Thursday, December 8, 2011

Darius Returns from a Business Trip (Photostory)

Darius is traveling back from one of his many business trip. One of his business partners, Rick, and architect, Chang Lee accompanied him this time. They are on the last leg of their trip. Another 40 minutes and they will be back in Morristown.

"So when do you think you'll be going back?" (Rick)

"I think they will be fine for awhile.  I don't anticipate going back for a few months."

"You doing okay today, Darius?"
"Doing great. Just ready for a long weekend."

"We are waiting for a couple more passengers, then we will be ready to leave."

"Man, Darius, she was awfully friendly with you." (Rick)
"Oh, Cynthia. There's nothing to that. When you travel as much as I do, you tend to run into the same people."

"Darius? Is that you?!"
"Wow. It's been a minute. Where have you been hiding?"


"Nice to see you, Halle. You're looking good."
"You don't look so bad yourself. Keep my seat warm. I'll be right back."
(Halle heads to the restroom before take off.)

"Let me guess. That's nothing, too." (Rick)
"I wish. That is trouble and I may need you guys to run interference."
"Who is she?" (Rick)
"She is the woman I dated when Nikki and I were 'taking a break'."
"That was your 'taking a break' girl? You are one lucky son-of-a-gun." (Rick)
"I'm not feeling so lucky right now. Nikki and I are in a real good place and I want to keep it that way. Here she comes."

"Halle, this is Rick and Chang. Guys this is Halle."
"Hello guys. Nice to meet you."

"So Darius, what's going on with you these days?"
"Business as usual."
"So are you married, yet?"
"No. not yet."
"So there's still a chance for us?"
"Well, I didn't say that I was available."
"You didn't say you weren't"

"So Halle, what do you do?" (Rick)

Darius has tuned out the conversation. He knows that this is going to be a long 40 min ride. Halle always knew how to get to him. He had to be strong. He and Nikki were going on vacation soon and there was nothing worse than a ticked off woman on vacation. Or even worse, no vacation or no woman.

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  1. Boy that Halle is so forward! And in front of the others? Jeez, lady! :)

    Great use of the airplane!

  2. When I saw Halle name I was like

  3. Vanessa, I love it! Now, I know what it feels like when people are rushing home to see their "show." This is one of those stories where you get your popcorn ready, LOL.

    Gotta love that airplane, it is comin' in haaaaaaaandy!

  4. When I planned this story in my head, Darius was a lot stronger. There wasn't any hugging or touching. He was supposed to say something about being happily involved. SOMETHING. ANYTHING! I don't know what happened. I must have looked into Halle's eyes, too.

    Vita Plastica - Were there other people there? She hadn't really noticed. Do you know how long she has been dreaming of seeing Darius again. The President could have been there and I don't think she would have noticed.

    Ebony - Oh ISH is right? I think we will be okay though. It better be okay. I already bought the ski lodge. Someone's going skiing.

    Tracy - This little episode came out of nowhere. I deboxed 007 and put him and Halle together like you suggested. She said, "I like him, but I need to see Darius, NOW!" I had done so well keeping them apart. I feel for Darius. That would be like someone putting me in a room with Shemar Moore and told me to be good. Right.

    Frannie - You know I like to keep the drama to a minimum, but Halle knows how to stir that pot occassionally.

  5. LMBO! I know what you mean...if they put me in the room with Lenny Kravitz they'd have to call the swat team to rescue him. ;)

    That 007 is nice but I can imagine Halle's dilemma.

  6. The scene you've prepared is great, love Halle's style!

  7. hehe! loved it! I think Halle is up to no good and darius just might have to watch himself on this one! Great story

  8. Rosetti - Thanks. Halle is so beautiful, even in doll form.

    william - Halle has been hinting around to us that she wants her Darius back. She CAN'T have him. Darius and I are uniting against the beautiful Ms Halle Berry.

  9. Darius' legs are so long, even in first class he looks cramped. Poor Halle. It is very hard to resist someone so tall, dark, and handsome.

  10. limbe dolls - The brother does have some good height on him. Hard to resist someone like that who also has a good business sense about him too.

  11. Nice story. Every time I see your Halle I regret not getting her. Maybe I will use my last reward and get her. She is definitely a go getter. I love Darius and Nikki together. She (Nikki) is one my favorite faces. I am loving your usage of the airplane, can't wait to see what you do with the ski lodge.

  12. Georgia Girl - I highly recommend you get Halle. She is one pretty doll, especially in person. The fact that you can still get her new for only $32 is a definite plus. I like Darius and Nikki together, too. It toook me a while to come to that conclusion. But Darius and Halle have a mind of their own when they get together.

  13. I am being the devils advocate. First of all Halle has on my FAVORITE color. So I want her jacket. I ain't mad at her. Let's kick Nikki to the curb, and Halle's middle name can be Kenya. LOL!

  14. Kenya - Great minds think alike. I had already given her the middle name Kenya, in your honor. Doesn't she favor you? No wonder you want to kick Nikki to the curb. Tsk. Tsk. Halle Kenya Berry needs to go find her own man.


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