Friday, December 2, 2011

I Have Goodies to Share!

This afternoon I decided to stop by ToysRUs.  I hadn't been in a few months and I wanted to see if me and the Stardolls would bond in person.  I also wanted to get a look at the accessory packs.  Well, they didn't have the accessory packs.  They did have most of the dolls, but even in person we didn't bond.  I picked up each doll and held it.  Thiinking this might help.  It didn't.  So I wallked down the entire Barbie aisle.  I then walked down the next aisle with the "other" fashion doll stuff.  Who knew I would find so much stuff to buy.  Just when I thought I was safe....

I first spotted the LIV accessory packs.  They are free with a LIV purchase, but I just wanted the accessory packs.  This one is so cute!  This is perfect for Adele to use in her hotel room.

Another really cute one.  It was the smartphone that caught my attention.  The IPOD is really cute too, but it needs different ear plugs.  Laptop and case are nice too.  Adele may claim this pack too. 

Saw this Moxie Girls Snow Cabin, whiich I know is a little short for Barbie, but since it will be perfect for the trip to Aspen I had to buy it.  It actually makes snow!  So it says.  We will see.  I think I will make it taller so that it will look better when Darius and Nikki get there.  This set is slightly cheaper on ToysRUs ebay.

Right next to the snow cabin were these Moxie Teen accessory packs. OMGoodness these are cute.  I really don't know how these will work for Barbie yet.  I know the shoes don't work, but I think all the other accessories may be able to be used.  The handbags, the belts, the earrings, and the bracelets are crazy cute.  I bought 3 of the 4 packs.

What is it about spending money?  Once you start, it seeems harder to stop.  I stopped by one of my favorite antique stores.  There is a booth there that is always full of Barbies.  In all of my years of going there, I have never bought any of the dolls from there.  I have always looked and enjoyed them there and left satisfied.  I went through the booth.  There were about 40 or so fashion dolls there.  I oohed and ahhed.  Picked them up and put them back.  She had some really nice ones there for really good prices, but I wasn't even tempted.  As I was leaving the booth, I spotted her!

Fern from Charlotte's Web.  I first saw this doll on the blogs earlier this year.  I fell iin love. She was $12, so I knew she was going home with me.  I then went back to relook at the other dolls.  (Why do we do that?)

Well I decided to also buy the $12 artiiclulated MyScene guy.  He has wonderful toys that will look nice under someone's Christmas tree.  I love his jacket, which I pictured one of my guys looking really good in.  And the kicker were the boxing gloves.  Quite a bargain I thought at $12.


Then, I reconsidered the Bratz set which I had passed on.  It was only $17 and I thought it would be perfect for Nicole's room.  Plus there are the cute pjs that fit Nicole or the Stacy dolls.  If that vanity works for Barbie, this set will be perfect for getting Danielle ready for the wedding.

I didn't even notice these accessories until after taking the pictures.

This is just the back of the box.

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  1. I cant find My Scene or Bratz furniture in my area and I really want that Bratz furniture.

    The only place I have seen the Stardoll accessority pack so far is Walmart. One Walmart had the packs for $15.87 but no dolls. Another Walmart had the dolls for $20.97, but no packs.

    Yes, I'm not feeling the Stardoll herself. Even on sale for $16.99 at TRU, I'll wait for next year when they get down to $13. And if that never happens, oh well.

  2. OH MY what an amazing doll haul! I cannot wait to see where these pieces show up and how they come to life under your expert eye!

  3. Hey It's Muff - Welcome to my blog and thanks for commenting. I love your blog. I can already tell that you are going to be an enabler. Nice transform on the LIV set. I won't buy from Walmart when they are selling higher than the suggested retail. Those accessory sets retail for $14.99. They did the same thing with the BB Jean line, trying to sell them for $21.97 instead of the $19.99. Who do they think they are?

  4. Disarmywife - Thanks. You are going to see that LIV beauty bag real soon. That will probably show in the video I do this weekend. I'm so excited to have the ski lodge that I will probably speed up that trip too.

