Thursday, December 22, 2011

Meet The Other Hairdresser

I wasn't sure who would fill the role as the second hairdresser at The Mane Event, Kara's Hair Salon.  I knew she would just show up when she was ready.  As I was trolling the basement looking for trees, I took a quick peek at the boxed dolls.  I was just taking a quick inventory of what was left.  When I saw this doll, I immediately thought, "a lady with that much hair needs to be a hairdresser"!  I ripped open the box right there in the basement.  Snatched off her yellow scarf and thought, "I can't believe I have had this doll sitting in a box for all those years!"  Look at that gorgeous head of hair.  Granted, she is yet another Mbili mold doll in my collection, but I still love her.

I don't have a name for her yet.  She did get a new body quicker than I could say "boo".  She is so ready to get to work.  Just in time, too.  You know everyone is trying to get their hair done for the holidays. 

I tore open her box so quickly, I didn't get to take a picture.  But here is her body in tact, just in case you aren't familiar with which doll this is.
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  1. Hello again from Spain: you have many dolls. It enchants to see everything to me what you have. It happens to me just like. I keep some dolls during years and I recover when them I feel that they are new I want and them to use again in the scenes. Fantastic a hairdresser paper. It has left super good. I like doll because i did not know her. We follow in contact of blog blog

  2. Good Lord! I didn't realize the Kwanzaa Barbie DOTW had so much hair! Now I want to debox mine!


  3. I also have this doll, I love the hair.

  4. She is gorgeous! She'll fit in perfectly at Kara's salon.

    That basement of yours probably has more stock than some TRU stores, LOL.

  5. Beautiful! I find myself daydreaming about your basement...

  6. Love all the outfits. She is a pretty doll, why not name her Lacy. She will fit in perfect at the salon. Oh yeah, love the salon name too.

  7. I always wanted this doll when I saw her in Toy R Us ten years ago! Then when I got the internet she was overpriced. Well one year at a doll show I bought her for $20.00, I almost fell out because I finally bought her! Yes she has so much hair and that's why I love because you can just let it hang down!

  8. Marta - I am on a mission to debox just about every doll that I own. Every week the recycling bin is filled with empty Barbie boxes.

    DBG - This is after I gave her a little haircut. Who knew that under that scarf was this beautiful head of hair. Thanks for providing the doll's name. Everything was a blur after I opened the box.

    Bego - She really is a beauty.

    Tracy - She is the perfect salon girl. I think you are right about my shelves being stocked better than TRU. I am oh so slowly clearing it out.

    Vita Plastica - Thanks. There are still lots of treasures in the basement.

    brini - Thanks! When it comes to naming a doll, I just sort of let the name come to me. It I rush it, and it's not the right name, I will end of changing it. I wait to see who the doll reminds me of, then name them accordingly. Thanks for the suggestion though.

    EbonyNicole - Congrats on getting her. I can't believe she has been sitting in a box for 10 years. When I bought her, I really didn't think much about it. I enjoyed seeing her on the shelf all those years, but she looks so different out of the box.

  9. Great doll! Love her hair. Recognized who she really was when I saw the original outfit. She is one doll I don't have.

  10. Love Kwanzaa (yes I have more than one..LOL). The "mane" reason I bought her was her hair and she is beautiful. How about Sanaa or Imani? I just love those you can't have them..LOL j/k

  11. Frannie - Knowing your luck, she will be popping up at a thrift store near you before it's all said and done.

    Dollz4Moi - They always say they want to see my basement, but I WANT to see your collection. I'm sure you have a couple of toy stores beat over there. Those are pretty names. I love the way you threw them out there, then snatched them back. LOL!

  12. All those interested in meeting and going to Vanessa's basement, raise your hand! Chyna and Frannie, it would be like thrift store shopping for new dolls! LOL! limbe dolls, tell us you have seen the legendary basement. Is it like the pyramids only in Atlanta?

  13. She is such a pretty doll. I purchased her double as well because for one I collect Dolls of the World and two I had to have a second one to debox. That is great that you will be deboxing all dolls. OMG is what visitors would say if I did the same. Lol! My doll room that is referred to as "Obsession" is in need of some organization. It is #1 on my 2012 project list.

  14. The Kwanzaa doll is really pretty, love her hair and the outfit is so original.

  15. Ms. Leo - You are too funny! The only people that have seen the basement are my former porcelain doll students. None of whom are Barbie doll people. It is amazing how different some of those dolls look deboxed. It never even dawned on me that that the Kwanzaa doll had the Mbili mold until I descarfed her. Isn't that wild?

    Georgia Girl - Is your doll room pink? I can't even imagine what your doll room looks like. I'm sure your collection and that of Dollz4Moi and D7ana would put my basement to shame.

    MYFAVORITEBARBIE - Thanks so much for commenting.

  16. Hi Vanessa!
    Zdrowych Wesołych Świąt Bożego Narodzenia !
    Życzy Gabi_5mates


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