Monday, January 2, 2012

They are Ready to Party!

I am a day behind shooting the New Year's video.  Today I set up the diorama and finished getting the dolls ready.  After all the hair washing, styling, repainting and dressing, the past few days, I am pooped.  That will explain why everyone doesn't have the proper jewelry or whatever else that isn't just right.  I had planned to have a lot more people at this party, but I had to pare it down a little or postpone the shooting again. 

Bill and Camille are hosting the party.  Camille has let her hair down.  I have news for her.  That blue eye shadow may be going away soon.  Aren't they just the sweetest couple?

All three of the Langford daughers will be there.  The twins, Grace and Dominique, are both wearing fashions from a new Barbie fashion pack.  Sure am glad I bought them when I did.  Jacquelyn, their older sister in the middle, is wearing a Candi doll outfit. (I now realize that we have a Jacquelyn and a Jackie, owner of Bridal Originals.  Jackie may be referred to by her middle name in the future.)

Here is the whole family.

Kendra's husband was called away to the hospital, so she had to take her picture solo.  Don't worry.  He will be at the party. 

 She decided to go with an amethyst colored gown. (This gown is from a deboxed birthday doll).

Had to slip a few in of the new guy.  Racquel had to go calm the baby down for the babysitter.

No, I didn't intentionally keep Racquel away.

Sunni chose a 'Holiday' gown.  She is contemplating removing the bow.  (This is the gown from The Barbie Holiday Sisters that I deboxed a couple of days ago).

Chang is very happy with her new look.  It's almost like he has a new wife.

Nikki chose a lavender gown.  Now that she has a new Pop Life body, she can hold Darius' hand.

I wonder if she and Darius' sister knew they would both be wearing purple.  I doubt it.

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  1. What a party it will be! The dresses are wonderful!

  2. They all look just wonderful! I love it! Can't wait to see the video!

  3. Rossetti and Chynadoll - Thanks! I am so ready for this party to be over. Now I remember why I never went to too many dress up parties. TOO MUCH WORK.

  4. The dresses are gorgeous! Looking forward to the video!

  5. Lovely!! Everyone looks great. I love Kendra's gown. I don't remember that one. I know the party will be grand...can't wait!

  6. They all look lovely or handsome in their party attire.

    Nikki and Darius are a handsome couple.


  7. The dresses and couples are beautiful.

  8. The ladies look stunning and the men look so debonaire. The party is going to be great, can't wait for the video. Thanks so much for the Darius fix, he is so handsome.

  9. Everyone is looking fabulous. Can't wait to see what you film :O)

  10. Frannie and Dollz4Moi - Thanks! I have no clue what will happen in this video. I am often surprised myself.

    Male Doll World - Thanks so much for your comments!

    Georgia Girl - Thanks. I have about 5 more of those gowns in different colors. I took a picture of them before I deboxed. I will share it soon.

    DBG - Aren't Nikki and Darius lovely together? I have never had him close to Nikki and Halle at the same time. We are all in for a treat. You see I left Nikki's eyes alone for now. That sistah may need a sideway glance or two if Halle's coming to the party.

    brini - Thanks and you are welcome for the Darius fix. There should be a lot more of Darius in 2012 especially now that he has another handsome friend.

  11. I just love your collection! Everyone looks so dapper, I can't wait for the party.

    Nikki, looks perfect on a Pop Life body. :)

  12. Tracy - Thanks. Make sure you see the post right befor this one.

  13. All of the partygoers look very elegant but my favorite gown is Kendra's. Raquel's husband is also looking very sharp. Can't wait to see the video!

  14. Great party! I like a lot Rachel husband, the face is great!

  15. limbe dolls - I replied earlier. Don't know what happened. Yes, Kendra is wearin' that purple dress. Those skinny body girls with the Pop Life and Basics 2.5 body would never be able to pull off that dress. They just don't have the curves. Just finished shooting the video! Won't be long now.

    Bego - I agree! Racquel's husband has a very nice face. LOL!

  16. Great shots! Camille's dress is just gorgeous!

  17. Dolly's World - Thanks. I just returned from their party and they had a good time. Video will be up by tomorrow.

  18. Everyone looks so good. Happy New Year!


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