Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Danielle Picks Up the Boys from Ian's (Photostory)

After leaving the bridal shop, the ladies stop by the coffee shop to have a quick cup of coffee and to discuss the wedding a little more.  Danielle then heads to Ian's place to pick up the boys.

"Hey guys.  Sorry I took so long."

"No problem. We have just been hanging out."
"Mommy!  Did you get a dress?"

"I tried on lots of pretty dresses, but I didn't buy one, yet."

"I see Uncle Ian fixed you something to eat.  Looks good."

"I'm fixing steak. Would you like one?"
"Oh no, thanks. I have to go home and make dinner for my man."
"Oh, excuse me." (Ian)
"How long has Jacob been sleeping?"
"I don't know. Maybe about an hour." (Ian)

"Jacob, honey. It's time to wake up."

"Hey my angel.  Time to wake up or else you won't be able to sleep tonight."

"Mommy, look.  Uncle Ian showed me how to use his boxing gloves."
"That's great, Julian."
"He's going to teach me how to box.."

"Your place is coming along nicely.  You need some window treatments though.  That will help warm up the place." (Danielle)
"I'm still working on it, but I'm in no hurry.  Did I tell you I have a new girlfriend, now?"
"She must be special if you are calling her your girlfriend.  What happened to Olivia?"
"Nothing happened to her.  She just wasn't the right one."

"Uncle Ian, can you show me the upper cup, again?" (Julian)
"Julian, put those gloves down and get your shoes and jacket on." (Danielle)
"Julian, it's upper cut, not upper cup." (Ian)

"Well, you will have to bring your new girlfriend over for dinner one day.  What's her name?" (Danielle)
"Her name is Raven and she is beautiful."
"Well I hope she is more than just beautiful."

"Bye, bye Goldie.  I'm gonna miss you."

"Thanks again for keeping the boys for me.  I'll be calling you soon to discuss your role in the wedding."
"You know I am there for you.  Just call me." (Ian)
"I sort of got wind of a bachelor party.  Did Rod call you about that, yet?" (Danielle)
"What? A bachelor party you say. I haven't heard a thing." (Ian chuckling)
"Yeah, right. You've never been able to hide anything with that pretty boy face.  Let's go boys."
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  1. Ian's apartment keeps improving. Love the "parquet" floor, the greenery, the dog bowl, and the blue-white dish cloth over the stove. He's got nice taste, your Ian. And good with kids and pets, too?

    Danielle is looking fine as ever. The kids are adorable without being mushy-cute.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Cute story. Ian's bachelor pad is coming right along. I guess we'll have to stay tuned to meet his new girlfriend.


  3. D7ana - Thanks. His place will keep getting better as time goes on. Uncle Ian is da bomb. He has always been good with his nephews.
    I am hopeful that the time I spend on Stardolls will translate to my dolls dressing and accessorizing better. I have to admit, I consciously made an effort on Danielle this time. I even removed the pink earrings she had been wearing for quite some time. The scarf would never have been added before SD. Only because I am usually pretty lazy when it comes to dressing the dolls.

    DBG - Thanks. We already met his girlfriend. That is how he got a place so quickly. I think you may have missed that post. I didn't see a comment. It was on Dec 14th about the salon. I know I have been in story overload mode. I warned you guys.

  4. Ian's apartment is really coming together. Goldie adds a nice touch. Have we met Raven yet?

  5. Frannie - I think you missed the salon story on the 14th, too. His girlfriend is in that story.

    Here is the link. It wouldn't let me post a link earlier. Computer must be overworked.


  6. I have yet to find an articulated body to match that basics model. However, in this story, it's easy to see that if placed right, even his original body can give you some natural looking poses.

  7. Everything looks great Vanessa. Ian's home is coming along quite nice.

  8. It's Muff - I haven't found a great body either. I like the height that he has, but the bodies I have tried make his a little shorter, so I am still looking. The angle does add a little swagger to his stance.

    Georgia Girl. - He's a man's man and decorating isn't top on his list. His girlfriend will probably be happy that he's not heaviliy into the decorating. Gives her a chance to swoop in and add her two cents.

  9. Do Danielle and Ian have parents? Will we get to meet the father and mother of the bride?

  10. limbe dolls - There may a tragic story there that hasn't been told yet. Initially I thought she would get at least a mom, but just haven't found a good one. If one does show up, I imagine they will have a very strained relationship or we would have probably met her by now.

  11. Hello from Spain: in the end not yet we have the dress of the wedding. She will have to continue watching. Uncle Ian I like much. It seems to me handsome and interesting. The baby with the white jacket is very cute. The dialogues are very real. I do not decide to me if already you taught to Raven. I do not decide to me. the white jacket of you did it to the baby you bought or it? I like much. The leopard scarf is precious. We follow in contact of blog blog

  12. Ian is such a good uncle. I really like his bachelor pad, it's cozy.

    Can't wait to see him with Raven, she's gorgeous.

    Oh, and the bachelor party...lol, that's going to be an event to see.

  13. Marta - The sweater is a baby blue color. I bought it. It was from something I bought at the bookstore. It wasn't meant to be a Barbie prop. I bought a pink one too. I can't remember exactly, but maybe in the scrapbook section. Ian's new girlfriend was at the salon from the post on Dec. 14th. We will get to see lots more of her.

    Tracy - His bachelor pad is a work in progress. If I could find that brother a decent body, he could get a lot more play. I love his height. I've had him on articulated bodies, but it made him a lot shorter. Took away from his sexiness. The brother may not be able to move, but I just love his swagger.

  14. Short-term memory -- I did read the salon photostory and actually posted a comment. It just didn't get published.

    I forgot about Raven having a date with Ian. I do remember my comment to the salon post included laughter about the "get up and go hair" phrase.

    Raven is one lucky woman.


  15. DBG - You made that comment to me via email. I thought I remembered you reading it.

  16. I agree, he's definitely got swag. I am really glad BL had him available at an affordable price because I would hate to not have him in my collection and all of a sudden, Mattel comes out with an AA male creation with articulation.

    He may be a lil' stiff but I'm going to try to work him in my stories too 'cuz he is FIONE!


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