Friday, December 9, 2011

You May Question Some of These Purchases, But I Do Have Plans

So here are the pictures from my Target expedition.  I took most of these pictures while sitting on my bed, so don't expect too much. They are mostly for catalog purposes.  I have learned that I need to take pictures of everything I buy, so that I remember what is in my stash.  Now I haven't been a fan of the Barbie fashion packs for 2010/2011.  But a couple of the new ones caught my attention.

This was not on my "to buy" list, but with the wedding quickly approaching, I am rethinking the whole idea of making clothes for everyone.  I think I can still make the wedding nice, even using some purchased items. 

This little clutch bag is really pretty.  It's hard to see the beauty in this picture, but these little things come in handy for dios and videos. 

When I saw this in ToysRUs last week, I immediately wanted the outfit on the right for Tina my psychiatrist. 

I was not disappointed.  I am still on the fence as to whether the look is a little young for her.  She's a hip mom/grandma and maybe with the right shoes and accessories it will be just fine.

Putting the top with the skirt was even better.  She may have to sport this little number to The Den.

Just in case you needed to see it again.  LOL.

I saw this Target exclusive on flickr.  Someone had removed the collar on the plaid jacket and it looked fabulous. This is the Paris collection. 

Again this is just a quick shot. I can see this with some black leggings or pants.  Maybe with a cute shirt underneath.  The boots are also in this set.

This little dress was a pleasant surprise.  The material is much nicer than I expected.  I am going to have to research bubble dresses so that I can style this properly.
This picture shows the skirt. Again, I need to figure out how to style this.

Only the Paris shirt and shades are part of the collection.

I know what you are thinking.  I can't believe she bought that jacket.  I was drawn to this jacket when I first saw it.  It is similiar to some of the runway fashions by Dolce and Gabbana and Armani.  I already have a scene planned where this jacket will appear.  The straw hat is really nice.  Not plastic, like some of the other Mattel hats.

I don't particularly like the quaility of this set, but it was marked down to $9 and with the sale, I took the plunge.  It will come in handy for my plane.

I never noticed the hat and the other accessories before.

This little blue hat is cute, too.

I bought a couple of bodies.  I always loved the Sassy outfit.  This is actually on the old swap body, which I really like because of the ability of the knees to turn to the side.  Makes sitting like a lady a lot easier. I bought Glam because I love the clothes they have for this doll.  I almost bought the new one too.  Not to mention I'm sure the body will come in handy.
Halle was always the doll I had in mind for this dress.  After her encounter with Darius yesterday, girlfriend went "I need to win Darius back" shopping.  Oh goodness.  Help us all.

Last but not least, something for little Zahara.  There are a number of choices.  A couple of the dolls are permanently altered to be Christmas dolls.  Who came up with that one.

Hope you enjoyed the show.  Don't forget the sale is good until tomorrow.  Buy one, get one 50% off.
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  1. I'm not surprised you got the pink plaid jacket - you had mentioned elsewhere that you had seen a similar one done by a designer. Glad you were able to get that straw hat outfit ;-)

    My favorite is the little girl wearing eyeglasses and the Christmas dress. Aw she sooo cute!

    I look forward to seeing how you use the outfits. Chillin', just waiting ;-D

  2. Love the outfits! i too seen these and i passed them up but now seeing them on your girls makes me rethink buying them!! I do like the airline outfits but i think they should have done better with the little pick number! If anyone can pull it off its your crew!

  3. Aww the little one is just too cute!

  4. Ditto on the little one. She is adorable. Will have to stop tomorrow at Target and see what they have left.

  5. What a haul!

    I saw those little ones at Target earlier this week and was very disappointed that none were brown like me. Why do they do that... just straight up overlook one segment of dol collecting world?

    Oh well... such is life.

    Congrats on your haul.


  6. I really like all of the outfits. Especially the fits for Ken.

    Such a good idea to stock up on bodies because you know how Mattel changes things for no rhyme or reason. Who knows what the next wave of Fashionistas will look like. :)

    Great haul!

  7. Hello from Spain: the blue shirts of your boys enchant to me. You bought them or you did? The fists with the button are ideal. What fort that Dario and Halle were in the airplane. Real like the life. What tension… the alive one. I wait for the continuation soon but I hope that Dario does not deceive his wife… would not be forgiven it… Your purchases enchant to me. There are clothes models that already I have but those of Ken not yet sell in Spain but so soon them I buy it sees them. We follow in contact of blog blog

  8. What a wonderful shopping lot! I love everything, especially the Target exclusive and the Ken outfits. Here in Spain we don't get such variety, I always tell muy hubbie that on our first trip to the States, one suitcase will be exclusive for my dollie shoppings!

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  10. Is that new sassy body fully articulated like the firs wave of fashionistas?

  11. So, I did go to target and took advantage of the BOGO sale. I got two fashionista bodies, Barbie and Nikki. I have to say I am disappointed. I don't like the legs. She can't do a split. Frustrated with Mattel! I thought the 1st gen bodies were perfect. I do like the shape of the legs and hips though.


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