Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday at the Mane Event

It's early Saturday morning and already the salon is in full swing.

"Thanks for squeezing me in.  I don't think I could go another day with the bird's nest on my head." (Grace)

"Nothing a good deep conditioner can't fix.  But where did you find humidity?  It has been so chilly here lately." (India)
"I know. I don't know what to tell you.  It has been a bad hair week." (Grace)
"Have a seat.  We will take care of it." (India)

"So Jordan, what are we doing today?" (Kara)
"I think just a wash and set." (Jordan)

"Mommy, look." (Jessica)
"What am I looking at?" (Sylvia)
"The horse." (Jessica)

"What is this new obsession you have with horses?" (Sylvia)
"Well, Nicole has a horse and she is taking lessons now." (Jessica)

"So do you think I can take riding lessons, too?" (Jessica)
"Are you interested in riding lessons just because Nicole is doing it?" (Sylvia)

"Is that a picture of your man up there?" (Grace)
"Girl, no. That is the actor from Tyler Perry's movie, Why Did I Get Married." (India)
"I thought he looked familiar." (Grace)

"Hello everyone."
"Hello" (everyone in unison)

"You are just in time.  Grace is ready to be washed and I need her to be deep conditioned.  Give her about 20 mins under the dryer." (India)
"Okay." (Raven)

"Sylvia, I'm ready for you."

"Her toys are in the bag.  There's a bottle in there if she gets fussy."

"Will you think about the riding lessons while you are getting your hair done?" (Jessica)
"No, you need to discuss that with your father." (Sylvia)

Kara can't help herself.  She makes a bee line straight for the baby.

"Aren't you a cutie pie!  You want to come home with me?  You would like it there. You would get treated like a little queen."
"Sylvia, I'm stealing your baby."
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  1. The mane event is hopping! Cool to have a place where so many story threads can intersect.

  2. Okay, the first photo just blew me away, and your title is so very clever! :) Every photo in this post is just so bright and cheery! :)

  3. limbe dolls - Thanks. This will be the perfect place to do little updates on characters that don't get a lot of camera time.

    Dolly's World = Thanks! There's always so much energy and excitement at the hair salons. I guess people are just so excited about getting their hair done.

  4. Loved it!!! The salon is happening and I love the look of it. India is just beautiful! Ok, I know I've missed quite a few posts but...when did you add Jordan to the crowd? She's GORGEOUS! I look forward to more beauty shop talk at The Mane Event. I think you're inspiring me to start a barber shop because that's where I used to always get the back of my hair cut/lined up. Always full of fine men and you got a great insight on the man's way of thinking, LOL.

    Love it Vanessa!!!

  5. Amazing, love the story and the scenery, they're great!

  6. So realistic I can almost smell the hair chemicals!

  7. Love it! Everything is so nice and your pics are so colorful. Great story!

  8. Tracy - Thanks. Please start a barbershop. I got my hair done at the barbershoop most of my earlier life. My first hairdresser was a barber. I loved being there listening in on the men and seeing who would walk in the door next. That is the first time I am showing Jordan. I haven't figured out what her role is in Morristown. I repainted her lips and eyes when I did my massive repaint over a week ago. I like her so much better now. Here is a picture of how she was.

    Rosetti - Thanks.

    Hey It's Muff - LOL! No chemicals being used on these 3 ladies, but I'm sure there will be a perm or two happening later.

    Georgia Girl - Thanks. There's something about being in the hair salon. I haven't been in one in about 2 yrs now. I kind of miss all the hustle and bustle and hearing the conversations. I'll have to get my fix at the Mane Event.

  9. The Mane Event is sure a busy place. Are we going to have any stories taking place at a Horse Stable in the future?

  10. Frannie - You won't believe all that I have planned for horse/stable stories. I was just scoping out pasture area in Morristown. I have been building up lately, Now I am looking to clear our floor space for horses.

  11. Hello from Spain: I love the story it tells as well as all the details that you have at the salon. Not lack anything. It's all so real to me I see your hairdresser ... Keep in touch

  12. Marta - Thanks. This was another fun one to do. My brain responds well to the chaos found in a hair salon.

  13. Love your version of Jordan. I think the original pink was too much. Fabulous job!

  14. Tracy - Her pink was waaay too much. I can usually see past the pink, but I couldn't on that doll. When I bought my Adele, she showed up, too. It was totally unexpected. I mixed up a little raisin colored makeup. That is the same color I always gravitated to when I was just starting to wear makeup. It looks much better on her. Make sure you take a look at the post I am putting up in the next couple of hours. I will be referencing you in the post.

  15. oh she is really stealing the baby

    1. Jasica - I think she is ready for another baby of her own. Maybe she and her husband are working on it.


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