  5. Nice haul! Looking forward to seeing these new props in your videos.

  6. Great finds! Let us know how the Moxie teen stuff works out. I thought about them for some of my larger dolls.

    I haven't seen the new Liv paks! They really look cool. I could use that travel set too! I'm so glad you guys turned this reluctant Liv converter on to Liv.

    I have both the Batz vanity set. I used most of it for Fiona and Ian's home( which I'm now redoing since they have moved to Johnston.

    I am loving me some Fern! There is something about dolls with red hair that I really like! I haven't seen her in my store but maybe they will have them in for Xmas!

    Hey, It's Muff, try discount store for Bratz items I've seen them in CW, Big Lots, and Ross.

  7. Hello ms Morrison , the bratz slumber package it actually works I use to had two but it fall apart and easy to put together jus in case you want change it up a bit

  8. limbe dolls - Thanks. I was kicking myself for spending money, but I know when I start playing with these goodies, I will be happy, happy, happy.

    Chrissy - Thansk for commenting. Feel free to call me Vanessa. So glad to hear that the snow cabin works. That is going to be so awesome I just can't wait to shoot that video.

  9. Ms. Leo - Or should I say "converted LIV person". That Fiona setup was awesome, especially to be your first dio. The cabinet looks really expensive in that room. I am glad I bought it. I hate the feeling you get when you don't buy something and you get home and realize you probably should have bought it. Then when you go back it's gone. I try to avoid that feeling at all costs, hence all my recent purchases.

    By the way, the Fern doll was from the antique store. She is an older doll. You may have to try ebay to get her. She will be the sister to the little red head Tommy that was gifted to me a couple months ago.

  10. Thanks for sharing your shopping trip, Vanessa. Lots of nice goodies you've found. Almost like we're walking along and seeing stuff with you. Bratz has realistic, attractive furniture and accessories. I look forward to seeing your placement of these goodies. Especially the ski lodge.

  11. D7ana - I felt like you guys were with me too, saying, "Oooh, don't forget to buy this". A lot of you were trying to get me to buy Stardolls. When I kept walking down the aisle, I could see a whole gang of you still in front of the Stardolls hugging them close. I had to finally drag you guys out of the store.

  12. Great haul, Vanessa. I know you will put everything to great use. I look forward to your upcoming stories and/or videos.

    I "feel" you on the Stardoll assessment. Had I seen the one in person that I ordered and just opened yesterday, I would have noted that beautiful head attached to that frozen body and reconsidered or declined the purchase. I really need to take my own advice and ask myself, "Do you really want it?" before making a doll purchase. That question needs to marinate in my mind for 48 hours to 7 days before I answer.


  13. Where do I begin? So many goodies! Ok, I'm loving the LIV packs. I will have to watch for them because I was tempted to order one off eBay. I can always use another laptop.

    The pack you chose for Adele is perfect for the hotel. I've seen the lodge used with Dynamite Girls so it's good you decided to get it, you can definitely make it work.

    In the 1st MT accessory pack, is that a coffee cup? Can't wait to see if the jewelry works out on Barbie.

    That's awesome you have access to My Scene because I've yet to see them in stores in my area.

    The Bratz set will be very cool for Nicole. I picture her bonding with Danielle while fixing up her new room.

    Awesome deals! :)

  14. DBG - I am happy that the Stardolls are getting much love from everyone else. I want the line to be succesful for Mattel, even though I think they are still making very strange design decisions. Who are they marketing this doll to? I thought it was for the slightly older girls. But what is up with that body? Shouldn't they be able to sit. Yes, we adults will swap heads and bodies, but they can't expect the kids to do that to. Quite baffling.

  15. Tracy - I opened a few of the accessory packs this morning. THEY ARE A DEFINITE MUST HAVE. The MT accessory pack purses and belts fits the Barbies fine. Of course the shoes do not. The earrings and bracelets will work, too, although I haven't tried them yet. I still have to play with the one necklace I opened. That is the perfect size coffee cup in the MT pack. There are also cutouts that can be used. In the brown pack, the dark pink oval is perfect to put on a mirror. After seeing Ms. Leo's video, I may have other plans for that Bratz set. You may see it used in a few places. We won't see Nicole's room enough for that pretty set just to be used there.

