Wednesday, December 21, 2011

So Who Did Get the Outfit that Cat Sent?

Racquel, did!  She is one of the few dolls I have that could actually get her hips into that skirt.  But I think she wears it well.  These photos are being taken in her daughter, Nichelle's, unfinished nursey.

This is the cute outfit that Cat from A Doll Affinity sent to my dollies. It came with a pretty lace top,  a leopard print mini skirt, a purse and a pair of shoes.

So to honor the 100 StarDollar gift card that we also received, Racquel decided to put on a little fashion show using her new pieces.  We will start with the lacy top.  This is a nice casual look featuring gold lame cropped pants and a leather jacket.

For a more dressy look, she paired the top with a long A-line skirt. 

Another casual look with a denim skirt and jacket.

Whew, I sure am glad she put the baby in the crib, before she fell off the table.  This is a nice look for work.  The top is paired with a wrap skirt and a fur lined collar jacket.

Here is another look.

I love this look. The top and wrap skirt are paired with a nice white linen jacket.  In the perfect world she would have changed her copper earrings and put on some different shoes.  Next time.

Same look, a little less dressy with a different necklace.

Now on to the skirt.  Normally, I wouldn't have paired this top with this skirt, but since I've been playing on Stardoll, I am slowly venturing out of my little narrow fashion box and trying different things.

I really love it with the little learher jacket. A nice casual look.

Paired with a beige and white top gives is a slightly dressier look.

One more casual look.

The final look is again something I probably never would have done before Stardoll on-line.  Now I am liable to throw anything together. I do like this one, though.  It could defnitely use a belt. I don't own too many of those...yet.

After doing this post, I can think one of two things.  "I am spending way too much time on Stardolls", OR "Boy that time I am spending on Stardolls is really paying off".  Just the fact that I intentionally changed this doll's clothes this many times in such a short period of time is nothing short of a miracle.  And on top of that, I put her hair up, too. (That only took 3 seconds though.  Another incredible feat for me).  Miracles do happen.  Hope you enjoyed our little fashion show.  Thanks again Cat!
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  1. Wow! Such pretty clothes! I love the combinations. Racquel looks beautiful.

  2. That Stardolls is really paying off. I love the combinations you came up with. I have to redress a lot of dolls.

    Cat gave you some awesome pieces :O)

  3. Clothes are great. I really like the lace top with the white skirt.

  4. Loved Racquel's fashion show. You matched the outfits up well.

  5. Vita Plastica, Frannie, and Georgia Girl - Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the show.

    Dollz4Moi - Thanks. I am actually enjoying redressing the dolls now. It used to be a chore. Now it's a little more fun. I just have to get some more accessories like belts and scarves. I'm sure Cat probably never imagined I would come up with all those outfits using that cute top and adorable skirt.

  6. Oh I really loved seeing all of your outfit combinations! It was like seeing one of your Stardoll posts. And I really did not think you would find those pieces as useful as you did. But, I am happy to see the end results! Love the last outfit! It's good to branch out and take fashion risks. Some surprising things can look great. :)

  7. Cat - Thanks. I've always been fashion challenged, so I was happy to be able to transform those pieces into so many different outfits. Racquel got a whole new wardrobe out the deal.

  8. Wow, she looks fabulous! You are really tempting me to buy this girl, and I wasn't interested before. You have some great combinations, and the skirt and lace top sent to you by Cat are just toooooooo cute!!!

    Stardoll is a great tool. It reminds me of the movie Clueless, when Alicia Sylverstone would use her computer program to coordinate her outfit for the day.

    Very cool! :)

  9. Tracy - Thanks. I wasn't trying to enable you. I really have to get Racquel back in the mix. If I would just stop spending her husband's body money. Now I may have to invest in a couple of really cute handbags!

  10. These are nice mix and match pieces. I enjoyed Raquel's fashion show.

    It was very nice of Cat to gift you with the fashion and Stardollars.


  11. Hello from Spain: whichever things from sent Cat to you To Doll Affinity sent to your dollies. Little enchanted your to me fashion show. I like all the looks. The black cradle of the baby is precious, you painted it your you bought or it thus? It enchants to me. The scenes that beams with babies always are very cute. I will copy the idea to you of fashion show. I like much to see all the clothes that you have to him to your Barbies. We follow in contact of blog blog

  12. Ok Stop the presses I should so have you come over to mix and match my wardrobe you are good!

  13. DBG - Thanks. I'm surprised you didn't even mention my recent obsession. LOL!

    Marta - Glad you liked the show. I painted that crib black a long time ago. I think the nursery will be pink, black and white.

    Comeca Jones - Why thanks! I'll be right over.


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