Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Meanwhile, later back at the Salon.... (Photo Story)

Right after shooting the video two days ago, my new beauty salon stuff showed up in the mail.  Talk about perfect timing.  Of course, I wasn't expecting to put together a new salon so quickly.  The salon has moved to a new location.  I cleared off a table, brought up some shelving from the basement, and pieced together some walls.  The walls will look much better once I add lots of hair stylist pictures. The table will have magazines, of course.  I also have a lot more accessories to add.  This is just my quick and dirty.  Right below this is where I am building the grocery store.

In this story, it is the end of the day at the salon.  The other stylist has left for the day.  Kara is finally getting around to washing her daughter's hair.  (When I made mention of this in the last video, I had no idea that I would actually be showing it).  Kara's friend Tanisha, has stopped by to shoot the breeze.  The two shampooers are still there, just relaxing.


"So are you going to be able to go out tonight?"

"Girl, I keep telling you I have a husband and a child.  I can't just go out with you everytime you get the urge."
"We would go hang out with you tonight, but we both have dates." (Raven)
"Rub it in, why don't you."  (Tanisha)

"Mommy, the water's too hot."
"I'm sorry honey.

"We need to help you find a man."
"All the good men in Morristown are taken."

"So what time is Ian coming to pick you up?"
"Not until 9 o'clock." (Raven)
"We should probably get going .  You know it takes you forever to get ready."
"Not all of us have that 'get up and go hair'.  Some of us actually have to use a comb." (Raven)

"Any time you want 'get up and go' hair.  Let me know.  I can definitely hook you up."

"You doing okay, sweetie."
"Yes, but is it almost over?"
"Almost. I'm on the final rinse."

"Ian likes running his fingers through my hair without all the braids getting in the way."
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  1. Vita Plastica - Thanks. We will have a complete town in no time.

  2. Love this Vanessa! The storyline is so easy to follow, and the ladies are lovely!


  3. I love it! My salon needs some more props. Yours is coming together nicely.

  4. P.S. I am including my blog info in all current post because I was informed by Vanessa that my blog is showing that it no longer exist. This is because I changed it early on. My blog info is the following:

  5. Loretta - Thanks. Have you figured out yet that I have a lot of Barbie stuff.

    Georgia Girl - I can't wait to see your salon. I know it will be awesome. I did notice that some of your followers were still getting your post. I think I was one of the very first followers, so maybe I am one of the few who was missing out. I am back on board now.

  6. Oh, WOW, this is fantastic! I especially love the hair perming device in the first snapshot! :)

  7. Dolly's World - Thanks. Curious, what are you referring to as the hair perming device? The hair dryer, perhaps? The set came with the little cups that you put dye in, but I don't think that can be seen in the first picture.

  8. Go Love the salon. It's a staple in any community.

  9. mrscarissa - Yes a salon is a must have if for nothing else but gossip! I don't know if you were reading my blog earlier on when I introduced Ian. I couldn't figure out if he would date Olivia or Raven. He started out with Olivia, but I always knew I would hook him up with Raven.

  10. Vanesa you bring tears, yet, you are an inspiration...I do love you! Thanks for stopping by...I love your comments esp. about James believe me...he's okay!
    Take care!

  11. Hello from Spain: it enchants to me I am deluded of the good that you had left the hairdressing salon. I like much the paper of the wall. It is everything so real. Very good the dialogue of the girl of which the water is hot. Very good entrance and good photos. It enchants to me to enter your blog because always you surprise to me, We followed in contact of blog blog.

  12. Marta - Thanks. I like surprising people. I surprise myself all the time because I never know what is going to happen next. It is never what I plan.

  13. Wow, the shop looks really nice! I love the "beauty shop" talk among the girls.

    I was happy to see that Ian and Raven are dating after all. I hope we get to see them on a date, once all the wedding planning is done. I think they make a real nice couple. :)

  14. Tracy - I will definitely try to get Ian and Raven out on a date before all the wedding is done. The town can't stand still just because one couple is getting married. LOL! Now that Ian has a place, if nothing else, you will get to see Raven visit him at home.


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