    ROSETTI - Thanks. Keep your eyes open. I will be showing some things real soon.

  16. Awesome finds Vanessa. Loving the Fern doll! I have been good lately. The reason is because I haven't found anything. Yesterday I saw the new MH Sweet 16 Set in TRU's, had it in my hand, but then walked out of the store without it. Decided I didn't want to pay the 27.00 for the doll. I will wait till it goes on sale. LOL
    I agree with you on the prices of dolls and accessories in WalMart. Then when the put them on sale, it's to the original retail price.

  17. I saw the LIV accessory packs at my local TRU the other day, but I didn't see the MT ones. The TRU stores near me always seem ransacked and never restocked. I like the MT packs the best!

  18. Frannie - Hasn't Walmart gotten ridiculous when it comes to some of their doll items? Then when I go to Target, they usually have some impromptu sale going on. Walmart better wake up. I guess instead of "rolling back", they are "rolling up". I get so ticked about the whole thing, that even when their items aren't overpriced, I still go to Target

    In A Dolly's World - I have just been playing with the MT packs. I loved the necklace, but it was too big. So I did the boil/ice water technique and got it to fit. Those packs are great for $6.99. You will be able to see the necklace, handbag and bracelet in the video this weekend.

  19. Wow, I'm dying to see how you make your dioramas with them. The room is so cute!

  20. Vanessa my Toys R Us sucks. They did have those Star dolls, but I didn't like them enough to pay 19.99 for them. They did not have any of the accessory packs. nor did they have any SIS dolls. I guess my Walmart's suck too because I have not seen any of these new items either. :( I would love the cabin. I guess I will have to keep my eyes open. Great finds. i can't wait to see how you use them!

  21. P.s. Can't wait to get my Chinese food. I am going to order at least 2 more plates.:)

  22. Bego - I have a feeling that room will get a lot of use. I can't believe I almost left it in the store. At $17, that would have been very crazy of me.

    mrscarissa - The Stardolls were on sale for $16.99 until yesterday. Oops. My TRU has never had SIS dolls either. If you want the cabin, go to TRU on ebay. It is cheaper (even with shipping) than in the store. It's about $31 online. I can't wait to see it make snow. How exciting. I used a number of the accessories in the new video that will be posted later today.

  23. Vanessa, I'm glad to see, you have one more Stacie sized doll now, for they are my favorite type of dolls. :) I have more than 50 dolls of this size, not all of them are made by Mattel, but most of them are. Fern is a part of "When I read I dream" line, which consists of 4 dolls. Do you know it? You can see them here: I have all of them, except for Anne. I like red-headed dolls, but I'd prefer to see an AA or at least a caucasian brunette in that line instead of two red-heads, who are almost identical. Btw those girls can use articulated bodies from Mattel Harry Potter line perfectly, because they are also pale. The best HP series for body swapping is "Hogwarts Heroes", because they don't have white plastic "panties" like "Wizard Sweets" or magnets and levers like "Magical Powers". Obitsu bodies are also not bad for them, but make them taller and older.

  24. Dukasha - Thanks for the info! I knew there were other dolls in the Reading series, but I had not seen them. I wouldn't mind having all of them, but I do like Fern best. Maybe they could have added a couple more books. Maybe Little House on the Prairie to get the brunette haired girl. I was drawing a blank on other books with little girls in them. Any suggestions for the AA character? I think of the 2 red haired girl books, Anne of Green Gables was more popular than Charlotte's Web. (I just finished watching that series yet again). I like the Fern doll better though. All of the dolls seem to be spot on to their characters. Great job with the sculpting. I don't have any HP dolls yet. I will have to search out some. I alaways appeciate your wealth of doll knowledge.


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