getting a little long for my taste!

  7. Loretta - The beauty is she hasn't set the wedding date yet, so she has plenty of time. I hope the hubster is doing better.

    Frannie - With help from her friemds, she is bound to get it all done. The colors are hot pink, pink and grey (I think). We won't know for sure until the men get fitted.

    Vita Plastica - That is my to do list for the wedding minus a couple of things. I am trying to do the wedding step by step so my younger YouTube fans can know what all goes into the wedding. So who's stressing now. I am!

  8. That list just made my head spin. I am so happy Darius and Nahla eloped. lol

  9. Whew! Danielle has a very busy year. She needs an assistant. Lol!

  10. Oh forgot to comment on dresses, both are lovely. Danielle will be such a pretty bride,

  11. Cat - Eloping sounds real good right about now. I hope none of my other couples have any bright ideas about getting married. NOT gonna happen!

    Georgia Girl - What do you mean year! She has to get that list done in the next couple of months. We are not dragging this out for all of 2012. LOL! I decided to go with a fairytale princess type wedding. My YouTube fans voted for #7 the most. That in turn influenced the maid of honor dress. Of course the only think set in stone are the two wedding dresses.

  12. Danielle's list is long but your videos bring cherished fantasies to life for girls of all ages. Looking forward to the bridal shower!

  13. limbe dolls - Thanks. I have to speed it up a little. Those little girls are getting impatient. I'm starting to get threatening messages. LOL!

  14. I had to stop reading the list. The thought of having so much to do (even though she's not going to do all of it) is too overwhelming.

    Those kids are so precious. Especially Julian and Nicole. I'm so glad Nicole was able to wear that dress whether it makes it in the wedding or not.

    Danielle made two very nice dress choices.

  15. DBG - That's why I don't do list. But in this case it really helped me remember some of the things I was forgetting. When I first opened that box and saw that dress, I immediately thought Nicole's wedding dress. The pinks are a little different than the maid of honor dress, but even her dress is not set in stone. You know how spontaneous I am.

  16. That is a long list but I'm sure she willget to all of it. She is very organize right? I'm just glad she has a list.

  17. Brini - Luckily she has Adele and Leslie who are helping her through the list. Thank goodness!

    Adrian - I know! This wedding is costing me a mini fortune. I'm glad that her wedding budget allowed her to buy two wedding dresses. My wedding buget is getting tight. She's lucky I am so good at finding incredible sales. By the way, if you read my last 'blogger issue' post, you know that your blog is one that I am having trouble getting into. I now know the problem and will be back to visit soon.

  18. I got tired just reading her list. Wouldn't it be funny if they threw the list away and just eloped?

    *Ducking so I don't get hit by whatever you are throwing at me*

  19. April W. - I'm not ducking. Don't think she and I haven't thought about eloping several times.


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