Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cat Made Me Do It!

As some of you know, I have been spendiing a little time on Stardolls on-line.  I'm working on improving my fashion styling and learning how to accessorize.  It's a very inexpensive way to do it.  Well last week a package arrived in the mail.  Nothing new.  Packages arrive here on a regular basis.  When I opened it, I was pleasantly surprised.  It was a gift from our dear friend Cat from A Doll Affinity.  In the package was the cutest little (and I do mean little) outfit.  I will be showing a picture of the outfit and chosen doll soon.  When I opened the Christmas card (yes, I looked at the gift, first) I started doing a happy, happy dance.  Inside my card was a STARDOLL gift card with 100 Stardollars.  Woot woo!  Do you know how much you can buy with 100 Stardollars.  The first thing I thought was, "I can now buy my haircolor and some new lipstick".  I had to sit down and take a couple deep breathes.  I have been known to hyperventilate when it comes to the Stardolls site.

So this morning I went on-line and bought a couple of dresses and  a few other things.  I am still building up my wardrobe, so I didn't do any accessorizing with these dresses yet.  I just bought them and put them in my closet. I have to get handbags, jewelry, shoes, maybe a belt here or there.  Oh, the possiblities are endless.

I bought these shades.  Do you like my new haircut?

I don't have a thing to wear with these boots. I am fine just looking at them though.  I bought another pair, too.

I know I am on an island with my on-line obsession.  That's okay.  Occassionally, you guys will have to humor me and allow me to share my little obsession with you.

THANKS CAT!!!  This was such a wonderful surprise.  Every time I wear some of my gift card clothes. I will think of you.  I still have 76 dollars to spend, so I will be thinking about you quite a bit.  Have a wonderful Christmas.  By the way, Kara's husband said there was no way she could even think about wearing that skirt.  LOL! I'll be moving on to another doll to be revealed soon.


  1. Thanks for giving us a window into the Stardolls world. Sounds like on-line paper dolls to me -- lots of fun.

  2. limbe dolls - That is exactly how I described it, paper dolls to the nth degree. There is a lot more there with room designing, moviemaking, actual fashion designing and selling the fashions you design. I just focus on the fashions. There are hundreds of choices and they are constantly added new stuff. I don't like shopping in real life, but when I can try on tons of outfits add the jewelry, accessories and shoes, right there, I am in shopping heaven.

  3. That hair cut is edgy and awesome! :) And those boots!!!! I am excited to see what else you're able to buy. :) You're very welcome and I am so happy you are enjoying your gifts. Sorry about Kara's hubby not wanting her to wear the outfit. lol I know you'll pick the perfect dolly!

  4. The first words that come to mind when I look at this girl is "WURK!" (in my Ru Paul voice) She is HAUTE!

    Wouldn't it be cool if we could design our doll, pick one or two fashions for her and she be made and shipped to us? If nothing else, we should be able to pick and choose fashions to be shipped. Oh well, a girl can dream. :)

    She is fabulous!

  5. That was very thoughtful of Cat to send the 100 Stardollars to you. Love the haircut. Your doll is working it!

    I have yet to venture to the Stardolls site. As soon as I find the extra time and motivation, I will.

    Hope you continue to have fun.


  6. Love the haircut. I want a doll with that haircut. Wonder if Chynadoll could create a doll like that? Chynadoll are you listening? LOL

  7. Cat - Thanks again. To be honest, Kara couldn't get her big hips in that skirt. LOL! It is designed for one of the skinny girls. I'm thinking BB2.5 will probably get it. Her husband knows she's in the fashion business and is liable to wear some edgy clothes.

    Tracy - That is a fabulous idea. You need to pitch that to Stardolls. Most of the best ideas started with a dream.

    DBG - I'll continue to have fun for all of us just in case the motivation never hits you.

  8. Frannie - I decided that I have enough heads around here that I am going to start cutting some hair. I have wanted to cut one of my red heads for some time now. I am finally going to do it. If it doesn't turn out right, I'm blaming Kara.

  9. Hi Vanessa! Thanks for sharing your Stardoll fun with us. The new haircut is cool. Love the glasses um shades ;-D The outfits are cool, too.

    Do you have to pay to create an online Stardoll? Not that I intend to create an account ... oh, heck, maybe I will ;-D Do you submit a photo of yourself or do they create your Stardoll You some other way?

    A snoopy mind wants to know, lol.

  10. D7ana - There are free accounts. That is what I have. There is a way to upgrade, but you really don't need to. There are Starcoins and Stardollars. You are constantly earning Starcoins just by playing. Stardollars are a little harder to earn, but easy to buy. When you shop there are tons of clothes that can be purchased with StarCoins and others that can only be purchased with Stardollars. You can try on all of the clothes without using Starcoins or Stardollars. If you have even a little bit of interest, I highly recommend checking it out. Technically it is beyond any virtual program I have ever visited. It keeps me from spending real money on Ebay. So I am thrilled.

  11. D7ana - Oh I forgot. You create your me doll from what they have available. Tons of eyes, noses, faceshapes, hair, etc. It really is amazing. You can even choose to be a little bigger in the hip area. I found out last week that I could buy colored contacts per eye! No, I have no desire to do that, but I was impressed that they offered it.

  12. She is hot! I love her hair cut. I have not used my star bucks yet, now I need to go and check it out.

    @ Tracy India - That would be super cool if a doll could be designed based on individual creations. Great idea!


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