Wednesday, January 11, 2012

So In Style Marisa and the Mini Coupe

This Mini Coupe is the best Barbie related car I have seen in a while.  Typically you would see a vehicle like this associated with Bratz, or MyScene dolls. 

First of all, it's red, which is a color rarely used with Barbie.

I didn't know for sure the doors opened until I saw it deboxed on Flickr. A definite plus.

The all black interior looks really upscale.

Racquel, was the perfect owner for this car.  It fits her upscale status.  There's enough room in the back for the baby's car seat, and her husband can still look manly driving this car when they go out.  He probably has some two seater, that isn't appropriate for the baby.

Racquel has stopped by her parent's house to visit for awhile. She is now headed to meet Halle for lunch. Ever since the New Year's party, her friend has been in a state.

As Racquel is pulling out of the driveway, her sister, Faith, approaches the car.
"Can you drop me off at the campus? (Faith)
"I've been in the house for over an hour.  Why are you just now asking me?" (Racquel)
"I was waiting for Dad to come home, so I could borrow his car.  But since you are here, I can just get a ride there, and catch a ride back from one of my friends."  (Faith)
"Ok, but hurry up.  I don't want to be late."
"So where are you off to? " (Faith)
"I'm meeting Halle for lunch." (Racqel)
"You could have invited your sister along." (Faith)
"We'll do lunch another day.  I have a feeling this lunch is going to get a little heavy." (Racquel)
:"Ooh.  Sounds interesting." (Faith)

In this picture I am showing again how those side bending knees on the second and third generation fashionista bodies, come in handy for natual posing, as demonstrated by Faith's seated position.

Here are Faith and Racquel for a side by side comparison.  Marisa is currently rebodied on a Sassy fashionista body.  It was the best fit that I had in my collection.  It is not a perfect match, because the Marisa doll has olive undertones. I will look for a very light complexioned body with olive undertones.  In the meantime she will be sporting this Sassy body.   None of the bodies commonly used to rebody African American dolls are going to work. 

I wasn't sure how So In Style Marisa would play out in my stories. I didn't have this combination in mind at all.  The above story originally had Racquel and Halle in it.  I stopped to put a little newly purchased, hair product on Racquel's hair, and remembered that Marisa also need a little product in her hair.  When I picked Marisa up, it hit me that they would make great sisters.  I named Marisa, Faith, because when I first saw pictures of her, I immediately saw a resemblance to Faith Evans, the R&B singer. 

Faith Evans, singer.

Stay tuned to see what happens at the Racquel and Halle lunch date!


  1. That car is hot! I swore I wasn't going to buy more cars, but I'm not sure I can resist.

    I still can't see any pics below the car except Faith.

  2. The car is super nice! Go Mattel!

    I'm not into cars or other big doll accessories, but I really like this car!

    I can't see most of the pictures either.


  3. Hello from Spain: i want that car. It is marvellous. My Barbie want it... Thank you very much for explaining so well the boy of Ken. I think i am not going to change. I will buy another Ken fashionista. Keep in touch

  4. Oh! I love the car! Now I have to go buy it and the S.I.S Marisa doll! But what about a Hispanic doll family, since Marisa is intended to be Hispanic? Though she does a perfect job as Racquel's sister!

  5. Once I realized the pictures weren't loaded, I put a message on the post that said I was reloading the pictures. It took a while. My internet doesn't like bad weather. I see a few of you didn't see the message. All pictures should be viewable now. I will wait for you to view the pictures again before replying to your comments.

    Anonymous - I have a Hispanic family. They are still boxed at the moment, but will soon be introduced in the next couple of months. I never go against what families pair up over here. So Faith chose the family she wanted to be in. But one never knows what the heritage of the family is. I never said what Racquel's nationality was, because at the moment I don't know. I try not to put too many labels in place at the start, so I am not changing things later when more family members so up.

  6. Damn ! Just perfect car !! O_o

  7. Ohhh! I'm so jealous. Does the trunk open or you really just use the back seat for luggage... and babies?

  8. Vita Plastica - Get the car! You know how quickly the good things disappear from the market and then they are an arm and a leg on the secondary market.

    DBG - Mattel hit this one out the park for me. I hope this is a sign of good things to come.

    Marta - You are welcome about the Ken doll. I am sure that you will do some fabulous things with this car.

    Mirva - Thanks for visiting. I agree. The car is perfect.

    Hey It's Muff - I had to go check, just in case I missed it, but no, the trunk doesn't open. You know how they do with these small cars in real life. They usually just throw the luggage in the back seat and speed off.

  9. Thanks Vanessa for sharing these pics. I was curious as to how it looked on the inside. I will be getting one.

  10. Georgia Girl - It's much nicer than I expected. A definite must have in my book.

  11. First car I've seen in a long while that I am interested in buying. I will definitely look out for it. Thanks for all the photos.

  12. limbe dolls - You're welcome. It would still be boxed if I hadn't seen the opening door picture. Then I was like a kid at Christmas, ripping open the box.

  13. I can see Brody driving in this car! :)

  14. I am so happy that the car is red and not pink. Darren can borrow the car.

  15. william - I can definitely see Brody driving in the car.

    Male Doll World - I wouldn't mind seeing this car in a few other colors. I guess that would be asking too much, though.

  16. Okay, so I saw this car over the weekend and literally was holding it for a good ten minutes, and then at the end, i put it back. I figured, I already have a hot pink convertible (Barbie's) so I was like I don't have room for another convertible! Your pictures make me half regret my decision though, but I guess I will enjoy the car through your blog. :)

  17. In A Dolly's World - But it's such a cute small car. It doesn't take up much room. I promise. LOL.

  18. Oh yes, that car is hot!! I have now added it to "The List". Thanks for showing us all the cool aspects of the car, it was like a momment at the auto show! I like Marisa/Faith too, her face is so fresh she would love living in Morristown! I can see her being a teacher for all the kids, perhaps summer camp. Or how about this, she owns her own business--nanny on demand for all that traveling your families do?

  19. I can see myself picking this up for one of my teen drivers to sport. I have some cars and this will be a cute addition..

    Thanks again Vanessa..LOL

  20. Dollz4Moi - I aim to enable. I sure wish I oculd have been sporting a $20 - $30K car when I was a teen. I was one of those first class bus riders. LOL!

  21. Sigh, oh you are too good with the enabling, Vanessa, lol. I really, really want a Faith - I mean a Marisa So in Style - now. Sigh. Oh and one of those cars, too.

    Cool car, thanks for sharing.

    I have a Simba red Mini Cooper that I got from Sears Canada many years ago. It belongs to my San Francisco Susie (R&D Dolls). Brace yourselves folks, cause I think my Simba Cooper is smaller than the Barbie one. What?! Yes indeed, it might be.

  22. D7ana - You know what I am going to say. Get them both!

  23. Oh, I have the Simba one now ... took a few pictures with Susie in it; it's too small for the Barbie crowd and a little cramped for Susie, too. WIll post later today or tomorrow.

  24. D7ana - Can't wait to see it because at the moment I have no idea what you are referring to.

  25. UAU!!
    I hadn´t the notice about this amazing car!
    It seems so cool!!
    I Hope we could find it here in Brazil!!

  26. Jorge - Aw yes. This is s great little car. It just came out a couple of weeks ago. I hope you can find it in Brazil. Good luck!

  27. Okay I bought her and I love Faith too!

  28. EbonyNicole - Is she wreaking havoc over there yet? Or did you take my advice and leave her in her box. LOL!


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